Sears Canada Save 10-20% Extra On Already Reduced Items From The Wish Book *Discount Coupon Code*

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Sears is offering 10-20% off already reduced items from their Wish Book catalogue thru January 15th.

941612950 will save you an extra 20% off select items

941612951 will save you an extra 10% off select items

Click here for more details and sale items.


  1. drpepperslurpee

    Sometimes ordering from Sears is so frustrating. They let you put items in your cart, but then they show as out of stock when you go to check out. Today, I tried to use a promotional coupon that I received in the mail and it wouldn’t let me – the conditions said can not be used on items ending in .97 or .88, and when I phoned customer service, they said you also could not use it on items that ended in .00! I think they make up the rules as they go along (grrrr).

    To add insult to injury, the people that own our local Sears pick-up centre are always rude, and act like it is a huge inconvenience to them every time I return something. Well, since they instituted the $3.95 handling charge, I often order the same thing in different sizes so I can make sure that it fits. I think they would have fewer returns if they did away with this charge!

    Rant over. I’m just annoyed this morning.

  2. DA

    The handling fee is only 3.00 . if you phone in your order you find out right at that time if it is in stock , I never order on line that way I always know what is in stock and when it will be in they give you the date plus you get your order number and e-mail notice .

  3. drpepperslurpee

    From today’s order:
    Order Price: 103.99
    Ship/Trans: 3.95
    GST/HST: 5.41
    Order Total: 113.35
    Maybe it varies across the country, but it is $3.95 here (central Alberta).

  4. onshopper

    the current owner of my Sears pick up location is very nice and puts up with my returns… I will buy stuff when there is decent discount. The previous owner always complained when I returned stuff until I reminded her one day that the Sears orders brought business into her place and helped sell her consignment stuff!


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