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Netflix is still offering a one month trial of their streaming movie service to Canadians.  Netflix is really popular in the USA and it’s great they are now offering service in Canada. Basically all you need is an internet capable blu ray, Wii, Ps3, Xbox, Iphone, or computer to stream your movies from.  A good idea before even signing up for this trial is checking to see how much bandwidth you have included in your internet plan.  I am unlimited so I won’t run into any extra fees with my ISP.  If you decide to keep Netflix you can cancel anytime and it’s only $7.99 a month for unlimited movie streaming.  Click here for more information or to try their service.

I’m interested in what users of Net Flix think of this company. I’m considering signin up for the free trial myself.


  1. cdylan

    I”ve been using the free trial for about 3 weeks now, I definitely plan on keeping it, I find it a little lacking in the T.V. shows it offers, but lots and lots of great movies, definitely worth it for me.

  2. Lori

    So I’ve looked at this site several times. I have clicked Browse selections and only see a few older movies under each catagory, and they repeat in some catagories. Do you get a bigger, better selection AFTER you give your credit card information? I just don’t get what people are talking about with the few titles I’m seeing. And alot of the titles are old and not very popular movies.

  3. Mia649

    We have had Netflix for a couple weeks on the free trial. We use the Wii to access it and have had nothing but problems. It keeps disconnecting during movies and the selection is horrible. We tried to find a Christmas movie and they had nothing we had ever heard of. Apparently Netflix is big in the states because they have the selection but we are cancelling our trial before it ends. Too much of a hassle and not enough choice.

  4. Jaime

    We’ve had netflix for about 2 months now and we quite enjoy it! In the beginning we complained about the low selection, but I think it’s just because we were comparing it to our Shaw On Demand, which has new movie releases.

    Netflix has a pretty good selection of older movies and a good few within the last couple of years. You can find more movies in the ‘search’ section if you know what movie you are looking for.

    I think because it’s newer to Canada the selection is lower, but once it catches on in Canada more so it will get better. Regardless, we like it as we have an xbox in our theatre room and a Wii upstairs, so we can watch movies every where in the house!! We’ve probably watched about 6 movies and 2-3 tv series on it since it came out and for $7.99 a month..we’re keeping it, we even considered down grading our Shaw services for the price difference!

    I think if you are having bad connections and disconnecting, it isn’t necessarily netflix, it sounds like the internet provider or perhaps your internet package can’t withstand the extra bandwidth.

  5. r0c0upons

    i don’t have nay problems with connection using my xbox and rogers bandwidth package (aside from the low rogers limits, but that’s not really related…heh). i’d say that with the current selection you could sign up for the free trial and watch just about everything you’re interested in seeing in that one month. then, later, when they offer some other sort of incentive, you can do the same thing. they just don’t have the library there yet to justify paying month to month for it at this point.

  6. Ashley

    We’ve had Netflix since it debuted in Canada. At first the selection of movies wasn’t great, but that was because they were still working out licensing for movies and tv shows. Now there is a much better selection. It’s definitely worth the $7.99 a month! It costs almost $6 to rent one movie at Blockbuster, so if you watch two movies on Netflix a month, it’s still cheaper! You just have to be very careful you don’t go over your bandwidth. We mainly watch Netflix on DH’s XBOX and the clarity is amazing!

  7. SulkyBlonde

    Can someone tell me where it is there is unlimited band width? I keep getting surcharges extra fees when my teens and I go over and as of Jan its 60 more a month thats on top of the added blocks of insurance i currently pay for as well and its an additional 30 …

  8. SavingMentor

    It really depends on where you live SulkyBlonde. What city are you in? Teksavvy is a really good internet provider with high bandwidth caps (or unlimited) if you are in a region that they serve.

  9. Rose

    We have had the free trial and although there are lots of movies and tv shows to watch it isn’t current enough for us and we have still gone out to rent movies. It is nice to catch some movies I haven’t seen and forgot I wanted to see. However one major issue we have found for us is that there is no close captioning. My husband is hearing impared and for that reason we are cancelling the service once our free month is up.

  10. cakemaker

    We watch through our Wii, and haven’t had any issues. I find the selection for most movies to be somewhat lacking, too, but for kid’s shows it’s got just about everything.

  11. NZ

    I like the netflix service, we use it on our PS3. There are a whole lot of changes I would like to see in the user interface – Like being able to recommend movies to friends, add titles to watch later or search by actor or director. The recommendation system is not totally without merit but it could be better. Title selection is older movies and shows but it is not without its hidden gems, and they seem to be adding a few movies/tv shows every month.

    Not only does the Bandwidth limit come into play but the speed of your bandwidth also affects your video playback and quality. I have 8mbs+ connection so I was told that I would receive true HD, apparently if you have less then 8mbs you get either a more compressed format or a smaller video scaled up. I agree with s-blonde, its pretty rare for unlimited bandwidth unless you are in GTA or Van..

  12. Corin

    I like that Netflix has a lot of foreign films that I have never seen as well as old UK classic shows like Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, etc. I watch it in almost all its forms: I stream through my computer to a 42″ TV (looks best), use the Wii for watching on a 52″ TV (no worse than most “digital” stations), as well I have it installed on my iPod Touch (which is cool if you spend a lot of time in airports or hotels).

    However it’s biggest draw back is the amount of bandwidth it uses, I have read that it is something like one GB per hour. In my free trial month I busted my download limit by 30gb (I have 40 standard with Videotron). At $2 per extra GB it made watching Netflix quite expensive and almost gave me a heart attack when I saw my bill.

  13. nscouponchick

    I’m just wondering if you can pay for netflix with interac, or does it have to be credit card? I just got a wii on Fri, seriously want to try it out.

  14. Shaunah

    We signed up the first day it was available, and love it. We’ve never had cable or satellite to begin with, and got Netflix so we had something to watch on tv when we got the chance. Before we would go to a local rental place.

    I’ve been really impressed. No issues with connection at all. The movies and tv shows are constantly updating. We’re on a tight budget and couldn’t even afford tv before, so 7.99 a month for a slightly dated selection is nothing.

  15. Jennifer

    Our free trial expires on the 22nd of this month and we plan on keeping it. Yeah, the selection could be a little better but I always find something that I wanted to see before and didn’t get a chance too. Also, they have lots of documentries to watch, and I love those! For $8 a month, totally worth it! Also, we have no issues with connection or anything like that.

  16. Alana

    We got the trial and decided to keep it. The selection could be better but us growing and there seems to be more than enough to make it worth the $8 a month. One thing I like is that they have some British content. We use the PS3 and the connection has been pretty good, just the rare blip.

  17. Toni W

    I got the free trial, but we won’t be keeping it. The selection of movies is terrible- mostly old ones, and very few in HD.

  18. miley

    hi all, I have a WII, does anyone know how to stream movies off the WII or how can I play it through my WII? Appreciate your help.

  19. Jelliebean

    Well, we just cancelled our zip.ca (which I enjoyed, but was so expensive) and wanted to try netflix. Man, does it ever blow.

    There is NO selection. I get better selection on tv, and WAY newer movies too, HA!

    Our satellite goes out when the weather is crappy, and I thought netflix would be great to have as a back up, but there’s nothing I want to watch. We ended up using it as an ‘on demand’ for our toddler who wants to watch what he wants to watch, when he wants! LOL. But I couldn’t justify $8 a month for kiddo to watch super why, curious george and elmo.

    I would definitely do this if they had newer shows/newer movies, but no thanks for now! (too bad!)

  20. Bill

    Netflix works great on all of our devices , I-pod, Computers(4), Wii etc. We like the service and for the money, can’t be beat! Streaming is the way to go. If you are having problems with your any device, patience is the key. All it takes is a little time and some know how to set up. One thing though, you must have the right network speed for netflix to work properly. We have no problems here and would recommend this service. By the way, Rogers and Bell throttle internet traffic speed and I have read that this may interfere with streaming abilities It is also worse on weekends just when you need the band-with the most so good luck if you are on their network. Another form of internet meddling, I suppose to go along with their DPI. Try Telus or another internet provider for best results.

    i would like to see the selection improve but it is still evolving so I’m confident it will get better, price is right!

  21. jess_147

    If you plan on signing up for the free trial and have a swagbucks account, make sure you sign up through swagbucks offers. You get 400 swagbucks for signing up for the free trial!

  22. Kookie

    Just finished my free trial and decided to keep it. No problem streaming from my PS3, no connection issues and the movies are actually very quick to load. Renting movies from iTunes takes longer to load. For 8 bucks a month, it’s definitely worth it. It’s all you can eat :)

  23. Caroline

    Netflix is really a great thing to have and I just found out last week that it was out in Canada. Anywho, I had it downloaded for use on our Wii and my personal laptop and I have got to say $8 for such great selection of movies.
    I just saw Bride Wars and the Notebook. Next on my list is Marley and Me!

    Definitely recommended.

  24. Spazdoodles

    I had the free one month trial from early November to early December. Within a week I had watched everything that appealed to me and didn’t watch anything again. I kept checking to see if anything was added that I’d like but there wasn’t anything. I would still rent movies because I never go to Blockbuster to rent a movie made in 1992. I like to watch current movies and tv shows, which Netflix Canada has very little of. If they start to offer more current options in the future I would consider signing back up as $8 is a great deal, just not for what they offer now.

  25. pinkyts

    I have it, and have really liked it so far. But was just looking into bandwidth limits and am now very scared to see my internet bill.

  26. Lori

    I wasn’t aware there were bandwidth limits. Is that the same with Shaw? I have highspeed, would that be an issue for me?

  27. z3r0c00l12

    I think it’s sort of a waste, I get a better service out of ZIP.ca because they actually offer a whole lot more movies and tv shows, but still relies on snail mail. I find Netflix is lacking lots of good movies and TV shows and not worth it right now.

  28. valerie

    I did the 1 month try out. But did not find much for kids. No Disney, no Sabrina the witch etc… I guess with time the Netflix will have more patents for Canadian to view movies tv shows etc. When I called the company to disconect the was absolutely no problems and very efficent . I would sing up again when the selection get better.

  29. Jess

    We recently signed up for the free month and will be canceling it when our month is up. We have had problems watching it through the Wii and find the selection is poor. Maybe if they had more choices, we would keep it but for now it’s not worth the monthly fee IMO.

  30. SavingMentor

    I started my free trial of Netflix the other day and I do like it so far. It’s great for movies but for modern TV shows, there are better options.

    It is possible to watch unlimited full length episodes on your HDTV for $0/month. I have been doing this for years now and have never paid for cable or satellite:


    You also don’t need to pay for access to USA networks and Hulu like Jerry Hung mentioned. HotspotShield is a free VPN that will do that for you!

  31. louise

    I wasn’t aware there were bandwidth limits. Is there limits with Telus? I have highspeed, would that be an issue for me?

  32. Princesstefer

    Louise, technically, there are limits with Telus, but they are not cracking down on them yet. You can call them to ask how much you get with the plan you’re on. Even with the lowest, you can get in a few movies a month… but for a little bit more cost per month you could upgrade to the second plan and watch at least a movie per night. hth


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