KFC Canada Lowers Prices On “Bargain Bucket” Meals

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Kfc sent me a greasy informative email that that have lowered everyday prices on their bargain bucket meals. Now you can get grease gut for only $18.99.  This includes a 10 piece chicken bucket and medium fries.

Click here to check out their new offerings or to order online.

Do you eat at Kfc?  I do once in a while. I have learned the trick in our area when to visit. Thursdays.  Here they have a $12 meal deal for dark meat.  If you go in on  a Thursday and order a regular meal they offer you all white meat! This is great for us because we don’t generally eat the dark meat.


  1. Terri

    My family loves KFC, unfortunately we hate the price! I have a teenage son that can eat a whole bucket to himself but there are 3 others of us in the family. I find to get a meal that will feed us all with some leftover for lunch the next day it’s almost $50. That just seems a bit much for a bird, a couple of potatoes and some salad.

  2. Gwaiju

    omg… i was at KFC yesterday….which they had the toonie deal kinda thing.. (I didn realize it was TOONIE TUESDAY until i got there) ..anyhow….when i walked in there…there were nobody lining up to ORDER..but there were LOTSSSSSSa ppl standing around *waiting* to pick up their orders…while i was still deciding what to order….the lady standing by the counter told me she has waited over 40 minutes for WINGS… i was like..WHAT…REALLY…40 minutes…r u ..SERIOUS?!? … and then after five mins later…she started to complain to the staff that she has waited for 45 minutes blablablablablabla….anyway…i then LEFT..coz i thought …there were like..over around 9 ppl standing in there waiting for their orders….and that particular lady waited for 45 minutes …..and you call that FAST FOOD?!!??!?! wow……

  3. donny68

    Indeed, rooki. Did Bob Dylan write this? While drunk? I am by no means a fan of KFC (if you dare, watch a video on the process of getting the chickens to your plate), but any story with “blablablablabla” and “LOTSSSSSSSa” doesn’t hold much in the way of credibility. r u serious?!? Butchering chickens for TOONIE TUESDAY pales in comparison to the butchering of the English language happening here.

  4. helmi

    we got the bucket and half was legs and the rest wings very disappointed if they were out of the other pieces say so we would of got something else

  5. Markus

    Moncton,NB, Dieppe NB…Bilingual cities side by side and we can’t get service in French by a manager..That’s right, keep the bilinguals in the kitchen and the anglophones out front…Just the way the area manager wants it!!

  6. yoki

    you guys are all f^%$#@…KFC is gross.
    It’s factory meat. There is no “farmness” about this product.
    It’s all factory meat!!
    Do you get that???
    Plus, it’s factory meat, fried potatoes and NO green stuff, well, other than some cabbage, which is marginally green stuff, cause they add mayo and chemicals…
    OH my GOD!!!, please stop eating this shit!!


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