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Shoppers Drug Mart – Tell A Friend Event – Join our Referral Groups

Shoppers Drug Mart - Tell A Friend Event - Join our Referral Groups

Shoppers Drug Mart is having a new referral / tell a friend event :-)

If you’re interested in earning extra Shoppers Optimum points you can join our referral groups (we basically cooperate to get extra referrals). Do NOT sign up for the “tell a friend event” yet if you got that email from Shoppers… first read the chain instructions and FAQs on here.

Click here for more details and instructions

10 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart – Tell A Friend Event – Join our Referral Groups”

  1. smarter says:

    These guys are very smart 😉 Knowing your shoppers optimum card and name, I’m afraid they are going to transition ALL your points to their account (it’s not that hard to find your postal code / DOB on the web). Beware!

  2. Mike says:

    to trust or not to trust…

  3. Jenn says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Why is so much information required? Shouldn’t an email address be enough to make up a friends list?

  4. alajen says:

    Well, having read the process published by the organizers, and previous participation on this type of event, here is my humble opinion:

    optimum number is requested so that the “group leader” can transfer to you your share of the referral points at the end of the promo. If you are part of a group, I don’t see another way to get your extra bonus points if you don’t reveal your Optimum number to your group leader.

    Your name is requested because it appears on the referral email when you sign up and generate a referral link. With so many people participating, they possibly need to make sure that the correct email referral link is used, since different ones will be needed during the sign-up process.

    Anyone who is particularly wary could always change their personal info (name, DOB, postal code) on their SDM profile before giving out the Optimum number, then just change it back afterwards.

  5. GroovyDee says:

    A name and email address would be enough if you just want to start a friend list, however the ‘leader’ is sharing their bonus points with you, which is why they need your optimum number to transfer your share of the points to you.

  6. baggypants says:

    The board moderator has given his word that this is legitimate…so what’s the problem????

  7. justgreat says:

    Just another way to screw fellow canucks!!!
    Whos the leader? why should we just trust them?
    Lets just give them our visa number too!!!

  8. baggypants says:

    If you think you are going to be screwed…why are you on this board?

    ….and you have the option of not participating….

  9. Boo Radley says:

    justgreat, no one cares if you participate or not so get a life and move on.

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Shoppers Drug Mart – Tell A Friend Event – Join our Referral Groups

Shoppers Drug Mart – Tell A Friend Event – Join our Referral Groups

6 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart – Tell A Friend Event – Join our Referral Groups”

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