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Dairy Queen’s has a pretty good promo for the Spring :D

Choose from 9 delicious food and treats including:

  • cheeseburger
  • hot dog
  • chicken wrap
  • regular French fries
  • onion rings
  • side salad
  • medium drink
  • small sundae
  • small soft cone


  • 2 for $4
  • 3 for $5
  • 4 for $6

DQ Sweet Deals!  What’s your deal?

Click here for details on this Dairy Queen DQ Canada Spring Deal


  1. Pennywise

    4 for $6 is perfect for a parent with a small child:) I got excited when I saw this commercial cause Im getting sick of Wendy’s Value Menu:S

  2. lenka

    i went to square one mississauga location and they told me i couldnt get these specails there and told me its proberly for americans. they always tell youthis when this is a canadain website.

  3. kathy

    where are all the breeze’s in canada like in the U.S.A. we are just as coserend about our helth

  4. Vancouver Island Guy

    Sweet Deals is available @ most full serve DQ resteraunts.

    I travel up and down Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, and have seen this at more than 6 locations. (I am a secret shopper)

  5. toronto dude

    this was a good deal when they followed the pricing on there website now the charge 4 for $8.00

  6. Alice

    As a DQ store manager, every store is required to have this deal if they are a full brazier store. The pricing however is up to the owner/franchise…but our store was a “test” store and we still have the 4 for $6….for 2 years now…

  7. annoyed in saskatoon

    I went to two outlets in Saskatoon, neither of which had this deal. The 2nd time was particularly annoying: I went to the 22nd Street location with my 6-year-old son for lunch and only had a small amount of money on me. I had to make do with a kid’s meal for my son and forgo lunch myself. This so-called deal is constantly advertised on TV; they should also make clear which outlets are actually offering it.

  8. Rick Hobbs

    This evening I went to DQ at 8500 block 120th St. in Delta BC
    Included in my sundae was approximately 8 inches of dental floss.
    Rick Hobbs
    11500 95 Ave. Delta
    V4C 3T2

  9. phil

    i went to the dq in duncan bc today and had a chicken sandwich and a dq burger with cheeze.. it was disgusting, the chicken sandwich was flat as a pancake
    and fried to death and tasted like carboard. the dq burger with cheeze was
    again flat as a pancake fried to death and tasted worse than cardboard, all dried out and burnt. needless to say i threw them out the window of the truck, the seagulls would not even eat it at the boat ramp it was disgusting
    save your money and go some where else at least the food is edible.. 12 buks i paid for this, never again it was horrible. phil.

  10. Jon Doe

    to bad they can falsely advertise on TV to get you into their stores…. then tell you they LIED!

  11. JoJac

    After reading the comments on the food from some of the bloggers, I’m not sure I should keep looking. I’ve been trying to find a DQ in the greater Montreal area that does feature the Sweet Deals menu. Any suggestions?


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