FREE Glasses from Clearly Contacts Canada (ClearlyContacts.ca) TODAY – Toronto *Hot*Hurry*

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[pic source: Steve Green. Reminds me of Gordon Freeman]

ClearlyContacts.ca Canada contacted me about this freebie so it is 100% guaranteed to be true. I have setup this blog post so we can discuss this hot freebie and get it before it ‘s over! Today Clearly Contacts is offering the first 500? Toronto Residents free glasses using promo code at checkout. The promo code is in today’s Metro Newspaper.

Please leave a comment with the free Clearly Contacts coupon promo code as soon as you find it out!  If you are looking for the coupon code or need help check out the comments on this post!

This is all the info i have so far but I’m sure you’ll find the coupon code and other useful info in the comments so check them out and please share any info you know!

Click here to visit Clearly Contacts Canada


  1. SM

    Worked! Valid for $38 glasses – assume they would take this amount off a more expensive pair as well. Shipping was $9.95 + GST = $12.04

    Thanks for posting a fabulous deal!

  2. Lindsay

    Worked! Valid for $98 glasses. Total shipping and tax was $15.34!
    I am in Guelph and worked for me! Thanks for the awsome deal!

  3. roonie

    Worked for $98 Gucci frames as well! Just had to pay shipping + GST = $15.94. Great deal! Thank you!

  4. SM

    shoot! I didnt try the more expensive ones. do they have a 1 per address limit?

  5. vkiho

    SMARTCANUCKERS! WAKE UP AND TAKE PART OF THIS DEAL! I just ordered Gucci glasses which were already on sale for $98 and got them free..only had to pay S&H and insurance which came up to $15.34 . WOW WOW WOW

  6. SM

    Worked – Ordered a pair for myself and a pair for my husband. A great deal on prescription sunglasses

  7. nat

    I tried and I don’t like in TO and it worked!! Does anyone know about ordering more then 1 pair? What about sunglasses or getting glasses tinted? It’s hard for me to find glasses that look good, but I have been planning on going to get new ones!.. maybe I’ll go look in a store to see if they have any of the one’s I like online to try on! :D THANKS!

  8. Evil Tofu

    After I did all the numbers, it doesn’t bring me to the check out. :'(

  9. Evil Tofu

    Keeps telling me that the session has expire. Is it because I use Firefox???

  10. Limette

    FYI, the print said that you had to live in Toronto or adjustments would be made to your bill later….

  11. clarebear

    Wow– thank you so much for posting this.. I can’t tell you how much I needed new glasses!

  12. Jerry Hung

    Ordered a Gucci one, $15 shipped to Waterloo, NICE!

    > Product: Gucci 1721 3U0, $0.00
    > Right Eye:

    > Left Eye:

    > PD: 67.0
    > Lens Type: 1.50 Standard Lens, $0.00
    > Tinting:
    > Handling: $5.39
    > ————————————————————
    > Subtotal: $0.00
    > ————————————————————
    > Shipping: Canada Post Priority [2-5 days]
    > $9.95
    > ————————————————————
    > TOTAL: $15.34

  13. Heather

    Worked for me $98 Coach glasses and I live in Windsor!! Paid $15.94 thru paypal. Sweet. I may go back on and order for my husband…did SM confirm it’s not limited to 1 per household?

  14. Heather

    I love clearly contacts even at full price…I ordered my 7 year old the $98 Claiborne frames…the same pair as we picked at the store for $299. It took about 2 weeks to arrive not (2-5 days as implied). They were of suprisingly good quality. I have ordered from zanni before and they broke the first week.

  15. Luce

    Code worked for me, I’m looking forward to seeing the new glasses ship in. For some reason, even though I entered the info in, when I checked the confirmation, some of my prescription info was missing. But I called them and they fixed it in a second. Awesome customer service.

  16. Auntie M

    I ordered a pair of Calvin Klein ($98) and upgraded the lens to ‘lite’ — absolutely great deal!

  17. Elsa L'Abbe

    yes I called customer service too as there was a problem with the info, and they fixed it right away awesome customer service!

  18. Moongalz

    UHOH… just read that they will adjust it if u live out of the GTA.. UHH I live in Ottawa, but I just ordered them … I was so rushed too, I don’t think I picked the nicest glasses.. lol

    I’ve got to call in a different PD I think I messed it up. Anyone contacting them?

    I read that if u buy up to 125 u get free shipping? so technically if you buy the $98 frames and a cleaner or something would u get shipping for free?

    BTW, I am really impressed with this site, it still amazes me that I can save so much! THANK YOU SC

  19. justaydan1

    so its ok if you live in the GTA ? I live in brampton do u think that would be ok ?

  20. Amber

    Just for anyone with a higher prescription’s information… you still pay for the lenses, but the frames are free.

  21. ZAZU

    I just called Laurier Optical and they said that my Pupillary Distance is classified information! they won’t release it to me!!! I would call back and be angry, but I told them I needed the information for my psychology experiment.

  22. Marisa

    I can’t find anything in the website that says free glasses or coupon, could someone help. Thanks,

  23. Michael


    It was an ads on last page of Today’s Metro, coupon code is in the 1st comment

  24. Jerry Hung

    Seems like it’s for first 1000 orders (or is there…)

    I may consider 2nd pair now as the coupon is not invalid yet, this is bad

  25. clarebear

    Hurry guys! I read somewhere that this offer is only good for the first 500 people?!?

  26. stan

    i called their call center and they said the offer is only good for new customers in toronto so i wasn’t able to get a pair.

    Chances are if you ordered more than 1 pair, they’ll cancel your orders like they did when they ran this in vancouver.

  27. vkiho

    it’s 1 per household and they will cancel any extras that you have ordered.. just spoke to a rep.

  28. cashmoneychicl

    Finally got in touch with my husband to place an order..and now the website is down!! Are you guys having this issue?

  29. RKX

    Ya site’s been dead for about 30 minutes, but I keep trying :) got in to the front page at 11 then had to get prescription info from the wife and yup go figure site’s doa right now :( But I keep trying :)

  30. Elsa L'Abbe

    I ordered a second pair and it was not refused yet. They sent me a confirmation for the second pair. Both pairs were $38 ones

  31. layniejoy

    Oh no :( I was really hoping to take advantage of this. With no benefits, I haven’t replaced my glasses in years :( Too bad the website is down.

  32. layniejoy

    same x_kmac – took about 15 minutes to load main page and now waiting for glasses…

    I’m wondering if I should be asking one of my friends in Toronto if I’m able to use their address? I really don’t want to be charged for the glasses if they determine Kitchener isn’t close enough? Although, if I pay with PayPal, wouldn’t they have to have me authorize removing more money from my account?

  33. pink_pandad

    okay, they are handing out flyers in front of Union subway station. no wonder the site is crashing!

  34. Sally

    I assume all 500 pairs were long gone a while ago, what happened to 5000 free pairs like last year lol!

  35. layniejoy

    This is becoming such a hassle! Can’t get any photos to load, so I can’t tell what the glasses look like :( Might have to give up soon…

  36. RKX

    Yup, Finally deciphered my prescription and I can’t get the one page i need to load to order :(

  37. RKX

    Yup I just got mine ordered 450 dollar frames on same for 98 and with promo just the 10 dollars in fed ex overnight shipping, what a deal! 2+ hours of page reloading but it worked :)

  38. layniejoy

    Finally able to load photos… now waiting for the product page to load. We’ll see if the promo code still works.

  39. Mirian

    They had a $38 offer in Vancouver and I had so much trouble getting anyone to give me a straight answer on my order. After telling me that it was on order, that it was in packaging, that it was shipped out, I find out later that they never actually did anything because they didn’t have my prescription. Customer service is good because they tell me what I want to hear but, basically, they lie. This fiasco caused me three weeks of frustration.

    If anyone gets their glasses through this promo and if they are happy with the quality, I would like to know. My friend said her kids ordered the $38 glasses and the quality of the lense looks cheap.

  40. Heather

    Just got the SORRY letter from CC…my order was declined as I didn’t qualify for the toronto area…ohhhh and I didn’t get it refunded to my paypal yet either.

  41. pink_panda

    Me too, I got the same email. But when I called the CSR didn’t know tha tI got the email since my order was already sent to the manufacturer and it was good to go. I’m so confused. lol, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  42. vkiho

    i just spoke to a CSR and they said that if you ordered more than 1 per household, all orders get cancelled and you dont get anything!

  43. clarebear

    Mine just got cancelled too– so pissed… went by the rules and everything don’t know what their reasoning is but they’re gonna get an earful tomorrow!

  44. justaydan1

    I only had my order to my name canceled the one for my sister wasn’t at least not yet I was going to send one to my neighbors. but I didn’t I don’t know y oh well I better get my money back

  45. Marmaduke

    Ordered late finished just arter 5:00 PM Tor. time, saw the completed order and it said $6.95…….was so happy ..till I checked my e-mail this AM and saw the conformation for $207.00..
    SUPRISE!!!!!!! Called the toll free spoke to BRIAN,…..who told me that the promo ended at 12:30 I ask was that Vancouver or Tor.
    time…he said that they were at Union Station from 6:30 AM till noon. I came in by GO Bus due to the trains being delayed……..
    cancled, someone jumped..anyway he offered a 20% discount which I accepted…still a bargain @ $168. for progressives..may not be the deal I was hoping for but as long as I can see I’m OK with…the last pair I got coast over $400. and wern’t Gucci frames and an incorrect script.

  46. Marmaduke

    Sorry for all the miss-spell was hopping mad when I saw the order….had to hammer out the frustrations
    maybe some folks should be happy that they missed out…I think some may get a surprise BILL……forgot to mention there was only 1000 being given out…..rota ruck

  47. clarebear

    Wow– I am never ordering from this company! They cancelled my order when it shouldn’t have been but now after talking to someone from customer service there is nothing they can do because all 1000 pairs have been used up. What a poorly executed promotion.. I’m done with Clearly Contacts..

  48. smartnewbie

    I ordered it early morning yesterday but ordered contact lens thinking that you have to order that to get the glasses for free ( had only briefly read about this promo so wasn’t sure what I needed to do). It’s no wonder when I enterd the promo code, nothing happened, no discount, no glasses offered. When I finally realized it’s for free glasses, no other orders needed, I wasn’t able to make my 2nd order as site crashed. So I called in and the csr said she will make note of the time I called and when the site is back up, she will make the order for me. 6pm came and no one called so I called back and the csr checked my first order for the contacts and I guess she noted the time that it was really early on and had I actually order the right thing, I would have gotten the free glasses so she honoured it and make the order for me. Got my confirmation email right away but I actually don’t live in Toronto but the GTA and I had sent them an email for them to change the city as it was written as Toronto initially, hopefully, they will still honour my order…..

  49. Boo Radley

    This promo was for Toronto only which was clear from my title. It was also for the first 1000 people.

    If your order got canceled it is because you either did not live in Toronto or you ordered too late.

  50. Boo Radley

    According to ClearlyContacts.ca:

    The promo was for the first 1000 orders for Toronto residents, and is limited to new customers only. One order per household.

    So, if anyone placed multiple orders, only one of them will be kept open. The others will be cancelled and the shipping cost or any upgrades that were selected will be refunded in full.

  51. pink_panda

    for those who received an email about their order being cancelled. i would suggest to call them to confirm. i got the email about my order being cancelled, but when i called they said my order was NOT cancelled or on hold. they will still honour my order and they don’t know why i got the email.

  52. Sally

    There actually an excellent company just probably overwhelmed with people not from the Toronto region that tried to order these. I do believe they went through the same thing a few months ago with the Vancouver promo.

    If they emailed to say your order was cancelled then they will credit your paypal.

    Honestly I think its good their cracking down, last year when they did free pairs people on another freebie board were ordering 20 per household.

  53. Marmaduke

    Did not get in on the real special but when I called I got a discount. They came in last week……There FAb…..and I saved over 200$ off what my last pair cost…thinging to order another,
    maybe sunglasses…THANKS again!

  54. Sally Hunter

    Its one pair per household EVER, and new customers only.
    If you live in an Apt, and somebody in the past used the address,
    (like mine, been here 3 years) you are NOT, repeat NOT eligible for them.
    Even after phoning them, you are denied.

  55. alexa Copp

    This is bullshit and that is why the site is down … selling disco’d frame with crap lens. Who is to adjust the glasses to fit


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