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Ontario Residents: FREE MegaDice Lotto Ticket from OLG

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The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp are giving away coupons for a free play on Mega Dice Lotto.  Simply fill out the form and a coupon will be emailed to you to redeem for a free Mega Dice Lotto ticket plus you will be entered to win $2000.

You must use valid information, and it much match your full name if you win.  Multiple entries per person can/will nullify all entries.  There are the usual restrictions for OLG agents and employees.

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  1. minimusiclover

    Would be great to win a prize! Thanks for letting us know about this!! And good luck to everyone. :)

  2. Confused

    Has anyone had luck redeeming this? I tried a few gas stations and convenience stores and they keep saying please give us the original ticket or we do not accept printed tickets

  3. radio

    It is a one time use coupon, either paper and mobile device. All of the ones given away for this promotion is printed. There are no coupon type promotion. The Printed coupon and mobile device will scan, if you try to repeat it, it wouldn’t work. If the gas station do not accept, contact OLG and complain. We are already informed about this coupons since last week and last year as the free tickets were done then too.

    If the place would not accept it, please call OLG and complain. I want my competitors out =).

  4. radio

    When I say coupon type promotion, I mean those fancy glossy coupons. Print or show mobile device.

  5. Adrianna

    I got my email about 3 days after sending in my information. I took the print out from the email to a MAC’s and they gave me a ticket which I won an instant $5. Now I am waiting for tonights draw maybe I’ll win more ;)

    Happy Couponing!

  6. Miles

    Thanks! Won an instant $4!
    Also hoping luck is still on my side for the nightly draw! :)


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