Lick’s Canada 30th Anniversary 30 Cent Burger Special

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Thanks Holly for using the “suggest a deal” feature here on the blog and informing us of this awesome offer!  Over the next month Lick’s is offering 30 cent burgers to celebrate their 30th anniversary!  Quanities are limited and only available on specified days below. *One burger per person* Click here for Lick’s website.  I’m not sure what their burgers are like, I tried the instore ones and they were oddly spicy to me.



  1. mlongboat

    I have been craving a nature burger for a couple days. I guess I’ll have to hold out a couple more days. Im not a vegetarian but they are YUMMY!

  2. Gabrielle

    Just letting you know, these burgers are AMAZING. the frozen ones don’t give credit to these. the frozen ones are disgusting! You have a burger, with back bacon and their wonderful grated cheese! It’s the best!

  3. Skippy

    The Burgers are excellent, you shall not be disappointed Sally. However I
    will, as I don’t see their Whitby location noted.

  4. anon

    I love Lick’s nature burgers. It is one of my favorite veggie burgers to eat!! (I am a vegetarian, so I am picky about my veggie burgers!)
    I don’t go to Lick’s too often (I am not too close to any of the Lick’s)
    But I will try to go that day!
    Thank you Sally for informing everyone of this hot deal.

  5. Craig

    I love Lick’s and there is one up the street that is on the list. TY for posting this

  6. Geoffrey Wiseman

    Once upon a time, all Licks’ burgers were made fresh by hand in the store. Once they started making frozen options for the store, the burgers in-store became regularly-shaped. I’m certain that wherever they make the frozen grocery store burgers, they also make their in-store burgers, and just ship ‘em to the store.

    If you like or dislike the boxed ones, I’d expect that you’d feel the same way about the in-store ones, despite what others have commented above.

  7. Rebs

    Licks burgers are spicy – I’ve never had the frozen ones but the in store ones are strangely spicy.

  8. mlongboat

    I got my 30¢ Burger today and dd was with me and doesn’t like burgers so I picked one up for my mom and surprised her at work with lunch:)

  9. TJ

    Do they force you to buy something else with it like FRIES + POP ?

    What do you say when you go in ?? .. I want the 30 cent burger ..LOL , I want to eat it but I don’t want to look cheap when I go for one ..LOL

    Thanks for the deal Sally ..there is one close to me so will definitely go for one :-)

  10. Sally

    I dont think youll have to say anything just the burger, i’m sure there will be signs and stuff everywhere :) There is no restrictions in the advertisement saying you have to purchase anything else. But personally I have to have a drink when I eat :P

  11. Khristopher

    I went today to the 720 Spadina location. Was great! I waited an hour from start to finish. Was worth it I think. The only thing that sucked is that it was not warm outside, and I only had a t-shirt on.

  12. Dorothy

    This is a complaint. We tried Licks and loved them. I put the money out to buy them the other day and they were not fit for the dog. I don’t know what happened to them tastewise, but I could’nt even finish mine, threw half away. This turned me off Licks burgers.

  13. dorian c gray

    i worked at licks in toronto at both locations in the 1990s when i had my first homeburger i was hooked,so was my family,all of my brothers and sisters are very huge in size and they say -finally a burger that can satisfy my appetite,im livin in nova scotia i did not see a licks rest here,see what the future brings,thank you so much denise for giving me this opportunity,take care.dorian c gray


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