1. Lisa

    That’s great! I can’t wait to see the flyer because if it’s good I will definitely be taking part in this!

  2. marj

    So hubby and I went to our local SDM for today’s exclusive event of $10 off WUS $50. I didn’t realize that SALE items are excluded in this promo since it wasn’t mentioned in the fine print. So off we went to the register and bummer! He told us the coupon won’t work since we purchased mostly sale stuff worth $50!

  3. S F

    Worked for me with sale items! I scored and found 1L juices for .49 + deposit also. Stocked up on that! Plus I needed milk bread and eggs and also wanted to get the Europe’s best fruit with my $1 off coupon. Doesn’t take much to spend $50 anymore.

  4. Jan

    Had no issues using coupons or sale items towards our $50 purchase…I’m still building up my couponing skills, but I was quite proud of myself today! : )

    I started at the till to make sure coupons, sale items and milk would be counted towards my $50. When she said yes, I picked up my $50 SDM gift card and received 500 points. I spent $70.11, saved $53.69 and even got a $2.98 overage for the Lindt chocolate bars. I won two free bars in their online contest and the coupon said “up to $3.49 value”…the chocolate bars were on sale $2 each, but she rang both coupons thru at $3.49…is that what’s supposed to happen?

    Anyway, my total points earned was 16,900.


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