Online US Stores that Ship to Canada – Updated

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Came across this very useful post on thebudgetfashionista.com and thought I’d share it with my readers (I changed it slightly so that it focuses on Canada)

I’ve received quite a few questions from readers regarding what US based online stores ship to Canada and other international destinations. Below is brief list of stores that ship abroad and of stores that don’t (Target still doesn’t ship abroad, which seems like a lost opportunity to me). If you know of any other stores, please feel free to add them below.

Who ships to Canada
American Eagle
eBay- Make sure to check where the seller ships BEFORE bidding
NeimanMarcus.com- must call 1-888-888-4757
Bloomingdales.com- must call 001-1-513-573-8170 for international shipping
Beauty.com and drugstore.com (via AccessUSA)
Bare Necessities
figleaves.com- (via it’s UK site) – looks like they don’t ship to Canada anymore. Thanks for the info ceci :-)
LaneBryant.com- Must have a Canadian Billing and Shipping Address.
EddieBauer.com- rates are ridiculous but sometimes sale prices justify it
Thanks for the info M@ :-)
revolveclothing.com- free shipping to canada
Thanks for the info lisalikespink :-)
Thanks for the info cubalis :-)
aeropostale.com- shipping fees, duties, etc. apply
Thanks for the info jenn :-)

Who doesn’t ship to Canada
newegg.com – thanks for the info Matt :-)

For those who want to purchase from the above sites, you can sign up for a service called Access-USA, which creates a US mailing address for you to use for purchases (and things like magazines) and then forwards the items to your international address. A word of caution: the service isn’t cheap, but if you live in China and are desperate for that Isaac Mizrahi dress, this is an option.


  1. ceci

    I tried ordering from figleaves.com (UK) some days ago since it says on the site that they ship to Canada, I ended up getting this email telling me that they do NOT ship to Canada… so, I don’t know if it is just a single incidence or if they really don’t ship to Canada

  2. M@

    EddieBauer.com also ships to Canada. The rates are ridiculous (especially since they’re actually shipping from their warehouse in Mississauga) but sometimes the sale prices on their site justify it…

  3. lisalikespink

    other sites that ship to canada include:

    revolveclothing.com (free shipping to canada)

    doesnt ship to canada:

  4. cubalis

    monoprice.com – the absolute best resource for cables and accessories for all things PC/Home theatre/etc

  5. Caro

    Finally! I’ve searched numerous times to try and find a good ship-to-Canada roundup and this is perfect. Thanks!

  6. Dave from Wholesale Furniture Brokers

    Honestly – took me a long time to find a current and useful page dedicated to Canadian shopping. Also – we’re Canadian & we SHIP TO CANADA! If you’re looking for furniture, we’ll ship it to you anywhere in Canada. We’ve even sent a few orders to Yellowknife (it just costs a little more for shipping.) Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. M@

    Glad to contribute — this is indeed a great roundup. Hope you keep adding to it. It’s really useful information.

  8. jj

    Nordstrom DOES ship to Canada, but you have to call in your order…they will not take your order online.

  9. Sarah Arnold

    I am the Customer Service Manager for figleaves.com and can confirm that we do ship to Canada via our UK site.
    Ceci, I’m sorry that you had a problem ordering, if you’d like to contact me I’d be pleased to sort out any issues.

  10. sally

    gymboree.com ships to canada

    so does shoebuy.com, but I dont recommend them bc they ship by DHL and charge ridiculous import fees

  11. sally

    also, cduniverse.com ships here

    Jc Penney ships here but charges a lot extra

    zappos.ca ships here, like Zappos.com still comes from the USA

    Overstock. com does not :(

  12. Kathy Oberegger

    I know the following stores ship to Canada: Coldwater Creek, J.C. Penney, QVC and Aerosoles.

  13. Alex

    Come on folks.
    Are ‘Smart Canucks’ really that smart when they put ourselves, our neighbours, and our community out of work by buying from other lands? It is bad enough that we shop retailers that are nothing more than importers for the China slave labour market. There used to be a time when Canadians believed that we are all in this together.
    Now it is Every Man For Himself.

    Start supporting Canadian retailers (the few that are left) and see if there is anything still made in Canada in them.

  14. ringer

    Overstock.com used to ship to canada….my sister got 3 pairs of shoes from them earlier this year. Now they don’t. i wish they would make up their minds

  15. sally

    I dont make 200k a year to buy only made in canada products Alex, sorry.

    Since most stuff is made in asia and if we can get it cheaper over the bottle why not.

    Canadian ”made in canada” retailers are just too pricey or dont have what I want.

  16. Christian Beauregard

    in answer to Alex

    When there is a 80$ difference between countries i think it’s justified to say hey, i am not getting screwed over here specially with our Dollar being so strong.

    Prices here should reflect that but store owners, i think, are screwing with us by not lowering whatever they import from there.

    I have search for computer parts and the price difference from the US and here is astounding, it’s cheaper to buy there anyway you see it.

    One other thing i found strange is when you can order from a US store, i find that a lot of them will not accept credit card, they want money order or certified checks, i mean what’s the problem with my cc.

  17. Shirley Cook

    Just to let everyone in on a few facts about Canadian retailers and the prices most are charging now for there products.
    In the retail industry seasonal products are bought approx. a year in advance so the prices they are charging now is merchandise that was purchased at $.80 on the dollar not at $1.08 that it is now.
    So all retails have to reflect what they paid. Some I will say are trying very hard to reduce the price and still try to make a profit.

    Please try and shop in Canada as much as possible

  18. Stacey

    I saw screw the Cdn retailers!!! If it was the other way around and they were going to receive more profits because of the Cdn dollar they would make sure to get the best deal as soon as possible….the free market is supposed to promote competition and provide the consumer with the best price…it is up to the Cdn retailers to lower their prices NOW and not when their hearts desire…..if they don’t then I hope that more Cdns will go across the border as smart shoppers should! When Cdn retailers see a drop in their profits this Christmas and a drop in the number of customers coming through their doors maybe they will drop their prices….for too long Cdns have been getting the short end of the stick!!!

  19. sally

    Im not just talking about the recent parity.

    Even two years ago id rather buy american products then from canadian retailers in my cases because even with the exchange Id still save!

    I bought my engagment ring 500 dollars cheaper from the USA for the exact same cut and clarity then from a canadian retailer.

    So its not like im just talking about recent parity.

    Quite often even when the Ca dollar was at 80 cents stuff was still way cheaper from the usa is what im trying to say.

    Prices never dropped from when the dollar went from .60 to .80, with canadian retailers so dont mind me if im not keen on buying from them.

  20. Pat


    Online orders accepted and shipped to Canada right to your door. Often I have received my order faster than ordering from our Canadian catalog store.

  21. J. Lafitte

    Land’s End ships to Canada. They’re a retailer of economical “classic” casual wear (think polo shirts, chinos, and penny loafers). Duty and taxes are added to the price of the goods, but shipping is pretty fast and they do have low enough prices on some items that even with the federal / provincial add-ons you can come out ahead.

  22. abfab

    Ebags.com ships to Canada. Their site automatically converts to Cdn $ and adds duty/taxes. Free shipping offers do not apply, but you can use promo codes to reduce the fee.

  23. abfab

    Another one is eforcity.com. Great place to get cheap accessories for cell phone, ipod, etc. Can often get free shipping with promo code and they send in such a way that you can avoid duties/taxes. They send right away but it usually sits at customs for at least a week.

  24. Jeff Irvine

    Check out http://www.cross-bordershopping.com it will allow access to various U.S based retailers who ship to Canada. If they do not ship north you can sign up for a package forwarding service right on the site for a reasonable fee. Store content will be limited from the sites opening Nov 16, until the 19th, but will increase significantly the week of Nov 19-23 with North America’s top retailers accessible to Canadian all on one site just in time for Christmas.

  25. Ohno

    It won’t even let me get onto the american abercrombieandfitch website i automatically get sent to the canadian one with the canadian prices~!

  26. nis

    Paula’s Choice ships to Canada, and a few times a year they offer either FREE SHIPPING with a minimum order, or $3 for shipping. These shipping deals apply to Canada as well. I ordered a few days ago, and my $3 shipping was sent by UPS, I could track it and everything. prices are in USD.
    FYI – amazing skin care, reasonable prices, honest and transparent about their products, excellent customer service, product reviews of other skin care lines right on the website. I’m in love! :D

  27. Donedat

    Buy where ever you like!

    Even if they don’t ship direct to Canada, UPS and most of the other international carriers offer a freight forwarding service from the border…..just contact your carrier of choice and let them know what you want to do and they will give you the info and address (at the border point) to have it shipped to from the retailer/supplier.

    For larger items, you can contact most Canadian Customs Broker services who also offer a “Freight Forward” service, where you have the US supplier ship to their forwarding warehouse on the border and the broker will clear and freight forward the product direct to you (freight, clearance and any duties charges are your baby of course)

    I have done it many times….and saved a load.

  28. Matty

    The company is based in Texas and I got a great deal on my Toric contacts: about $185 cheaper per year then in Canada ($375(CAN) vs $190(USD) including shipping). I don’t know if it was a fluke, but I had no GST or PST added by customs (the contacts are made in the USA). http://www.shipmycontacts.com

  29. julia

    Hey Zappos DOES ship to canada!!
    It is kinda weird though
    you go to Zappos canada, then they list the shoes they have for sale, but you can actually search for other shoes and they then show all the american shoes availible too. So You can buy shoes that are on the american site through the Canadian site, you just have to search. I bought some PUMA contre lace this way, was very cheap shipping too!!! and they are sooo not availible at any other canadian store!

  30. Mindy

    They have a massive selection of christian AND family friendly DVD’s.

  31. JD

    Check out http://www.cantstopshopping.ca, it’s a Canadian Online Shopping Directory, with a ton of clothing websites for all you budget fashionistas. Sites are categorized and shipping info is included. It’s the first place I go when I start feeling the shopping bug!

  32. Tina

    My daughter is living in Canada and married to a Canadian. I was very happy when I found out that I can live in the states, order from the Sears.ca site, and have their gifts delivered to them with only an photo ID needed from them.

  33. npc456

    Lands End ships to Canada (from Canada!). I cannot recomend this service highly enough. You shop in US$ on landsend.com but they ship from Niagara Falls ON, which really reduces the shipping costs. They are also up front about all the taxes and dutiers. Best of all, you can return items to any Canadian Sears store.

  34. Ginger

    garnethill.com ships to Canada but you would have to phone in your order. They don’t collect duty and tax upfront so you’d have to pay a handling fee to the shipper who collects tax from you.

    coldwatercreek.com ships to Canada. Shipping fee is high but their percentage off code and free shipping code applies to Canadian shoppers so just search fo a code or subscribe to their email. Beware their clothes are not true to size.

    talbots.com ships to Canada and their percentage off code and free shipping code applies to Canadian shoppers as well, so just google for one. They are having a great sale right now and the prices are better than the Canadian B&M stores. Again, they don’t collect duty and tax upfront. Place an order under CA$20 and you won’t need to pay tax and duty. Returns are within 90 days to a Talbots store in Canada.

  35. macgilma

    Bath and Body Works now ships to Canada. Just thought I’d mention it for those who don’t live close to a city that now has a store.

  36. Natalka

    orientaltrading.com – big variety of giftware, kids stuff, party stuff.
    They use BorderFree Canada Post – so after you make your shopping cart, you get transferred to BorderFree and can see the exchange rate, duties, etc. on each item – and can cancel items, or your shipment there before it goes through.

  37. Alexandra

    I was just on the Lane Bryant site, and it says shipping in the United States only, “no international orders, including Canada”

  38. Lee

    Buckle.com now has international shipping including canada, only 3 months after I complained, go figure……the shipping is ok if you are getting a few items. Also Newegg.ca opened recently the prices are great but shipping still comes from US so takes awhile

  39. charlotte

    Hi all! We are a wholesaler of home and garden accessories, based out of Seattle, WA, and we ship to canada as well. (Duties, etc. apply)

    If you are interested in retail items, you can visit http://www.basicgreenbox.com – they are a partner of ours and although smaller items can’t be shipped to canada, any orders over $100 USD can. Just send an email comment and the right person will get back to you.

    This is a great list! Thanks!

  40. Lindsay

    Thinkgeek.com is an awesome site that ships to Canada and has great, unique toys, games, and gadgets. They use UPS courier and the shipping fees are reasonable. I just got all my stocking stuffers for Christmas here!

  41. Vivian

    this message is for John that wrote “http://www.shipito.com – solution for store who don’t ship to Canada. $8.50 per package + postage. Can be shipped by USPS (no custom brokerage) or Fedex.”

    John- have you used this service before? what was your experience like?

    thanks to all for posting. That barcelona online store is great. i didn’t know they shipped to canada, and i was just in that store last month! awesome! i also spent some time browsing http://www.dealextreme.com.

    thanks again everyone for taking the time to post!

  42. Omshanti

    @Vivian: I have used Shipito several times while I was studying abroad. All I can say is they were cheap and my stuff always came on time without being destroyed!

  43. Edith

    Nordstrom’s now ships to Canada under the name “Consulate 51″ They arrange to have the duty and applicable taxes including in the price so you know the bottom line as soon as you p0alce the order in Canadian funds! Shipping time is reasonable and they had great thanksgiving deals

  44. anne


  45. Paula

    you could try maybe Fry’s or Best buy in the US. I know they do not ship internationally BUT you could use a parcel forwarding company like http://www.shipito.com. They can ship anything from the US to Canada for you.

  46. Vivi

    I’ve ordered from Underworks before (compression style clothing including maternity) http://www.underworks.com/ . Shipping was quick and shipping cost to Canada was reasonable BUT after I placed the order I received a letter in the mail from FedEx asking for remittance of the GST but a $10 fee. I called FedEx and they said that in the future if I set up an account I’ll only be charged the tax and not the “administration fee.” I was pissed off at FedEx and not the company that I ordered from. So if you do order make sure to set up an account w/ FedEx first. I’d assume that the same policy would apply to other companies that use FedEx. Paula’s Choice uses UPS and I’ve never had this issue before.

  47. Kristy

    Lane Bryant doesn’t ship to Canada; maybe they did when this was originally published, but in any case, “We do not ship to Canada” is right there in their current shipping policy. :( Too bad.

  48. Leslie

    I know Robotbuy.ca also ships across North America. If you are interested, check their website:


    They also had some free shipping stuff, most of which are gadgets, their toys are bulky but definately COOL!

  49. May Kerr

    Wished more Americans Company,s shipped to Canada. I love the Marks and Spencer site in UK they ship right to Canada. I find furniture in Canada so old fashioned, the same chair I priced in Canada is more than double the price. I love the chairs in Overstock, but they do not ship to Canada so we are left to pay nearly triple the price for the same item here in Canada, the Canadian retailers are toooo greedy for my liking.

  50. Toy

    Figleaves.com ships to Canada. The shipping rate is £5.50 which is the cheapest international shipping rate I’ve seen.

  51. jac

    Why is it that most of these on line retailers do not ship to canada?
    are we no better than mexico?

    I thought our dollar was at par?

    It sure is strange, the US is 15 trillion dollars in debt with 350 million people to feed and 60% dependent on foreign oil!
    Canada has a smaller person to debt ratio (at 500 billion in debt) and 35 million people (that’s 16,000 owed by each person vs 44,000 by US). We still have oil and vast resources.
    For the moment, we are better off (until the business folks and politicians start selling it all off in order to keep this thing called gdp rocking and rolling).

    All I want to do is order a bike for my child. I don’t want to pay 600 bucks in canada for some bike made in china. I can get the same bike on line in the US for 180 bucks!!!
    Inflation or what???

    Maybe we can order direct from china one of these days instead of going through the middle-man – the US????

    it sure is strange.
    (protection from our side or just foolishness from the US side?)

    btw: I would buy canadian first, but we have become way way too expensive for ourselves… yah can thank the all mighty powerful housing market for that… yikes! 350k for a piece of junk house to start!!! who can afford that… hope salaries keep up… and debt low…

  52. Jim

    Click on gap, BR or ON and a popup appears stating that Canadians will soon be able to shop online at these shops. No word yet if prices will be in CDN or if shipping will be from Canada… or, if like AE, you’ll be taxed at checkout.

  53. Joyce

    I’m so sick of people moaning and groaning about “shopping local” blah blah blah. News flash idiots, just b/c you shop at Canadian Tire, doesn’t mean you’re supporting Canadians.. Turn an item over and look where their products are made!!!

  54. Chelsea

    Hey, so I noticed that there should be a well put together list of sites that ship to Canadians, so I decided to put together my own list of stylish stores that realize Canadian potential.

    It’s the most complete list I’ve seen so far, and I’d love your suggestions!
    I’ve posted the list on my blog:


    Hope that helps!

  55. Norma

    I would happily shop only in Canada (saves on Customs fees), but being 5’11” tall and having a husband who’s 6’7″ tall, makes buying clothes that actually fit, nearly impossible here. For some reason Canadian retailers seem to think that there are no tall Canadians, or if they do sell stuff for tall people, they assume they’re all millionaires and charge accordingly.
    Being able to shop online and get items from the US gives me far more variety than I’ll ever find here.

  56. Danika

    Hi, could someone please find out if jcpenney.com ships to canada? i would really like to know since their are many thiings on there i would like to buy. On other sites some people say they do and others say they dont, so could someone please clarify this for me AS SOOON AS POSSIBLE?

  57. Jane

    Zappos has a canadian version of thier site and they ship to Canada and Overstock.com ships to Canada as well. Stay tuned because the GAP companies are working on shipping to Cananda too!

  58. Mizz Bond

    I wish Nike would ship to Canada. Yes, I can buy Nike products here in several places, but I have a nephew that wears a size 18 ahoe. I contacted Nike Canada and was told they do not stock these sizes because there is no market here for these sizes. Hello!?! I am somebody. I need that size! Yet, I can go on Footlocker.com and order these sizes, no problem. And I quite often do. Makes no sense to me.

  59. Matthew Grayson

    Disney.com ships to Canada. Their shipping rates vary from great to horrible, but at least they ship here!

  60. lawn service names

    Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  61. lspace

    For Danika,

    Yes, JC Penney ships to Canada. I’ve been ordering clothing from them for the past 4 years. Their shipping is reasonable and they incorporate the duties and taxes into your total amount when you check out so you don’t have to worry about paying anything else when you receive the parcel. I highly recommend them.

  62. Deal Hunter

    Buying products in Canada that are made in China and other countries are quite helpful for the businesses and their employees. The less you buy the more businesses will close and more unemployed people. These people can be your family members, friends, neighbours…
    Less business revenue and more unemployment means higher tax burden to us all for many years to come. Just something to think about.
    There are many places in Canada where we can get really good deals. Perhaps we should put as much effort looking for these places as we do for the U.S. places. Good Hunting.

  63. Keri Dudley

    Zappos Ships to Canada.. and are my life saver!! It is they only place I can get girly shoes from that fit my feet.

  64. anna tellen

    Hi there, this company has said they will have international shipping considered and it has been 2 years…dont understand why they would not offer it when all the other US designers/retailers are looking at cross border offerings

  65. Online Shopaholic

    Pacsun(Pacific Sunwear) has $9.95 flat rate shipping to canada, they charge duty and taxes but with the deals that they have it makes it worth it for all the brand name clothes.
    Happy Shopping :)

  66. TINA

    Hi there, does anyone know where I can buy Ann Taylor clothes online? I have written to the company over the years but no answer. The clothes are beautiful. Thanks

  67. CC

    I don’t know if Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic has online shipping in Canada, but I do know that there are local stores of these company in Canada. I know because i’ve shopped from these stores before.

  68. Shelley

    Just a note to tell you that Lane Bryant does NOT ship to Canada any longer. They used to, but stopped the service, unfortunately.

  69. robin

    Sites that I know offers shipping to Canada :

    Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy all ships to Canada. Free shipping on orders 50$ or more.
    LUISA VIA ROMA – via Fed Ex. All includes duties, tax, customs, brokerage etc.
    Book Depository (UK) – FREE shipping on all orders.
    Shopbop – FREE shipping on all orders. Via UPS or USPS.
    American Apparel – FREE ship over $75. Under $75 costs $8 fee.
    TOBI.com – $39 FLAT rate shipping costs via UPS.
    80spurple.com – Shipping fee varies.
    SSENSE – starting from $5

  70. amber

    Hi everyone!
    I own a fun website here in the states and just started shipping to Canada!
    We specialize in modern gifts, clever housewares and office goods as well as cool decor and accessories.
    It’s http://www.popdeluxe.net

  71. austin


    these 3 sites now ship to Canada for free

  72. Susan

    Lane Bryant does not ship to Canada according to their website!! I tried and it does not work!

  73. Meghan

    Here is my known list of sites that ship to Canada:
    -LL Bean (usually for a low price too, if it costs anything at all)
    -Urban Outfitters (although so pricey, makes me so sad)

  74. chesney

    I’m looking for online stores that sell petite sizes, US or Canada (would prefer Cdn) that ship to Canada. So far I’ve found JC Penney, Lands End, Coldwater Creek (great for more dressy styles in petite), Chadwicks, Nygard, Sears Canada (some what limited in petite sizes) and Overstock. Can anyone recommend any others?

  75. KArina

    Every store ships to Canada….. Simply use webskyme.com and ship to there address and they will forward the packages to your address wherever you are its that simple.

  76. Antony Skoczen

    Thank you for the very informative writeup. in my experience things are slighly more complicated. time will tell, but the problem is I do not have enough time. it is good to know we are not alone in the struggle. but you might want to reconsider some fragments in your post. after all, if it can do all that, why do we even need the rest anylonger? just a bit.

  77. Jim L. Couch, Jr.

    I’m Jim L. Couch, Jr and I’m the president of ELEANOR LEONS FASHION INC. 225 EBONY LANE. Albany, GA 31701-3707

    This is to inform you that our stores ship to Canada and we would to be listed in http://smartcanucks.ca/onlie-us-stores-that-ship-to-canada/

    Please us like this below please.

    225 EBONY LANE.
    ALBANY, GA 31707-3707 / USA /
    PHONES: 1 + 229-878-0559 OR 1 + 229-878-4848
    FAXLINE: 1 + 229-878-4848

    Please post our business here please and we sure thank you so kindly sirs. Please let us know if you have posted and listed our business on your site.






  79. Jim L. Couch, Jr.

    Thank you for listing our business and my employees are so delighted about this and I am too.
    Listen add my URL in the ad please like this: http://www.eleanorleonsfashions.com and when ever some one views the ad they cam click on the URL and go right to our store. Again I do appreciate your kindness and in a few days I will go and check it out.

    From: Jim L. Couch, Jr.
    Eleanor Leons Fashions Inc.
    225 Ebony Lane
    Albany, GA 31701-3707

  80. Jaimie

    I shop from U.S. retailers because the selection is much better and I have difficulty finding affordable like products here. I would be the first person to buy Canadian if I could afford the prices asked. I’m looking for a site that ships wide fitting women’s shoes to Canada. Zappos Canada is no longer in service and Zappos U.S. doesn’t ship to Canada.

    Any ideas?

  81. edster


    I wish we could order shoes from Zappos, too, but I’ve found that Shoebuy.com is just good, and they do ship to Canada for pretty reasonable postage charges.

  82. k

    How much does it cost for a company to forward a package to me normally? (I live in toronto if the makes a difference)

  83. Bernadette

    Avenue.com does not ship to Canada. I will be cancelling my credit card with them. Not only do they not ship to Canada, but its a pain to pay the bill…have to get a money order in USD funds…and then mail…pain!!! Very disappointing!!

  84. Indika

    Great source. Reason why most companies don’t ship here is due to our convoluted customs and duty systems. It’s easy to say buy Canadian, but the reason why everyone is here trying to find ways to buy stuff from elsewhere is b’coz Canadian merchant’s don’t offer as much choice. High shipping rates again is b’coz Canadian customs charges very high tariffs.

    You can try to blame the US or blame Canadians for not being patriotic or say we have better life here due to better government programs, end of the day, we do pay more for that.

  85. Megan D

    I have been looking for sites that ship to canada, and Came across this! I’ts a great resource, but Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic now Ship to Canada. As well as Macy’s, but you must go to the international sites for these.

  86. Eric

    $8.50 per package + shipping fees, http://www.yesweshiptocanada.com I’ve used them for years, and run an affiliate site now.

    You get a USA address in 5 states, so you can pay no sales tax, an address in China and Japan which is pretty awesome.

    Amazon, Target, Hot Topic merge them into one shipment and send them back at a reduced cost too!

    Any questions ask away, I live near Toronto and like to help others to fix those shopping cart checkouts that only have a USA option :)
    [email protected]

  87. darius

    Simply use webskyme.com shop as mnay stores ship to there warehouse and consolidate and make one complete order

  88. Kimber Padula

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    The next time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to learn, but I truly thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could repair should you werent too busy looking for attention.

  94. Jenn

    Another American site that ships to Canada is modcloth.com, it has lots of neat stuff on it, everything from clothing to furniture. Also, I’m not sure if JC Penny does ship here as I just went there to see if I could buy something and when I put in my address it said the item “wasn’t eligible to be shipped to the address entered” but there was nothing wrong with my address. One last thing, there is a zappos.ca site, but it does not have nearly as big or appealing of a selection as zappos.com does, it’s not worth even checking the selection is that lame and disappointing. I REALLY wish zappos.ca had the exact same stuff listed on it as zappos.com, would be a billion times better for sure :(

  95. Jenn

    Oops ok I did not realize zappos.ca had shut down over a year ago, if I was able to edit my above post I would but I see nowhere that lets you do that. Anyway has been awhile since I went and tried to buy stuff on that site so that is why I was not aware it had shut down. Needless to say that is how disappointed I was that I never even bothered to check back there ever again. No loss there in the slightest, they even say it right on there that they know the selection was not good at all.

  96. Marilyn

    Hi there,

    Not sure if these have already been posted, but here’s my additions to the list:

    Free People:
    Restoration Hardware:
    Pottery Barn:

    I find that Free People and Restoration Hardware have the best shipping
    service/rates for Canadian shopping online at U.S. websites. Free People has free shipping if you spend over $100. and they add 18% to cover the customs and duty fees. No surprises when the package arrives at your door. Restoration Hardware’s prices are lower in the US. so you end up paying, including all costs [20% added for duty, etc] exactly as much as you would if you purchased it in the store in Canada, however they don’t carry everything in the store so you can get great stuff online that you can’t get here. They both have great online sales. ModCloth has great stuff but I haven’t ordered from them because their shipping costs are ridiculous. Haven’t ordered from Pottery Barn yet but I think they have pretty good shipping/service rates as well. Happy shopping!!!

  97. Russ Hunter

    For those retailers that won’t ship to Canada I live in Hamilton and have my packages shipped here: American-Mailbox.net, 256 3rd St., Suite 12, Niagara Falls, NY 14303. Located right across from Seneca Casino. There are other companies like this near every Canadian border crossing. You can save on shipping and brokerage charges by bringing items across the border yourself.

  98. Not an Idiot

    Alex you’re an idiot. We live in Canada, pay so much in taxes, we have shitty stores and shit food. Everything good is in the USA!!!! I would LOVE IT if ALL stores in the US shipped to Canada. I know there are more and more customers will to pay the shipping for the stuff!! and yes p.s. before you start to talk about “free health care in canada” know that doctors don’t give a shit about their patients oh and of course the many hours we wait just to see one. so sad

  99. sam

    i know http://www.opentip.com ship to canada. They can ship direct to an canada address. But, if you have many packages from different sites and want to consolidate and save shipping cost, you can open a mailbox at a forwarding company http://www.officeship.com and get a US address. They can receive all your shipments in usa and ship together to canada

  100. MarKyMaRc

    What you should do is set up a US address with a package forwarding company for your international shipping. It’s the latest thing.

    I’ve used a company called http://parcelbound.com for a almost a year now- you set up a US postal address on their site, they receive your clothing from Forever21.com, Charlotterusse.com etc. and put it all in one box if needed.(This saves $ on shipping.) Then they ship it over the border to Canada for you. You can track on their website the whole way.

    I like this option because then you never have to worry about shipping problems, you can buy online from anywhere

  101. priya

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    [email protected]

  102. Aba

    Coming from the UK I find Canada to be very backwards. From the people right right down to products and services.

    This country needs a wakeup call as it is behind on even the simplest of western pleasures and convenience.. On-line Shopping.

    I hate Canada and it’s overpriced everything.

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