Free Movie From Scene Points Playing Oreo iPhone/iPad Game

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You can get 1000 Scene Points worth a free movie admission just for playing the Oreo: Twist, Lick and Dunk game.

  1. Download the Oreo: Twist, Lick and Dunk game from PikPok on an participating Apple device
  2. Play at least two games until the screen pops up with KLIP REWARD
  3. Enter your email address and a PIN will be emailed to you for 1000 Scene Points
  4. Follow the instructions given in the PIN email to deposit the Scene Points

Sorry, not available for other platforms.  One reward per Scene account.

Click here to view the participating devices for this game.

Thanks for letting us know Lisa.


  1. Brie

    Mine worked just fine. Worked just like it said… play the game twice, you get a PIN code for 1000 scene points. I just can’t find where on the Scene website to enter my PIN!

  2. Maddie2008

    Worked great for me.
    Had to play 5 times but I didn’t mind, I liked the game.
    I had to use the link that was provided in the pop up then logged in from there and the spot appeared to enter code.
    Definitely worth the few minutes of play to get a free movie.

  3. Naht

    Worked for me as well, took a handful of plays!

    If you read the instructions, it tells you to go to scene.ca/card, you can log in with your card number and then enter your pin.

  4. tshkc

    In your email, click on the link on step one, scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see a box for the pin.

  5. DoodlesMom

    @naht it doesn’t work if you just go to the site, there’s no spot for the pin. Thanks @tshkc that worked. It said it added the 1000 points yet my total points didn’t increase… Hopefully it will in a couple of days..!

  6. FallenPixels

    Maybe you need to get a certain score?
    For those who did get it, are you playing iPad or iPhone? What was your score

  7. psychjo213

    I played on my iphone. can’t remember my exact score but it was high….got a lot of triple and quadruple drunks. Had to play 5 or so times.

  8. Johanna

    Only took me 2 tries on my iPhone and code worked right away.
    Trying this on an iPod.. anyone have any success with that?? Hoping to get points for the boyfriends scene account…

  9. Katie

    it was great. it took me enough tries to get 1000 gold coins then I got the offer.

    I hope credit is given to padfoot who first posted in the deals forum about this!

  10. FallenPixels

    Not sure, the email sent to me said iPhone and iPad but I cant find info other than from other freebie sites and they dont mention the touch either

  11. cosmicgaia

    type in kiip rewards in app store for MANY games that give points
    i got mine with Bubble Breaker lite

    a few:
    Bubble breaker lite in Classic mode
    Aerox after level 5
    mega jump
    Bungee ball
    tiny nova
    puppy tiles
    Sushi Boy thunder
    Unblock Me

  12. pac182

    I’m on my iPod and I had to play a ton of games when it finally popped up saying loading reward and then screen flashed and was kicked off and went back no reward. Not sure if I can get it again

  13. Rebecca

    i played on the ipad and it would crash after the 2nd game/stage loaded. this constantly happened. i got it on the iphone and i could tell instantly it was running better, i finally got it after 2 plays. thanks for the post!

  14. Vic

    Ok, maybe they stopped giving out the codes, I started playing today. And I’ve played probably 20+ times now, so no code. I did try to DL the bubble game, and got a clearly contacts offer (free glass for 1st time, like their fb offer); but no scene.

  15. Max

    I tried it a few time from my iPad and iPod. It seems that you need about 60,000 or 65,000 point to get the reward, Which may take a few tries. The pop-up said “reward for high score”, or something like that (I don’t quite remember)

  16. S

    i read from another forum that if your device is jailbroken, you aren’t eligible for the points. no movie for me then :(

  17. Karina

    played for about 1 hour from my iphone and still nothing. Got already a 69,700 score and more than 4,000 coins. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or it simply doesn’t work for quebec residents …

  18. Eric

    Played tons of games – highest score 85’000, enough coins to unlock everything up to cool mint creme and still nothing.

    • FallenPixels

      Steven, since the rewards seem to differ, they will likely say its random but my guess is you would need to contact KLIP and not Oreo or Scene

  19. Kerri

    I’ve played several times on both iPad and iPhone and I’ve never got message with points. I did not share score on Facebook. Anyone have tips or have they stopped giving the points out?


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