Clearly Contacts Canada: FREE Pair Of Eyeglasses For Ontario Residents March 1st, 10,000 FREE!

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Clearly Contacts if offering Ontario residents a free pair of specs on March 1st starting at 9am est.  There will be 10,000 pairs available.  It has to be your first time participating in the free glasses promo they offer from time to time.  Simply pick out your glasses (cannot be “coupons not applicable”) fill in your script info and enter the code “FREEMARCH1″ at checkout on March 1st.  Its usually a wise idea to have a few choices bookmarked and ready to go before the promo starts.  Shipping you do have to pay for but you can pay via Paypal, Credit or Bank.  Shipping is generally under $15 by the time they add insurance etc.

Click here to check out Clearly Contacts.  I will bump up this post the day before the promo as a reminder.


  1. Cmoody8107

    YEAH!!! I havent been able to snag a freebie yet (due to location) Anxious to get in one this one. I bought 2 pairs of glasses from them in the past 6 months!

  2. jmac

    Anyone bought the SwarmJam $60 voucher for $19 and see any restrictions? I wonder if the voucher can be used to cover the extras like super thin lenses in this promo? I remember the last time a free glasses offer was on, after adding the hi index stuff and shipping, it came to ~$80 – which is still a good deal for a pair of glasses, but I couldn’t justify spending $80 for an extra pair that I want but not need…

  3. roseofblack25

    omg this is on my birthday! I have to be lucky enough to snag a pair!!

    Does anyone know if this deal excludes designer brands because I think last time I tried and it didnt work for anything designer…want to bookmark my choices now lol

  4. roseofblack25

    haha yeah just saw that…doesnt matter anyway because my eyes are so bad it will cost me $150 for the thin lenses :( and that is why I wear contacts LOL the lenses usually cost more than the frames for me.

  5. Snowy713

    Can someone explain how the promo works? Is it one pair per household or per person?? Last year I happened to just get my new prescription the day before the offer so I took advantage of this deal and ordered my contacts from them and received a pair of glasses for free but my hubby didn’t have his prescription on hand at the time :( If we could, I’d love to get him a pair!

  6. Kelly

    I have a pretty strong prescription and I was able to take part in this freebie promo the last time they offered it; I just chose to get the higher index lenses. Considering my prescription means glasses cost me around $600+, I didnt mind paying $50 (thats FIFTY) for the whole shebang.

  7. cuteandsweet

    Um, doesn’t anyone have a problem getting a medical device online? Who’s to say that they’re made properly? I’d rather buy mine from a reputable Optometrist or Optical store….

  8. Dinglehopper

    I got a pair last time. My prescription was -6.25 and -5.50 and mine glasses were fine. I didn’t even pay extra for thinner lenses – the frames I picked were thick and you wouldn’t even know my lenses were like Coke bottles. LOL.

  9. brandyzz

    I have eye cancer and my prescription in the only eye i can see out of is almost -9
    I paid $50+shipping extra last time and got not only designer frames but the most comfortable glasses of my life from this place! I can’t say enough nice things about my experience!!

  10. jenn010679

    Can’t wait till 9 :) This is just in time too because I was going to take my daughter to get her percription filled this week.

  11. A

    @cuteandsweet: I’ve ordered from clearlycontacts, and I have no problem ordering from them. It is much cheaper than a traditional optometrist store, because they’re online-based and have less overhead expenses. My previous pair of glasses were from an optometrist store. When I needed new glasses a few months ago, I decided to give them a try. I’m really happy with the glasses I got! The prescription is correct, and the lens and glasses quality is great. Give them a try, for free you really can’t go wrong!

  12. davee12345

    This sucks. I had a couple pairs all picked out about a week ago and now none are available!!

  13. alisa

    is anyone having trouble ordering these? when i fill in my prescription info and click on order it just brings me right back to the starting page…

  14. Anne

    Not free if you have progressive lenses. They levy a $99 charge (minimum). I can get cheaper at zennioptical.com

  15. Dinglehopper

    Ordered a pair for my mom – just before 9am – website was quick and had no problems.

  16. Cmoody8107

    Alisa – if you take too long your session times out. You gotta be quick when entering your info.

  17. Rachelia

    A bit bummed that it doesn’t work on transitions, because I need a pair of sunglasses. But it’s free so no complaining. . If you get an error or timed out page, just refresh, it worked for me!Anne I’m checking out Zenni and they look good thanks

  18. Ladylisa

    I “think” I ordered … popped up to a screen that said my order was processed, but didn’t give me an order number, so no way of tracking to see if it really did get ordered. Guess I’ll find out if I get a pkg. in the mail next week!

  19. jessg1982

    A bit bummed because they are now asking for a credit card or paypal and when I ordered my glasses there before they would just ship them and you could pay through online banking.

  20. melissa

    got my mom a new pair of sunglasses this time (last time just regular sunglasses) came to just over 40.00 with shipping and tax. compared to over 200.00 when she bought before. I was able to use the code at 8:54am est

  21. Moi

    IF you are a first timer REGISTER FIRST
    I picked a pair of glasses, filled out the payment info, hit send
    then it TIMED OUT……..ugh
    now the site is over-whelmed :(

    PS….they did send me an email to make a password and register
    But when I clicked on it…..it went to the site
    but says: GATEWAY TIMEOUT – In read


  22. Sunnyside1

    I tried to order- spent 20 minutes entering and reentering when the system crashed- repeatedly. I just gave up. Sigh.

  23. Sally

    Honestly the key for it to work for me is to saunter in around 11 and it will work fine and there still will be pairs left lol.

  24. Queen Sadi

    Your order has been placed.
    It is currently being processed and it will be shipped to you as soon as possible. You will receive a copy of your invoice by email shortly, and a tracking number by email when your package ships.

    Lets hope that it was indeed placed :)

  25. Me

    To those who were able to place their order: Did you get a confirmation email right away (or after a few minutes)? I need to know, cuz I got a timer-out message, but when I clicked on the back button, it says, my order has been placed, but I did not receive a confirmation email…

  26. giffy85

    I wish I would have tried before 9 instead of sitting around and waiting. I had a pair I almost checked out with til I changed my mind on the design than they started charging shipping. damnit! Oh well I got the Lucky violet and a brown Converse, one for me and one for the bf for under $25 delivered! I tried to do sunglasses but they didn’t accept the coupon code.

    Anyone have any luck with that?

    And just an FYI…must be one per person cus I ordered both of ours to the same address without a problem.

  27. Me

    @giffy85: You may have been able to place your order with 2 pairs, but they may cancel you order and refund you the shipping as it clearly stated on their website “one order per household”… And you can only order 1 pair from the same computer… otherwise they cancel your order as well…

  28. alisa

    its showing that only 100 models (starting with about 900) are available now. i had everything ready at 8:50 but the site kept crashing and now none of the models i wanted are available :( so disappointing. i really needed a new pair.

  29. MrsSunshine

    keep trying. i literally have tried about a 100X.. finally had to delete and start over. it worked ! YAY!

  30. dandelion

    I ended up getting my husband a pair for $13 and got myself as a pair to while I was at it ( minus the free but I’m ok with one free pair)…so for $86 we both have new glasses…not too shabby…My session it was having a hard time displaying the page once I clicked to submit but then I got an email almost instantly that they had received my order…so I’m not worried

  31. Sandra5

    Hey can anyone here advise me? I NEED clip-on sunglasses with my glasses because my eyes are too sensitive to sun and I don’t like transision tinted lenses.
    Clearly contact selection is VERY limited, Zinnia optical has much better looking stuff, but all of the sunglass-clip-on frames are too wide for me
    (more than 130 mm).
    Anybody know of a place with nice clip-on sunglasses online?

  32. Moi

    SALLY……will try what you stated ‘try after 11am”

    SANDRA5….I get my clip-on’s at Shoppers Drug Mart :)

  33. eriluo

    I ordered my dad a pair after 11 am and only had to pay $13 and change for shipping. For what he needs them for (reading) I am sure they will be fine :)

  34. Sandra5

    Please ignore my previous comment -I misunderstood sizing.

    This “free” deal at Clearly Contacts Canada doesn’t include progressive lenses which start at $99 EXTRA.

    THANK YOU Anne for the zennioptical.com recommendation. If you need progressives, then even with this “free” deal at clearlycontacts, zennioptical.com will still be cheaper. And zennioptical.com has way nicer frames IMO.

  35. Alicia

    :(My optometrist won’t give me my prescription over the phone! I’m not about to bus over there to get it either.. oh well!

  36. Sam D

    I ordered myself a pair and order a pair for my mom and went through fine but…

    We live at the same address, but she rents the basement (level B)and I rent the top level (level A).

    Will both orders accepted for the promo? Would anyone know???

  37. Sam D

    I ordered myself a pair and order a pair for my mom and went through fine but…

    We live at the same address, but she rents the basement (level B)and I rent the top level (level A).

    Will both orders accepted for the promo? Would anyone know???

  38. Moi

    A HA~!!!
    I use FIREFOX couldn’t get onto website……
    so tried Exlporer and it worked (and I could see my account etc)
    The order I placed DID YOU THROUGH
    even though it stated GATEWAY TIME-OUT

    for those of you who DID place an order….there is hope

  39. Moi

    SAM D……..
    This is from the Clearly Contacts Facebook page
    I would use your WORK ADDRESS for the 2nd pair……good luck!

    Offer valid until 10,000 glasses are given away. Free glasses include the frame and standard 1.5 index lenses. Upgrades for progressive, tints, and high index lenses are not included with this offer. Shipping and handling applies. Some frames may not be eligible. Limit 1 per household. Previous free glasses recipients excluded. Clearly Contacts reserves the right to cancel orders



    PS…..also note what they state about any orders that are CANCELLED:

    Why did my order get cancellllllllllled?

    If your order doesn’t fit the Terms and Conditions, such as ordering more than one free pair, we reserve the right to cancel your order. If you have already paid, your order will be refunded in full.

    Multiple orders from the same computer will be cancelled regardless of difference in shipping destinations.

    The T&C’s state that multiple orders from the same computer will be cancelled regardless of difference in shipping destinations.

    If you have friends and family members that want to participate in the deal, be sure that they complete the transaction from a different household and computer.

  40. Sam D.

    I ordered myself a pair and order a pair for my mom and went through fine but…

    We live at the same address, but she rents the basement (level B)and I rent the top level (level A).

    Will both orders accepted for the promo?

  41. orchidgirl

    Got a pair..yeah, not the one I wanted (came up Not Available..Ahhh..) but a FREE pair of glasses non the less. Will go back and order the ones I want later.

  42. Tracy

    It’s 2pm, and I just got mine! $15 for a new pair of glasses? YES PLEASE! Thanks. :)

  43. Sally

    are you adding glasses that say coupons not applicable?

    I just ordered my moms so I know the promo is still going strong.

  44. Erica

    just ordered a pair, cost 13$ with shipping. went with the free lenses. sweet deal, i hope they look nice! Lol

  45. R

    $13 Shipping?
    My order came out to be $8 and change for insurance and I got free shipping…

  46. n00b

    The coupon code has reached its maximum limit site says.. my friend jsut tried ordering :(

  47. vassi

    I got my glasses yesterday.They are JONES NEW YORK and I only paid $13 for Shipping.They are beautiful and I see perfect

  48. Moi

    Hey all
    Just wondering…..first time ordering through the freebie thing…

    Checked the progress and it states…still in warehouse
    Does it normally take that LONG?

  49. Sunnyside1

    I tried to order on the 1st- and got the order confirmation page, but the confirmation email arrived TODAY (March 10)! I assumed the order hadn’t gone through and gave up. Weird.


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