1. Jean

    I went last year and there was a flyer for general things on sale but I know they were announcing random things every hour (it was kind of a game lol). The food at their cafe was on sale too. Meatballs and fries or mash for $1.99 I think.

  2. Jina

    In the Ottawa Metro today, Ikea has an ad for the Midnight Madness:
    50% off selected summer furniture
    75% off Nexus kitchen doors
    Poang armchair $39 (was $79)
    Expedit shelving unit $29.99 (was $49.99)
    10 pcs meatball dinner $1.99

  3. Katherine

    If you go to ikea.com, click store locator, click your store, then scroll down and hit ‘store offers’ it will give you some of the deals. Hopefully they’ll be adding more as the date comes closer.

  4. smartypamnt

    funny – i compared local ikea stores and prices differ for the same items. perhaps the stores that are selling for more have less stock and will drop prices further at sale if qtys are still high.

  5. wendyjane

    I would like to go but youtube shows videos of YWG IKEA flooding right now!! And people were told to evacuate even as other shoppers were still trying to get in. Die hards.


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