How to send Free Text Messages to Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell & Virgin Canada Cell Phones

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Free Text Messages Canada

There are 2 ways of sending your friends free SMS Text Messages to their cell phones. Note that some providers charge the receiver while others don’t. I know that if you use Rogers website to send the text message no one gets charged. i.e. it’s 100% free.

I was going to blog this as part of my Christmas countdown since it would be nice to be able to send all your friends a free text message wishing them a Merry Christmas but I figured it’s too generic and not just limited to that occasion.

Method 1: From the wireless carrier’s website

Each wireless company has a website from which you can send free Text Messages:

Method 2: By email. Yes email!

you can easily send emails to your friends’ cell phones directly from your email. You just need to know the number and the carrier of the recipient to start emailing them to their cell phone. Here is a list of the emails of different carriers. You need to replace the part before the “@” with your friend’s number.

  • Rogers Wireless: [10-digit phone number]@pcs.rogers.com
  • Fido: [10-digit phone number]@fido.ca
  • Telus: [10-digit phone number]@msg.telus.com
  • Bell Mobility: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca
  • Kudo Mobile: [10-digit phone number]@msg.koodomobile.com
  • MTS: [10-digit phone number]@text.mtsmobility.com
  • President’s Choice: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca
  • Sasktel: [10-digit phone number]@sms.sasktel.com
  • Solo: [10-digit phone number]@txt.bell.ca
  • Virgin: [10-digit phone number]@vmobile.ca

You need to replace the [10-digit phone number] with your friend’s number. For example, If your friend’s number was 613-123-4567 and their carrier was Rogers, you’d send an email to [email protected]


  1. Ted Avery

    Very handy post! I think you should warn though that some providers (Telus at least) will charge the receiver for incoming messages from the website or e-mail.

  2. Boo Radley

    Oh I didn’t know Telus does that! Thanks for the tip Ted! I’ll update the post saying which ones charge and which ones don’t.

    If anyone has more details about a particular provider please let me know!

  3. Brian

    The ‘email’ thing doesn’t really work with Rogers. They will just send you a text to your cellphone saying you have an email from (insert email address) and to reply with “red” to receive it… so it would cost the sendee a text message to read what you wrote.


  4. izawa

    I’ve always used this. The bad thing about it is, you always have to enter a “validation code” w/e its called and I always end up forgetting, ending up not sending the text xD hahaha
    but its great! used this all summer =)

  5. Ghostie

    Generally speaking, it is supposed to be free to receive text messages even without a plan unless perhaps if you’re roaming in another country. Atleast with Rogers and Telus it is.

  6. Stephen


    The rules are different for email and website texts and it isn’t consistent across carriers. It used to be 100% free with Bell/Aliant. Now if you have a text package it is either free or gets deducted from your text package … I’m not sure which.

    Use this with extreme caution or your family and friends might not be too happy with you!

  7. Ghostie

    I’ve never had service with Bell, but I was a client with Telus for years and I would text on a pay-per-use basis and it was always free to receive text. Perhaps, I’m wrong about Rogers.

  8. Sandy

    I’m with Telus pay and talk and it costs me $.15 to receive a text msg. Sometimes when the text msg gets too long, it gets broken into 2, and I end up getting charged $.30 for a really long msg.

  9. PC Tuner

    You do not have listed in your bunch for Virgin

    From Text messages to Virgin cell phones is there a link for Virgin subscribers??

  10. tofuu

    I’ve always used this for my Rogers/Fido/Telus friends and it saves me SO much because I 90% always text when I’m @ home :P. I’m with Rogers and have received an e-mail text – it didn’t charge me for it and was able to read it too

  11. Kathy

    I don’t think Koodo gets charged for incoming texts but I do have a plan so that is probably why. Since Koodo is a part of Telus, you might if you’re not on their unlimited messaging plan.

  12. David

    In the summer, both Telus and Bell changed their policies and now charge for incoming texts unless you have a texting plan.

    Rogers and Fido still do not. I am unsure of the others …

  13. Rosie

    Telus Mobility has always charged the recipient for text messages sent from the Telus Mobility web site. It may be free for the sender, but it’s definitely not free for the receiver!

    I’m not sure if Telus Mobility charges for text messages received since I’m on an unlimited plan, but I used to be charged per message sent from the site even though it was free for me to receive text messages.

  14. Waffle

    Since all the changes Rogers is the only one and the ones they own like Fido do not charge for incoming text messages and all others do . Doesnt matter how the person sends it , if they have incoming its charged to the person who gets it on the phone .What this did now is cause more confusion and somewhere someone is going to end up with a huge phone bill . Also some spammers are texting too cells now too .A million spam messages will make a providers millions of dollars in revenue and if the person complains it is nothing to refund 15 cents but then you have to call , wait onhold , explain this issue .
    A humours note some even text people they dont like anymore all day so they get a $50 a day phone bill charge .

  15. natalka

    I email my husband’s Rogers cell since I haven’t a cell. Don’t know about the charge since it’s a work phone…
    Melissa, my son has Speakout phones, and we’ve had no luck at all tracking down something to use yet for me to email him a text! We’ve tried the suggested ones on the Speakout forums, to no avail, and will try the one on Ted’s link above, even though it’s US. Have emailed Ztar, the provider, but never heard back from them on multiple tries.

  16. inspector gadget

    Not only do they charge(cell carriers)you can not send a text message via Telus,Bell or rogers ie Fido without registering first.Fido’s new web site does not even recognize my sign in phone number.
    plus YOU are chrged for minute usage during business hours.

  17. Kim

    I have Bell and I do have the Text Messaging package so I don’t get charged but the thing with email text messages is that it will only show me up to 116 characters (I think) and then the message just ends… I don’t get a 2nd text with the rest of the message as I would with a cell to cell text that is longer than what Bell offers such as Rogers. Bell offers 140 character texts and I believe Rogers offers 160 characters so sometimes I will get a 2 or 3 pg text from friends with Rogers. So email texts are frustrating because the person sending them isn’t counting the characters they can send and so they go on and on and I have to then ask for them to send the message in pieces. I find that people can email my home email and I have my cell set up to receive notifications from my email provider and I can get all of my email that way. Much easier. It would be nice if Bell would allow multi-page email texts but I have called a bunch of times and it’s not something that can be fixed.

  18. Bob

    Seems like Rogers has changed their link. It is only allowing me to get to the page where I sign in to do enhanced text messaging. Must have a cell phone or be in the continent to use it. I’m trying to send a text to my girlfriend while I am in Colombia, and can’t get on.

  19. Mark

    Does anyone have information on the law suit for the increased charges / change in contract for incoming text messages. I want to sign on.

  20. Dave

    You can sign in with an email address as well…but, i don’t think the site is operational yet. I’m having problems as well. Hopefully, it’s still free and we can use an alias cell number/email address.

  21. Jake

    The Rogers page for sending free text message requires sign-in with 10 digit of cell phone number and password. That means we need to sign up with our phone number… Wonder if that would charge in our phone bill as a regular message?

  22. faridoon jafari

    hi, i have cell no.416 540 4605 and 647 878 4170.
    i had asked for a new package.it came i didn’t like
    it,so retuned.but you put a number on a handset that
    i had returned and every month you are sending me bill
    for the phone that i don’t have.i have talked to your
    agents 3,4 times. they have credited my account but
    statements keep comming.isn’t any one over there to
    be able to solve this problem. thanks

  23. Sally

    I have an LG phone from telus and I have just started using this free internet text messaging program like maybe 10 minutes ago. I’ve sent a few text messages to my friend and it works, because she sent one back onto my email, where I wanted it to go to. (I pressed for her to send it to my email, not cell) I am just wondering, is it free to read text messages on my email? My friend sent it on my email, not my cell phone so it should be free right? If its not, I’m screwed from my mom :D

  24. Thuggidy

    Thanks for the rogers short cut link Dan, it’s weird the way they want you to register now to send a text.

  25. Greg

    At least in the case of the service provider Rogers, yes there is a monthly service charge to use the website to phone texting service. I am aware that you can send text messages though Microsoft’s msn messenger service. Does the person recieving the message via msn messenger have to sign up for any service or is the text sent straight to thier phone?

  26. AM

    Just another note, make sure if you send from email that you do not have a long signature because then it may be too many characters for one message. Sending from work may have an automated signature and then a blurb on confidentiality etc…

  27. Denis

    The address for MTS is (area code phone number)@text.mts.net
    Not as the one given, I hope the rest are right.

  28. gsuvari

    With their new plans (and perhaps their old…it’s so confusing) Fido will not be charging for text messages sent from an e-mail addy. Only texts from a cell phone will be free.

  29. Sabrian

    Hi. Okay, so I have Fido. And what it is, is unlimited text messaging. Now the guy said that if I leave My province and text, then it will charge me, but does the same go for if I am in my own province texting someone in another country? How much of the cost?

  30. Purti


    2 way txt messaging from the Rogers Website is free – for the sender, and for the receiver. You just need to sign it for security purposes I guess. It does not charge your phone…

    HOWEVER…. starting Jul 7, 2009, Rogers is changing its policy. All receiving txts on ur phone will be charged 0.15c (regardless of sender’s origin – website, phone – all mediums). Sending txt msgs from website is still free, but the receiver gets charged.

    Sending txt msgs from phone has always been 15c, but now if sent to someone in another country – its 75c. The receiver will be charged according to their plan in their country.

    Hope this clarifies everything! So txt away from the website until July 7!

  31. Chopsticks

    Randy Jackson!!! What am I doing here!!! Slapp across the face!!!
    Whoa Whoa Whoa!!!

  32. Tony

    My wife and I both have Virgin Mobile Pay-as-you-go plans. Super cheap, and still free to receive messages. We use the @vmobile.ca thingy all the time for the past 2 years at least. When I’m at desk at the office or she is home, there is no point in texting via phone anyhow.. I prefer to type a short message on a keyboard than a cell phone anyhow.

    Message receiving is still free for Virgin Mobile users.
    Messages via email cost nothing to send or receive.
    $0.05/message for sending a message to another virgin mobile customer from your cell.
    $0.15/message for sending message to any other number in Canada/US.

    Still some of the nicest rates for PAYG type plan.

    And a whole $100, lasts me a whole year.

    Thnx for the info on the other providers however.

    It’s too bad you NEED to know thier provider however.. Would have been nice to just have a portal which you can send a message to any cell in Canada/US via email without caring/knowing who the provider is.

  33. Mark "the Dad"

    My son has a friend that has a US Cell Phone as well as his Fido-Canadian Service provider. What is the Verizon Mobile Ph. to Text or Text to Phone version be ?? [email protected] ????? not .ca any suggestions ?

  34. Steve

    When I send a text from my Yahoo email address to a Telus customer, the text will not go thru. When I send it from my Bell cellphone, no problem. Why will it not work from my yahoo email address? I am using 10 digit phone number @msg.telus.com

  35. Dave

    I need help with my new Rogers texting and email, using a Samsung “SGH-A256

    Leaving on a holiday tomorrow and Rogers is down for pay as you go for the weekend.

    I recieved a txt message from my Yahoo account OK, [email protected], just like I used to on Bell.
    BUT I can only see you have recieved a message and cannot “READ” it, it says to push the “READ” to see it. I have not figured out how to do it yet.
    Can you help me please?

    [email protected]

  36. Marybeth


    Hi Dave, you have to reply to the message with the word ‘READ’. So when the message comes up that says “You have mail from ______. Please reply with ‘Read’ to read your message”, you have to hit reply, then type the word Read and hit send. Then the actual message that was sent to you will come through. This is what Rogers calls their Spam Filter which is bull crap but whatever. You can bypass this by paying Roger $5/month to add an Text-to-Email feature and this will just send you the message direct without having to type READ.

    : )

  37. philibert

    I just tested it with my Fido “à la carte” service.

    I sent the mail to [mynumber]@fido.ca and instead received a message that, loosely translated, says:

    You have received new email but you are not subscribed to the email service. Answer “yes” to subscribe and read your email.

    I do not want any surcharge and I don’t know if this service is free or not so I just ditched the incoming Fido message.

  38. Chris

    It depends on the recipients plan whether or not it costs money. If the recipient pays money for incoming texts, it costs money, just like normal texting. If they don’t pay for incoming, it is free for them as well.

  39. gmd

    Unbelievable… On Bell’s site, you can specify a phone number where your message is from, so that people can reply. When you do so, that number is charged 15 cents.

    Nice going nickel-and-diming Bell


  40. Neeko

    I used to send one way text msg to my brothers cell at Rogers. Today discovered you cannot do that anymore. Seems it’s two way texting and you have to have a Rogers Cell account to use it – sign in using your 10 digit cell phone number and password. If I am wrong please post info – I will try using email to txt but come on Rogers, that means anyone without a Rogers cell can’t txt people via the internet.

  41. Natalka

    Yup Neeko, I know that sucks. I used to be able to email my husband from the computer at home.

  42. JB

    You do not need to use your 10 digit cell phone number to sign up on the Rogers website. I used my email address because I didnt want a new charge on my cell bill. So anyone, including non-Rogers clients, can sign up on their website and send texts from online.

  43. manny Faz

    Well guys I’m in Mex City and I txt my GF in Canada and she doesn’t get charged for incoming txt, she has Bellmobility….
    What you need to have in order for you not to get charge for the incoming txt is -unlt mobile browser or data plan and unlt txt or txt package….
    Cuz the txt thru mail is internet therefore you will be charge if you dong have internet plan….
    Believe I used to work at the corporate office …

  44. Kiffer

    So let me make sure I have this correct, you can send texts using Rogers website and it does or doesn’t charge the reciever?
    I just signed up this morning for an account on Rogers using my email address (I live in North Carolina so obviously don’t have Rogers.) So you can sign up without having any sort of connection with Rogers, but does it cost the Rogers customer I’m sending the messages to for me to text them? (They have unlimited texting.)

    This whole texting thing is insane to me, I have Verizon and pay $10/month for unlimited sent and received messages to anyone on any network – AT&T, Cingular, anyone. What Rogers is doing to you guys is disgusting. It’s the first thing I’ve found wrong with Canada =).

  45. Mareesa

    I have a phone with Bell but my grandfather pays for it and I don’t know what the plan is, how can I find out the plan.. but I can’t ask him?

  46. srishayini

    If I txt my hubby from my mobile, i get charged for sending and he gets charged for receiving. That’s 2 birds in one stone. Way to go Rogers.
    So with using the web only one person gets charged. That’s 50% off for me.

  47. Shannon FinkHelfrick

    Sasktel.com – has a link to send a text msg to sasktel wireless customers. I use this all the time – expecially when I have left my cell phone in the car~!

  48. Tara

    I would like to know if there’s a way that I can send a message and also receive reply’s to a telus phone. I was able to figure out how to send a message by email.. ex: (phonenumberhere)@@msg.telus.com Or by going on the telus site. However my friend was not able to reply to each way I sent the text.
    I was hoping that someone knows if theres a way to receive them aswell as sending,?

    Thanks in advance.


    IS THERE ANY2WAY SMS FREE WEBPAGE and software for 2way sms that is fre to get and free to use in canada i have a telus but my home do not have any phones sms 2way would be good for baby and house siters to get a hold of me for free help i have bin look for a long time it need to work over netwok not modoms


    MARCUS COLE ps emAIL ME AT [email protected] ANY ONE

  51. alicia

    I use this web site for a long time now, is two ways msg, meaning they can replay if you sign it with your e-mail.

  52. rebeccadawnmackenzie

    umm, the telus one is not working and i really needa text soemone with telus hwo do i do it?

  53. Jasmine

    Heyy i was wondering, how you would be able to reply to that txt. I guess you would reply to the email. But I have Bell, with unlimited txt, so I was wondering if i replied back, will i get charged??

  54. Kaitlyn

    I am a Rogers carrier and when I get one of these texts.. I do have to reply “READ” to get the message and you also get a confirmation of your reply. So one text actually uses about 3 outging and 2 incoming.. but if you have unlimited you have nothing to worry about :-)

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  56. ѕнαиzєн:)

    @ Sabrian
    im with fido as well and it used to charge $0.10 but now it cost $0.25 for one text. So now i either end a really long text or use the email. But since your with fido if you go to this link and make an account you can send txt messages to another fido user for free, it really helps!


    нσρє тнιѕ нєℓρ αиу σиє!

  57. Wind Customer

    I found tykesms.com website – they claim you can send text messages vie email to Petro Canada, Wind, Mobilicity etc..

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  62. Mark

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  64. Peter

    sending SMS to email is possible to (and it is free for sending from Rogers; send the message to this number: 0000000000 (that is 10 0’s)
    Write the text message in the following format:
    [email protected] Here is the message
    (in other words, first the email address, and then a space, and then the message)!

  65. Peter

    sending SMS to email (10 zeros) works as described above,

    NOTE: when sending attachment they charge for data :-(
    (they charged me 50 cents for sending 1072×804 pix photo) and even charged for data it not have to to come to target email…

  66. ally

    Just thought I’d mention that you can send a message free to a telus account (recipient won’t be charged to recieve) if send from your own email program such as Outlook. It depends on the email program you send from, I was told hotmail incurs a charge

  67. Nicolas

    How do I send a text to a Public Mobile subscriber? I’ve call PM, the girl didn’t have a clue, and told me not to bother looking cause it didn’t exist. I’ve tried ********@publicmobile.ca but it just bounces back.

  68. Ace

    Okay, this works for sending. Can I receive a text message back, via email, from the cellphone I sent to?

  69. Eric

    Koodo does not charge me for using the service mail to text, I have unlimited SMS.
    The formula is [email protected]

  70. Eric

    … and I only receive the first few lines of the text email and subject…

    but works great to be notified offline of an incoming email.

  71. Fabeskins

    the new rogers email to sms is “[email protected]”. Note the sms replaces the pcs.

  72. Don

    As of the present, Rogers charges the recipient $5/month to subscribe for email-to-SMS plan beyond the unlimited texts plan. First text message informs text recipient of incoming email and offers to accept the added plan. Don’t and you can’t read the email.

  73. Paul Zofota

    If you need to send SMS outside US, you can use my new service http://emailtosms.com. I have created it as a cheap alternative because there are no such a free sms gateways in many countries (for example in my home country, Slovakia).

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