1. Sally

    Well they took out the ones that didn’t allow coupons to begin with which makes sense.

    Dont forget shipping is an extra $10.

  2. Suzie-Q

    Just got through on the phone and order two pairs. Transition lenses are 25% off as well. Way cheaper than even Costco.

  3. Gilly

    The sale is terrific, and I love this company, BUT, I was about to make an order today that I had been putting off all week (lazy me:), but because of the sale, the 3 frames I was ABOUT to order, are all currently missing from the site. Argh. Now, I have to wait for the sale to be finished. I think that is the FIRST time I have ever had to say that about a store. WAIT to shop until their sale is done?:)

  4. Moom

    Just snagged a nice pair of rimless with high-index lenses (for frame strength, not because of the prescription) for $90 shipped. Awesome! :-)

  5. me05

    It tells you the specifications under the photo of each picture. so either measure a pair you already have or just measure yourself based on the specs

  6. Cheryl

    If your order is at least $99 and you pay with your Visa, you can save an extra 10% and get free shipping with the code VISAVISION.
    I just ordered a pair of the $39 glasses and added transition lenses which brought my subtotal to $105. After using the code my total was $100 including taxes, with free FedEx shipping! :)


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