Groupon: $10 Starbucks Gift Card for $5

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Groupon has a deal for a $10 gift card for $5 today.

  • Expires Sep 30, 2013
  • Limit 1 per person. Valid within Canada only. Must redeem Groupon voucher at http://groupon.starbucks.com/ for a Starbucks Card eGift, which can be used in any participating Starbucks store.
  • Must redeem by 9/30/13. Groupon will send amount paid in Starbucks Card eGift if not redeemed by 9/30/13 within 30 days

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Click here to get this deal


  1. Aprile

    Awesome. I bought it and was able to add it to my giftcard/app in a minute! Very easy and a great deal!

  2. Robin Monks

    There are two versions,
    USD: http://bit.ly/WJaTW7
    CAD: http://bit.ly/11phZPS

    You can buy one of each, and both will add fine into the Starbucks Canada app (the US10 card shows up as $10.25CA in the app). Only downside is you “can’t combine cards between markets” so the barista will need to accept the two gift cards separately to finish the USD one of, no biggie.

  3. Annikka

    I bought a “US only” deal once before, printed the eGift card and it worked just fine in the store, so this one should too. There’s usually a slight exchange rate though I don’t remember it being much.

  4. Ruth-Ann

    I bought one. The email says you either need it on your mobile or printed out?? I wanted to transfer it to my Starbucks card but i can’t get the activiation code without either mobile app or printed. Wonder if there’s a bug in the system. Now groupon is down.

  5. i predict....

    starbucks must really be hurting….the days of my daily $5 coffee are loooooooonnnnng gone and i dont think they’ll ever be back. kinda silly when i think about it.

    • FallenPixels

      It is not a referral link, it just has a link in it to show them it came from their email
      I changed it after the link you gave (which I originally posted) was not working for some people who were re-directed to the homepage

  6. Sandra5

    Thanks again for posting this on the blog, would have missed it for sure otherwise.
    Such a great deal.


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