McDonalds Canada Coupons: Free Printable Coupons for Ontario & BC

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UPDATE: This McDonalds Canada Coupon Has Expired

McDonald’s Canada has a new online website that offers free printable coupons for discounts on their meals! The coupons are valid for 1 week from the day you’ve printed them.  I noticed the coupons wouldn’t print properly in portrait so I recommend you setup your page to landscape.

The Ontario coupons include:

  • One Can Dine for $2.99 – Buy any McMuffin Extra Value Meal for $2.99 plus tax.
  • One Can Dine for $4.50 – Buy a Big Mac Quarter Pounder with Cheese or McChicken sandwich, medium fries and medium soft drink for only $4.50 (plus tax).

Click here to get your McDonald’s Canada discount  coupons


  1. Runway Red

    I have done this twice with Ontario postal codes, and it comes out ” valid only at participating McDonalds restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Im gonna try it anyway, but thats quite the glitch.

  2. Sally

    I would email them and let them know of the problem with the provinces not printing right.

    Last thing I need is more Mcd’s hehehe.

    Thanks Boo!

  3. Amanda

    Thanks, it’s nice on the odd occasion when we go there to be able to save money….they’re not exactly cheap anymore.

  4. willowsprite

    About time they had something for one person. The usual coupons are buy one meal, get a sandwich free. My husband doesn’t like McD, so guess who eats both sandwiches? :P Like I need to gain more weight…
    No more McD coupons, k, Boo? ;)

  5. PC

    Tried the postal code K7L 1S9 I still get Vancouver,BC
    Also, the website will only allow you to use one e-mail address.

  6. Boo Radley

    oops… I didn’t notice it said Vancouver BC on the coupon I printed :-(
    This must be a bug from their side because on the first page it says

    Just register, pick your online bonus coupon, print it and redeem the savings at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario and BC

    I’ll try contacting McD and getting them to fix the bug

  7. Lisa

    Called McDonalds, this a promototion just for the regions BC, Vancouver. Not available in Toronto. They said they were sorry

  8. amycanada77

    I tried my own postal code and then the one you mentioned above Boo – but it stills reads British Columbia in the fine print and then goes on to list all the places in BC :(

  9. amycanada77

    oops … I just read your statement from this afternoon and I see that you are aware of the problem and working on it! Thanks so much – you’re so dedicated to getting us the best darn deals!

  10. TDot

    I just called McDonalds Customer Service line and this is only valid in London and Windsor :(!

  11. Julia

    Printing the coupon worked for Windsor (but severely lagged my computer). However, when I clicked on find a participating location closest to you it only listed BC locations which was bizarre. Good thing I know where my ‘need a burger fix’ place is located… unfortunately it’s too close to my work place.

  12. paula

    I filled out the form, clicked print my coupons
    and the page was blank, could not go back as it “already had my registration!!! “

  13. Pete Thomas

    Why isn’t McDonalds using Canadian beef? We pay in Canadian dollars and have some of the safest beef in the world. Why use lesser quality from South America?
    I am only one family but we won’t be eating at McDonald’s until they begin using good Canadian beef.
    It isn’t good to lie and say that Canada cannot produce enough beef for McDonalds Canada.
    What will you people do if there is a national boycott of McDonalds? How much $$$ will you be saving then?
    Shame on you.

  14. Anne Welch

    I worked for McDonald’s in Canada years ago & they had always used Canadian beef so when I saw this post about South American beef I was a little skepticle.

    I went to McDonald’s Canada’s web site & found that McDonald’s has posted a letter informing us that this South American beef use untrue and that this is a viral email. They use only Canadian Beef in their Canadian stores.

    There’s a lot of that kind of thing that goes around that people believe & pass around. When I get these emails I will often google it & will find that they are untrue. You can’t believe everything you read.

    The internet has a LOT of useful information but like anything else you have to be careful because you do not know the source or their intentions.

    Not only buyer beware, reader beware!

  15. Edith

    Any comments on the new coffee … or rather those new cups? The coffee is great but the cups are horrible! Today (for the third time!) that fancy new cup has sprung a leak and dripped on me. Of course it has to happen when I am on my way to work. It is not a very good look arriving at work with coffee drip marks on your clothes!

    Any one else having cup problems? I checked with a few folk in my office and everyone I spoke to said they have experienced the same thing. Random leaky cups.

  16. momof2

    This is bogus, only available in BC, I can’t even click on it I get an error message. Very disappointed :(

  17. msbuttercupp

    we just try to use the coupons in a toronto mcd and they told us that they are not for toronto ,they can`t take them ..

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  20. Team Roster

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  21. Escortbureau

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  22. Tiffany

    How do you print these coupons? Anyways, awesome!! Tell me about it! I LOVE MC DONALD”S! Except some things are fattining, that is the point ! I know! GO CANUCKS GO!!! GO LUONGO AND THE SEDINS AND BURROWS!


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