Steven and Chris show FREE Tickets to a live taping Toronto Ontario

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The Steven and Chris Show are offering free tickets to a live taping again. The third season is almost wrapped up for the year.  The tapings are downtown Toronto at the CBC. Click here to reserve your tickets

Monday March 22nd – 11:15 am
Tuesday March 23rd – 10:15 am
Tuesday March 23rd – 1:15 pm
Wednesday March 24th – 11:15 am
Thursday March 25th – 10:15 am
Thursday March 25th – 1:15 pm

…and everyone leaves with a great audience giveaway.


  1. Andie

    Thanks so much – just requested tickets for next Thursday. (am going to see CityLine on Monday.) Unemployment is fun! :)

  2. Sunraven

    Thanks! Requested tickets for Wednesday 11:30am … CBC building is directly across the street from me. *LOL*

    Any idea how long the tapings are? Wonder if I can call this my lunch break! :)

  3. Sunnyside1

    When we went we were there for about 2 hours, so they’re not too bad for a taped show.

  4. mellongirl

    sweet!!! i just got a confirmation email from them for taping on Monday March 22!!…I hope the tickets goes through. Uber excited!! thanks XD

  5. Ron

    I wouldn’t see these dorks even if they paid me ten bucks and bought me a whopper jr with cheese. I wouldn’t go see ANY show on the CBC for that matter.

    • cindy

      went to a taping today n it was the best talk show I have gone to n I have gone to a few..well worth my time. yes they are a couple n they are proud of it..

  6. mardi61

    i believe they are a couple but I thought their show was cancelled in the recent tv cuts. I guess their show was saved? I like watching them on tv but don’t know that I’d want to be part of the audience…

  7. Jase

    Wait a second so you have to PAY to see these shows? I thought they always just let people in to fill seats?

  8. Isabel Armatage

    My daughter is visiting from B.C and ALL she s Wishing for is Mom/Daughter LAUGHTER With You and Your Audience!! She says You Guys are Wonderful

    She s here Oct 9-12 and flying back 16,so 15/16th okay too!!! Please let us us Know if we re Welcome with You s! :O)

  9. Caroline Vadeboncoeur

    Hi Steven and Chris
    I would love two tickets for your show for 2012 or 2013 seasons.
    Love tour show and I have been a fan of your since the early seasons of the Designer Guys.
    Look forward to hearing from you both …..
    Love Caroline xox

  10. Brenda Powell

    I have always loved what you are doing and the cooking and wonderful guests aim excited to be a member of your show I just love it hope to here from you

  11. Samita

    Hi i will be visiting toronto in may i want to have a nice time with family but would love to see your show live with some of my favorite people . How many tickets can i get and i would be there from may 1- 19 th . I am coming from vancouver bc

  12. Kevin

    I’m from the states and wish I could go and see this show. I think they are awesome. Proud that they are gay and put on such a great show. Finally a show with 2 gay men on it that the gay community can be proud of. Congrats Steve and Chris!!!


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