1. frugiedh

    Thanks again for the heads up again. I wrote a letter to Nintendo complaining about the “lack of Wii’s” out there and explaining my frustration at trying to find one to buy. They actually responded to me which I was surprised at. I figured that everyone and their grandmother would be sending in letters of complaint so was impressed with the letter.
    This was their reply for anyone who is trying to get one.


    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unable to acquire a Wii console. Normally, we would be able to provide direction regarding what to do to resolve your specific problem. However, the overwhelming response to our new console has been such that doing so might take several days.

    Please understand that Nintendo does not decide store allocations or determine the dates when new product will appear on store shelves. Those decisions are made by the retailer’s corporate offices. It’s also worth mentioning that Nintendo does not sell its hardware directly to the public.

    Nintendo continues to ship new product weekly and will do so through the holiday season. If you continue to be proactive (i.e. checking weekly ads, keeping in contact with local retailers, arriving when the store opens, etc.), your chances of getting our new console are good.

    If you haven’t already, you might consider expanding your search. For help finding additional retail sources, please check out the “Where To Buy” section of Nintendo’s website at the following web page:


    Select the appropriate category, and you’ll find information on Retail Locations (U.S. only) and Online Retailers (U.S. and Canada) that carry Nintendo products. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

    On behalf of the company, I sincerely empathize with your situation and appreciate your patience and understanding.


    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Andi Anderson

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  3. Andrew

    I don’t know if this will help, but I went to Target asking them when they last had the Wii in stock and how many. I did this on a Saturday and the lady in the electronics department told me they didn’t have any at the moment but the Wii would be in their Sunday ad so they might have some the next day and I should show up Sunday morning when they open.

    I showed up about an hour before they opened on Sunday and was 32nd in line and received one, so maybe if you ask around you might be able to find someone equally as nice at shop in your area. You’ll probably have to put up with a few impatient/sarcastic people at some shops, but the one person who is nice and helps obviously is the person who deserves your business.

    Good luck.

  4. (Another one calling himself) Cynic

    It might be a form letter, but at least they’re responding. Big corps get tons and tons of mail, and hiring people to respond to all those letters would be a waste of resources that would have been better spent elsewhere. They’re not a PR firm; they’re a hardware/software firm, yet they *do* invest in good service.

  5. frugiedh

    Thank you Andrew! I will try and do that. I really appreciate the time it took you to try and help me out. This website has such amazing people on it.
    And Mr.Cynic, regarding my “form letter”, I was glad to receive anything and personally, I think it is good for a company, no matter how big it is, to hear from consumers. AND when “Andi Anderson” sends me my free Wii, I will let you all know…

  6. DDK

    I also wrote to Nintendo and got another letter – not quite the same – and in a timely matter…

    My e-mail to them:

    I was wondering when the Nintendo Wii will be on sale again? I can’t
    believe that since your one day where they were all bought out you haven’t
    restocked stores. Especially the week before Christmas.
    Is there any chance of getting one in Montreal this week?

    Their answer:

    Hello Diane,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unable to acquire a Wii console. While we have succeeded in making this the most plentiful hardware launch in our history, the Wii has been far more popular than we could have predicted. I want to assure you that production and distribution were at full capacity long before, during, and after the launch, with every available resource used to its fullest extent.

    If it were possible for us to produce more consoles in time for the holidays, we would have taken every reasonable step to do so. Despite what some will say, there is no benefit to not having enough stock to meet demand. On behalf of Nintendo, I empathize with and appreciate your frustration. Once the initial demand has passed you will find it much easier to walk into a store and buy one. When that time comes, it is our hope that you will choose Wii.

    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Charles Blakeslee

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