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SC Johnson have had loads of awesome coupons recently. They send out these fabulous printable coupons in the email when you sign up for their newsletter. Shoir has posted these coupons in the Canadian Coupons Section here in November of 2008 and loads of the forum’s members have put them to good use. I thought I’d let my blog readers know about these coupons too.

Hint:  some places allow coupon stacking ;-)

Coupons Expire December 31st, 2009


  1. shirley

    Hi I am having a had time at any web site to have coupons printed or any free stuff as I sign up give my email address and get nothing in mail and most end up, are usa sites in canadain sites. Or all have expirde. All lost time and effort on my behalf you my lose but getting sick off not getting the free sample in my mail. Plus you have too join book site and other thing and I dont have the money.

  2. sue

    yes, these are ways the company makes money off of selling your information to other companies – but not the ones that send you coupons!


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