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Jesus Has Returned

Domino’s Pizza Canada has a promo code for online orders at Dominos.ca. Use coupon code 4ONLINE and save $4 when you order a large pizza.

Speaking of Domino’s Pizza online orders, Cheeses Crust! Check out who has returned and is making pizza! You can finally order a pizza with 2 of every animal on it. [via digg]

Click on the picture to see the full size –>


  1. ThatguyRob

    WOAH does that screen say “Jesus began making your order at 8:20 pm” (below the status bar above the factomatic?) I hope that’s the customers name.

  2. DaniGirl

    Very annoying — tried to do an online order for tonight, and it gives me a message saying I’m selecting pizza toppings not available at that location — on a plain cheese pizza. FAIL!

  3. Panda Power

    Your joke was really bad, Jesus was not yet born in the time of Noah.

  4. HEINZ

    If you all didn’t see the videos of the Domino’s employees messing with peoples food and sending it out…then I would suggest you google/youtube it. Cause after you watch it you will NEVER eat at dominos again.

    *Videos show an employee washing pizza pans with a sponge and than taking his pants off and wiping his butt with it and then continuing washing the pans*

  5. Kitty

    I hate to break this to you HEINZ, but this unfortunately happens throughout the food & service industry.

  6. HEINZ

    yeah i know…but when i see those videos…it surpasses what i already know about what happens throughout the F&S industry.

  7. tb

    hate to break it to you panda power, noah didnt exist, and your jesus – the way i’m sure you believe him to be – didn’t exist either. do you still believe in santa claus too??

  8. Nathan

    The screen shot does indeed say that “Jesus began custom-making your order at 8:20pm” This is not a forum for religious arguments. For those of you who lack a little cultural knowledge…..Jesús is a very common Spanish name amongst hispanics and latinos. So a little common sense would tell you that the person making the pizza for the customer is most likely a hispanic.

  9. The guy that wiped his ass with the sponge

    Yeah I did it. No it didn’t feel good. No I wouldn’t do it again. Doctor says I have pizza butt now. My ass looks like a pepperoni.

  10. Tim

    eEah it accepts the $4 coupon but doesnt take $4 off the total. WOnt be ordering. Domino’s online ordering sucks. I got a $5 coupon in the mail from teh location I tried to order from. Says coupon not valid at this location … uh this location sent me the coupon in the mail. I dont have patience for such games. Hello, Pizza Pizza? Yes lets order

  11. SXS

    Not only is it prevalent throughout the industry, one location’s poor choice of employee(s) doesn’t represent all. What an ignorant thing to say.

    Anyway, going to try the code.

  12. johnny pizza freak

    wtf. why does it ALWAYS say:

    This offer is not available at your selected store: $4 off when you order a Large Pizza online at Dominos.ca!

    so lame.. dominos is dominos. take the coupon bitches!

  13. coveryourrace

    Domino’s Pizza can be the perfect option for those who are in the mood for a good pizza but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Domino’s always has plenty of promotions and readily available vouchers that can save you money next time you want to order a Domino’s pizza for dinner. Since even the most convenient and easy-to-find things never seem to be around when you need them the most, I have some simple ways to find and make good use of Domino’s vouchers whenever you need them.

  14. Ticia

    My order (1 large cheese pizza + ground beef, 1 large cheese pizza + chicken and 2 garlic dipping sauces) was $28.79, and ended up being $33.41 after putting in the promo code. Needless to say, I did not use the promo code ! (Both prices include taxes and delivery charge)

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