1. Maya

    I got the message “Sorry! You have already printed
    this coupon the number of times allowed.” I had previously printed out the one from the facebook offer so I guess I can’t again!?!

  2. 2jk19

    absolutely LOVE dove and this coupon! BUT I always have problems with printables, so I’m going to pass :( – hope it works out for others!

  3. Rick

    I got the same message, printed the number of copies allowed. I have NEVER printed any of the Dove coupons. In fact, it did not have any of my personal info so it would not know if I had printed any. So I guess it has exceeded the allowed limit.

  4. sampler

    Walmart is usually good with accepting printables ..especially since it says “manufacturer’s coupon” on this printable, you shouldn’t have a problem…

  5. janitej

    Is any PDF available…i can’t install coupon driver on my PC!!! I am not sure I always get error :(

  6. Dr Shark

    I got 2 coupons from there and went to SDM and bought 2 of these for 1 $ each Plus taxes :D


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