Metro Stores: Fresh Chicken Breast, $1.99/lb (Ontario locations)

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If you live in Ontario and missed this week’s Metro flyer, fresh chicken breasts (bone-in) are on-sale this week for $1.99/lb! Not bad, especially when they’re soo versatile and freezable.

Sale ends Thursday, August 25th.

Click here to view this week’s flyer.


  1. tnmo

    Because random thoughts are constantly floating through my head:

    The lettuce that is so delicately placed on the raw chicken is slightly disturbing. Chicken tartare anyone?

  2. Joe

    I would love to buy some at this deal but my wife hates de-boning the chicken. I have a local butcher that sells boneless breasts for $3.29/lb….so worth the extra $ not to hear the negative feedback.

  3. Stephania

    I hate deboning chicken as well! It’s probably the grossest texture that I have ever felt, but I’ll hafta get used to it in order to save some cash.

  4. alex

    Metro Guelph had lots, Bone in Skin on, Limit 2 per family. I hate bones skins and all that Jazz so my boyfriend will be eating them, and ill be eating yhe $4 bag of frozen skinless, boneless breasts i got from Frescho, which is a better deal, i think, the texture is questionable though, i feel like its just not 100% chicken..

  5. Nelly

    Well, FreshCo has boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.97/lb this week, so you get it cheaper AND you don’t have to debone! What could be better than that? :D


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