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Click the link below, in the top right corner there is a ‘sign up for news and offers’ button.  Sign up and when you are done in the bottom right hand corner you will see a button for “promotion” – click that, enter your user name (email) and password for the coupon .   The button says to click to download coupon, but when you click it you get the message “You will be receiving your sample of new Cesar dry in 6 to 8 weeks”.  Note: You can only get this coupon at sign up! Thanks meg1112 for this freebie!

 Click here to sign up.


  1. dropthehammer

    This was an offer several months ago, I signed up and never received my free sample. Dont waste your time.

  2. susan

    I have a very finiky dog, she is hard to feed. I try new brands all the time hoping she will love one of them.

  3. Sandra

    Got my sample a few days ago. Two different types of foods and two coupons for a free bag of their new treats. Very generous!

  4. kim

    There is no “promotions” button…no where to get free samples except a coupon for buy one get one free on treats!

  5. Tracy

    I signed up and got 2 free meals, a coupon for a free bag of treats and a coupon for $ off a bag of food. My mini-doxie loves it, and it isn’t shit!

  6. Marion

    My maltese will go days without eating. We’ve tried every brand and type of food out there and this is the first food that he is happy to eat. I just wish it were cheaper. I’ll be happy to get a coupon.

  7. pam gerhardt

    my little baby gizmo loves all you products he is so finiky and will not eat any other kinds of dog foods or treats other than ceasat, and of course he is the boss of our household and gets everything he wants, he has his own couch which has enough toy’s on it for 10 dogs, his own bed, with pillow, sheets that match and of couse his own comforter, he has it all, like the saying goes he has a dog’s life, but I love him so much, I would do anything for him thanks littlepammmyg

  8. V.Decobellis

    I received my bag of Cesar dry food for adult dogs and I’m pleased with the product.My 3-year old mini shitzu is very finicky and he just loves your product.My vet recommended dry dog food for him but I was unable to find a brand that he liked.I always had to mix his food with chicken broth.Now he can’t wait to eat his meal.
    Thank you Cesar,

  9. RedMud

    I tried to find an answer to this question, but had no luck, maybe someone out there can help me. Does ANY part of Cesar dog food come from China ? either the food itself, or the production of any kind ? With all the garbage coming out of there I am wary to feed my dog anything commercial.


  10. Mrs. Gail Johnston

    I have a new mini daschund puppy and am interested in getting a sample bag of the 1 kg. to see how she likes it..I felt the bag at the WalMar and find it a perfect size for her really little mouth..Please send me the free 1 kg of food in puppy size so I can see how and if she likes it…Thanks…Gail Johnston


    we have a little Terrier 2 years old called *Biggz*
    and we have bought the Cesar dog food when it has been
    on sale and he can not eat it fast enough

  12. Priyanka

    i use to think that cesar was like mcdonalds for dogs, but its actually a premium dog food brand, and it’s only for small dogs. i have a pug, charlie, and he absolutely loves it – the dry, the wet and the treats.

  13. Cheryl Thomson

    A friend of mine bought this food and gave it to her Laso apso, Alaska, ans he vomited and had diarehha for three days.

  14. Barbara

    I have a 2 yr old Cairn Terrier and he was extremely finiky about the food I would give him…but once i’ve discovered Cesar he cannot eat it fast enough he loves it all….dry,wet & the treats. And now that is all I like to feed him. It’s too bad that it’s so expensive. I’m sure that if it was a little cheaper people would tend to buy it more for there lovely pet’s.

  15. patricia mills

    I have 2 dogs 3yrs old got them at 12 wks,they will not eat anything other than cesars.They each eat 2 aday ,need coupons or cheaper dog food ,

  16. Lindsay A

    Hi I also tried to get the coupons and cannot seem to find them I have tried to sign up twice just does not seem to work at all

  17. Priyanka

    hey, this promotion is like 3 years old, when the product first launched i think. Cesar is pretty good at giving out samples and stuff. But you gotta sign up to be a member on their site, http://www.cesar.ca

  18. Brenda Coss

    Hi .
    just to let you know, I have 5 dogs and tried everything for dog food but Cesar is the only one my dogs will eat With 5 dogs you can imagine how many I go through a month, at 8 Cesar’s a day it gets quite expensive. But today I just opened a Beef Flavoured Cesar which was very green and stinky , which the seal was not at all broken. I wanted to bring this to your attention as we don’t want any other dogs getting sick. I will continue to use your product even though I find it a bit expensive. Yours Truly
    Brenda Coss
    661 Neden Way
    Parksville B.C.

  19. Sandra

    Very combersome page, I’m still not sure I will get the sample. Couldn’t find the promotion key.

  20. Claudine Stoyles

    I purchased Cesar Treats Softies when I was vacationing in the US and my dog absolutely loved them however I have not been able to find them here at home. Can you tell me where I can find them in Newfoundland, Canada.

    Thank you

  21. kelly murray

    i have a shichon dog weighing about 22 pounds he enjoys the cesar food, he eats 3-4 per day… my request is making the cans larger for the BIGGER dogs who love your food…. it would be a shame to have to change brands due to size and expense to have him eating the cesar food. LARGER CANS WOULD BE WONDERFUL

  22. Adam

    I’ve always loved the dog on the Cesar packaging / in their ads. I know that this is some type of Terrier, but does anyone know the specific breed?

  23. Jayne

    I do not see the button anywhere! My dog loves Cesars products, he is a minature dachshund. . .

  24. Daisy

    I have a picky pom who will go days without eating. I’m at my witts end and hope she likes the cesar. She’s costing me a fortune in dog food…but she’s worth it!!

  25. puppy foods

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  26. Joan Moorman

    My shorkiepoo loves the roast chicken small bites kibble and that is all he will eat.But I am very concerned about the BHA and BHT in it.There are safer preservatives that could be used.

  27. Ev Bowerman

    I have been getting cesar dog food recently ,my dog like’s it .It would be nice if you would have more of a variety, especially salmon..thank you

  28. Nancy Phillips

    I am the proud owner of multiple Chihuahuas some are rescues and have been abused. My one disabled Chihuahua will eat nothing but the wet food and I am finding it hard to give it to all of them. The patties do not go far when you have more than one. For the past few months we are noticing some unwanted and ugly fats and jellies and stringy parts, in the patties. It is almost like wasting 1/4 of the patty. I cannot afford to have that much waste when feeding. I have even froze one huge waste part and wanted to send it to you so you would believe me. I love to give my dogs what they like but now I think if there is that much waste, am I doing the right thing. The taste must be good but is the food good for the money charged when I use more than 4 a day. ( Worried )


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