Shoppers Drug Mart Canada
Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer Sneak Peek Feb 16-22

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Saving Moola has uploaded the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer starting Saturday.  This one is for the BC region so prices may be different across the country.

The promo is spend $75 and get a $20 Petro Canada gift card with bonus card which will save you $0.05 per litre on 50 litres of fuel on Saturday and Sunday.

Click here to view the flyer


  1. Nathalie Boudreau

    This one leaves me weary, because I actually bought that supposed Petro Card deal last year and it was a scam!!! They were trying to make people believe it was this great gas deal and it was actually costing us money NOT saving us money, if purchased with a credit card!!! I don’t use them anymore for this very reason!!! And I was not the only one writing to them complaining and they just brushed it off.

  2. torontogal12

    Nathalie, how is this a scam? You just said it is a scam but didn’t give any explanation. How is this costing money when purchased with a credit card? A gift card is a gift card no matter how it is purchased.


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