Terms and Conditions

    1. Limit one coupon request per household address.

    2. Coupons expiry date: September 30, 2011.

    3. Offer closes on February 28, 2011 or after first 15,000 coupon requests have been received
    (whichever comes first).

    4. Coupon offer valid in Canada only and cannot be combined with any other offer.

    5. Allow up to 3-5 weeks for coupon delivery.

    6. Offer subject to change/termination without notice.

    7. Alberto Culver Canada reserves the right to refuse issuing coupons if abuse is detected.
    Multiple coupon requests using variations of an address will be voided.

  2. rj

    I like that last bullet point there, “Multiple coupon requests using variations of an address will be voided.”….I wish that was used more often.

  3. Lennea

    Dead link for me too & when I googled site and tried to sign up it said coupon server not found )-8

  4. Eeyah

    The link was being annoying for me too! But I discovered, if you remove the Http:// and just put in www it works :) So try that & good luck :)

  5. dealsniffer

    the first time I clicked on the link-it didn’t work but I tried it a second time and the second time it worked so maybe try it more than once? Thanks Sally for this great offer!

  6. espresso-romance

    Link did not work for me if I clicked on directly BUT I used Firefox so I right clicked the link and opened it as a new tab and works fine for me that way. Try this too! (If you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s got tabs too but damn is it a terrible browser)

  7. Jeni

    Ok, well the link did not work for me, maybe because there is no “www.” included in the URL, so i tried adding that in… did not work. so I went to http://www.stives.com chose Canada, and found a link on the bottom of the screen…. but that link was dead too! Wow… just not worth the trouble.


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