1. Yvie

    I have a question…and have asked a couple of times but never got an answer :(
    With the Bonus Points event 20X when you spend $50 do you get more points if you continue on the same bill or is it worth while to do two trips?
    I often spend over $100 and wonder if it would have been beneficial to do split it in 2. Any thoughts?

  2. Lisa

    It’s 20 times your total before taxes and coupons so unless another SCer knows any other reason why to split it I always do it all in one transaction, only when it’s something like ‘receive 18,500 points when you spend 75′ is it beneficial to break the bill into two if you’re going to reach double. Hope that helped :). And always buy a gift card before shopping for the amount you’re going to spend to get those extra 500-1000 points! I didn’t even think to do that until someone else mentioned it recently!


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