Subway Canada February $5 Footlong Special on Any 12” Sub!

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Last night my husband and I saw the commercial for “any footlong at Subway only 5 bucks.”  I figured it was a USA only deal as per usual but its actually for Canada too! I checked it out tonight for our late night supper. This is great, usually the $5 subs are just for the few select varieties.  Click here for the calendar of subs.

*Remember its up to the owner of the store if they participate or not results may vary*


  1. kate

    Mr. Sub is way better! I may check it out to switch it up but in the end i’ll go back cause MR. SUB is gooood!lol

  2. sniperc151

    Is this any sub on any day? I just ask cause the link takes you to a website with a calendar that makes it seem like there are only certain subs available on certain days.

  3. Melissa13

    I’ve seen signs up at different Subways locations, so this is for Canada. It’s good on the Meatball, Tuna, Cold cut and veggie, possibly one more.

  4. Melissa13

    Just saw on Facebook that its the Classic subs that are $5. So Meatball, Cold Cut, Veggie, Ham and Pizza, no tuna. Hope this helps a bit.

  5. Cheryl

    This deal has been on for at least the last 2 weeks here in BC. It is only valid on the Meatball, Cold Cut and Veggie subs (not the tuna one :(

  6. Eric

    If it were for any sub on any day, Then our two footlongs yesterday (1 into a meal) wouldn’t have come to $20. Spicy Italian and Chicken Breast.

  7. Eric

    According to a twitter post: “Each franchisee makes their own decisions about participating in promotions, but most locations are $5.”

  8. bhlombardy

    The promo in Canada has been going on since the beginning of January… I’ve been seeing it on Canadian TV ads since then.

    And it’s $5 for either a COLD CUT COMBO, HAM, PIZZA, MEATBALL, or VEGGIE.

    When this promo ends is not mentioned in any of the promotions — just mentions “for a limited time”

    This is NOT the same promo as Subway in the US.

  9. lokindra

    Decision on whether or not to participate is up to individual owners. Since owners tend to own several stores in an area – this typically translates into different areas having different levels of participation. From my experience, subway locations in the Guelph area RARELY participate in ANY kind of promotion, while many subway locations in the downtown Toronto area will be on board from day 1.

  10. Sally

    bhlombardy, that promo has been on for a long time, this is a different promo. It really sucks that some are participating and some arent.

  11. Amy

    Subway Canada, for as long as I can recall, and definitely before January, has always features 5 foot-long subs for $5:

    -The veggie sub (not the veggie patty, just toppings and cheese)
    -Cold cut
    -Meatball marinara
    -Pizza sub
    -Ham and cheese

    These are part of the classic menu.

    As for having every foot-long for $5, that’d be great but usually its only the US who offers such a deal. But if your local Subway if partaking, that’s great :)

  12. Mark

    Why do we in Canada always get shafted on these specials. We have a crappy selection of $5 footlongs compared to the States. They can get chicken, bmt, subs always for $5. Do subs cost more to make in Canada? I think not.

  13. Moe

    I called all 5 stores around us nothings changed Still just the 5 Classic subs for $5.00

    Really . . . I agree with you Mark, we should do a facebook what-ever untill Subway agrees too give us the same Great deals as in the US

    My eyes on the Chicken Bacon Ranch for $5.00 (Thats US $5.00) almost 8 bucks here!!!! Ouch. Is our currency not at PAR right now

  14. SulkyBlonde

    the one in Thorold is not particiapting in this on clairmont Ave in Thorold yet they have it advertised in their window just a heads up they said only the cold cut subs are 5 as usual just to let anyone know

  15. save-a-lot

    I hope our local subways are doing the new promo, I sent DH out to get Subway for us as we have 2 GC’s to use (1 from Lay’s chip trips and the other DH bought when I was in the hospital to put $25 on a card get a free 6 inch) I really was looking forward to a chicken bacon ranch….I guess I will go with cold cut if the other isn’t on sale.

  16. Mark

    This is a US only thing, and I agree Moe that chicken/bacon sub sounds good. I kinda bored of eating cold cut trio sub. We need to have some others to choose from. Maybe we can email subway canada about this.

  17. tudorchick

    wish i would have had this deal the other day…i payed 20 dollars for crap.my subway has gone downhill…the bread was soggy and gross…i had to actually throw it out,and i love subway usually.just my location has gone downhill. toppings arent as fresh and the bread is either burnt or doughy and soggy…

    i may go back for a cold cut if it is only 5 bucks…i find my location has good times of day..lol..early afternoon usually is best..evenings when kids are working is when you get the bad subs at my location…

    kinda sucks it really isnt any sub..kinda false advertising on their part

  18. Kyla

    It seems like there should also be a special sub of the day since they put them in the calender. If not its kinda strange. I live for the basic veggie sub since I think the rest of the subs contain pork. It has nothing to do with religion but I just don’t like the taste of anything pork. lol

  19. Amy

    I think its ridiculous that the same foot-long available in the US for $5 (practically all of them) cost us practically double here.

    Like someone before me said, it can’t cost that much more to make a foot-long sub in Canada than it does in the US.

    Canadian consumers definitely get the short end of the stick.

  20. Gary

    This is just for the US… subwayfreshbuzz.com is the American page. I don’t know who thought this was for Canada, but they were very confused. If anyone had bothered to click on the “Click here for the calendar of subs” link at the top, they would see this is for the US (we still don’t use zip codes in Canada, nor do we have options for viewing in Spanish).

  21. Gary

    And for those complaining about the costs in Canada, have any of you actually researched the difference in food costs between the two countries? Do you know how much more it costs for things like cheese as opposed to the American prices? Lots of uninformed complaining, but doesn’t seem like very many willing to take the time to get the facts.

  22. tudorchick

    isn’t it crazy that a footlong bmt here is almost 8 dollars? i went to alaska and their subs were all im pretty sure under the 6 dollar mark…i agree with whoever said isn’t our dollar up to par?

  23. AM

    I wish i read the comments first I just went to subway and found out that my footlong came to $10.16 instead of the $5 plus tax. I never buy subs at that price. I kind of wish i didnt listen to you post and waste my money

  24. Manfred Hanik

    This promotion is not in all your Subways. This evening I went to the Subway at 336 Mart in Williams Lake, BC. I asked what sub other than the usual 5 was on special at $5. I was told only the usual 5. I mentioned your february promotion and the clerk had never heard of it. Well, needless to say that since I felt you ad had lied I did not buy anything and went else where for dinner.

  25. tudorchick

    it is true that it isnt at all locations…best to check it out first.if you do go to subway’s website and get on their mailing list,though,you can get deals to print out and bring in..

  26. Kathleen

    My husband and I stopped in yesterday, and yes the deal is on in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The service was great and the footlong was excellent.

  27. Cheryl

    I went to a subway and they had the classics for $5 — which have been on for $5 since the beginning of the year but hadn’t even heard of the promotion for any sub for $5. If your Canadian subway is honoring that promotion enjoy.

    Food here is way more expensive than in the US. When we travel with our kids, it’s cheaper to eat in restaurants there than it is to buy groceries here. Deals like 19 cent tacos are unheard of here, but are everywhere down south. Whenever we go to the US we stock up. Cheese here $5 a pound on sale in the US $2 a pound (at cash and carry). Crazy.

  28. Heather

    I think it is very wrong to false advertise these deals. They suck you into the store then either you are left to pay the almost double price or leave still wanting to eat healthy. The option to participate should not be left up to individual stores. I live in Victoria BC Canada and of the 10 or so Subways here no store participates in this deal. The ones they offer are usually the ones that have the most fat with the exception of the veggie one. With all of the advertising Subway pays for it is wrong to send their customers away. I have started to eat at Quizo’s as they do offer a variety of their subs for under $5 dollars.

  29. Paul

    It’s complete insanity. They advertise this in Canada even though it’s not available here. I dont care if there happens to be some small print on their website about it, if it’s not available here, it shouldn’t be advertised here. So bloody sick of that $5 classic sub offer, i thought we were finally getting a proper offer…i should have known better.

  30. shawna

    canada has almost ALWAYS had that small selection of cheap $5 crappy subs. you can’t get anything quality (see: chicken, tuna, etc) for $5 in cnada most of the time. i hope my subways are choosing to participate in the inexpensive chicken deal.

  31. Michael

    My wife and her friend went to Subway in Yarmouth, NS to get the $5 Footlong (you know, the ones on the commercial where ANY footlong is $5 all Frebruary long) and they were told that the $5 Footlong deal was no longer in effect. Is this just true for Yarmouth, is the commercial, as well as the website a lie, or am I just crazy and it really isn’t February? Can someone help me out here?

  32. Laurianne

    I went to subway yesterday in Riverview NB, and there weren’t even the $5 footlongs on the classics… but last week when I talked to them, they told me it was on til March…

  33. susan mcconnell

    how is it that not all subway franchises partake in the promos that are on. we live in a small city where we have a lot of friends and relatives who would eat regularly at subway if any of them honored the promo deals. personally our own family is large and we would love to buy subs but financially it can get expensive; so we wait for the deals to come out only to find subways in our area dont participate. i think all franchises should take part ;otherwise its false advertising and it does not look good for the franchises who dont participate. it has really disappointed me and my family because we used to enjoy subway subs and salads. hopefully this is corrected before many more customers are turned off by this.

  34. AverageJoeShmoeCanuck

    My wife went on Sunday 27th. Feb. and all the $5 foot long signs had been removed. When we mentioned that the T.V.advertising ( even on here or Sudway’s Canadian Website!) had said, “for the month of FEBUARY”, the person at the counter, said nothing, but did ask for the full amount.
    Pathetic, really Pathetic.

  35. Alpha Q

    I am having my $5 Ham sub for lunch and in downtown Toronto only the basic subs are $5.

    In Mississauga however, there is a Subway that offers different sub specials every day for $5 including Steak & Cheese, Chicken, BMT, Tuna, Subway Melt, etc…. thats why they get all my business when I am in Missisauga.

  36. PtboJerry

    Peterborough, Ontario Subway has a deal on Sundays, All subs are $5 if you buy 3 or more. I only want 2, but buying 3 is cheaper, the extra is split for Monday’s lunch


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