1. Dotty

    Can anyone who has redeemed their points in the past speak to how worthwhile this event is? I’m having a baby in April and want to purchase a video camera, and thought of doing so at SDM so I could spend my points — but would I just be better off passing on this redemtion, and looking for a sale elsewhere?

    Is a $30 gift card for spending 95,000 worth it or should I hold out for a better deal? At first blush it doesn’t seem very good…

    • FallenPixels

      @Dotty, rumour is that the promo in Ontario (so maybe other provinces) is different and you will get $200 off for 95k

  2. Lee

    I do like to spend my points for big ticket, special items and collect my points on day to day stuff. It makes it special to me. So collect points on TP and shampoo and spend my points on electronics or, at Christmas on stocking stuffers.

  3. Lee

    Dotty I forgot to say that you might also like to use your points on something like an electronic thermometer or some other big ticket baby item you might be wanting. Congratulations on the baby.


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