1. Regulusleonis

    I use this brand cat food. It’s great and really good for the animals. I would suggest anyone to use it! Actually a lot of pet stores also have pretty decent sales on this stuff. Last Boxing Day at PJ’s Pets it was B1G1 Free + 15% off so I stocked up on it. Anyway it’s great stuff.

  2. Saving Moola

    Sorry, but I can’t resist saying “I don’t know what it tastes like, as I don’t eat dog food”. Ha. Ha. LOL!!! Nutrience is a pretty decent brand. When I had my dog he use to eat this brand, Nutro & a few other brands that you can only get from the vet, for years until he got pancreatitis.

  3. Carol

    We feed this to our black lab. She seems to stay very healthy on it, but I can’t comment on its taste!

  4. luvfirth

    I fed this to my dog when she was a puppy and she really liked it. Now I feed her Iams because there are coupons for it! Thankfully she seems to like the Iams just as much.

  5. Heather

    I only feed Nutrience :)…it’s really good for dogs that don’t do well on corn based feeds.


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