Microsoft Store CanadaXbox One Sale Microsoft Store Canada 3-Day Sale: Save $50 on a Xbox One With Kinect Plus 2 FREE Games For Download

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While the hottest deal from the Microsoft Store Canada’s 3-day sale is already out of stock, the refurbished Xbox One with Kinect plus a free copy of Titanfall for just $299, you can still stand to save some money on Xbox One consoles in this limited time sale at Microsoft that will be ending on March 1st.

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For instance, right now you can pick up an Xbox One with Kinect with Forza Motorsport 5, plus a free copy of Titanfall will also be added to your cart for just $449, though it is normally $499. At the same price point as the Forza Motorsport bundle, you can pick up a Xbox One with Kinect Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle and you will also receive a free copy of the game Titanfall.

Lastly, you can pick up a new version, not a refurbished version, of an Xbox One console with a copy of Titanfall for just $349 (though it is usually sold for $399).

The Microsoft Store ships to your home for free with no minimum purchase required, and will also accept returns for free.

Click here to shop the 3-day sale on Xbox One consoles at the Microsoft Store online.


Hudson's Bay Company CanadaHudson's Bay MasterCard and Credit Card Discount The Hudson’s Bay Canada Deals: Save an Extra 15% Off This Weekend On Almost Everything When You Use Your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard or Credit Card

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This weekend, when you use your Hudson’s Bay Canada MasterCard or Credit Card, you could save an extra 15% off on almost everything online and in-store at Hudson’s Bay Canada. The event will begin today, and end on Sunday, March 1st with the only restrictions being on the following brands listed here (which are a bit too extensive for me to list all of them here).

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.19.39 AM

As there are a fair number of apparel brands that you are not permitted to use this discount on, I’d suggest shopping within the home department where your only restrictions are that you cannot use the discount on: major appliances, Dyson, Espro, Nespresso, and Vitamix products. An example of a hot find you could use your 15% off on would be something like this KitchenAid 2-speed hand blender, which is normally $79.99, but with your extra 15% off it will just be $68.

The Hudson’s Bay Canada will ship to your home for free should you spend over $99, but remember that this discount is also available to be used in-store as well.

Click here to begin shopping online at the Hudson’s Bay Canada.


Canadian Tire CanadaMichelin Adjustable Tire Racks Canadian Tire Canada In-Store Deals: Michelin Adjustable Tire Rack Is Now Just $79.93, Was $159.99

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Looking to expand your home garage organization system this summer? Then you should head into your nearest Canadian Tire Canada to see if they have any of these fabulous Michelin Adjustable Tire Racks still available at the incredible clearance price of $79.93.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.07.44 AM

The Michelin tire rack is normally sold for $159.99, and is no longer available online, but if you head into your nearest Canadian Tire you may be able to pick up  a set of these tire racks for half-off the regular price. The tire racks can support up to 400 pounds, measures between 36″ to 58″ and can hold up to 4 tires.


Well.ca CanadaGro Clock Well.ca Online Deals: Buy the Gro Clock For Just $39.99, Regularly $49.99 Plus FREE Shipping

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For those of you with young children at home, you can sympathize with the rest of us for when you hear that agonizing sound of tiny little footsteps scuttling across the floor at the crack of dawn, or, in some cases, even before that. Well.ca is currently selling an answer to your sleep deprived prayers, the Gro Clock, which is designed to teach your small ones to stay in bed until a reasonable hour. The Gro Clock normally sells for $49.99, but is currently on sale for just $39.99.


The Gro Clock will display a moon to alert your child they should be in bed sleeping, and will have disappearing stars that are counting down till they should arise; which ideally should give your child an idea of when they will wake up, in case they were to awake in the middle of the night. When it is time for them to get up, a setting which parents can customize to later times in the day to follow their child’s specific sleep patterns, the Gro Clock will switch to display a picture of the sun. Eventually, your child will be rising at a regular hour as they learn to recognize the sun pattern means ‘rise and shine’.

If you’d like to receive an extra $10 off, you can use this Well.ca $10 off your purchase of $40 or more coupon code, 10wus40rfd. Of course you will also have to find a small filler item to exceed $40, as the Gro Clock is just below this price point. For instance, this gluten-free and all natural WOW Baking Chocolate Chip Individiually Wrapped Cookie is just $2.24.

Well.ca will offer free-shipping on this order.

Click here to buy the Gro Clock from Well.ca.


Amazon.ca Canada27 K-Cup Carousel Amazon.ca Online Daily Deals: Buy the Keurig 27 K-Cups Carousel For Just $13.24

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Amazon.ca is currently selling one of Keurig’s finest K-cup accessories, the 27 K-Cup Carousel, for the lowly price of just $13.24. This accessory is almost essential for every Keurig owner, as it is both functional and also provides an aesthetically pleasing way to display your varied collection of K-Cups to your guests.

Normally, this 27 K-cup Carousel would sell for anywhere between $24.95 and $27.99, but if you buy in online at Amazon.ca, you will only have to pay half the retail price!

Since this item is below the $25 minimum payment for free-shipping, you will either have to find some filler items to meet or exceed $25, or pay the extra $6.26 for shipping and handling.

Click here to buy the 27 K-Cup Carousel from Amazon.ca.


H&M CanadaDonate a Pair of Jeans and Buy One, Get One 50% Off H&M Canada In-Store Deals: Donate A Pair of Used Jeans and Get 20% Off on a Pair of Regular Price Jeans Plus Kids Denim is Buy One, Get One 50% Off

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H&M Canada has two sweet offers to get you and your family into some new blues this spring; and no, I’m not talking about the kind of blues that are reminiscent of your current melancholic winter blues state of mind, but rather the kind that is more commonly known as denim blues. Right now, when you shop within the kids department, you can buy one pair of regular priced jeans, and get your second pair of jeans for 50% off with the only restriction being that the second pair be of equal or lesser value.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.36.08 AM

For men and women shopping at H&M for new jeans, the deal is even sweeter, as when you bring in any pair of used jeans (they don’t have to be H&M jeans either), you will automatically receive 20% off on a new pair of denim blues.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.37.56 AM

This offer can be used as many times as you like, so long as you have a new pair of jeans to donate with each pair of new jeans you are purchasing. You will have until March 5th to cash in on this donation discount, and honestly why wouldn’t you? Some of H&M jeans are already regularly priced at the lowly price of $9.95, meaning when you donate a pair of jeans you could pay as little as $7.96 for a new pair.

These offers will only be running within the retail locations of H&M in Canada.

Click here to find the nearest retail location of H&M Canada.


HP Digital Print Technology CanadaFree Premium Bag of Coffee HP Digital Print Technology Canada Freebie: Receive a FREE Bag of Premium Coffee

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HP Digital Print Technology Canada wants to showcase their digital print talents by sending you a package of free premium coffee in a bag that they have designed and printed using their own technology. It may seem like an odd way of advertising, but if you’re receiving a free bag of coffee, then I really don’t see why you should complain about HP’s technique.

All you will have to do to receive this freebie is fill out the form online, where they will prompt you to identify yourself as a print or packaging affiliated company or individual business (as that’s who this offer is catered to), but if you simply enter individual and independently owned then you too can have this freebie delivered to your home.

HP will also ask you whether or not you would like to be contacted in the future, but you can opt out of this option; though if you do, you probably won’t be eligible for their free cookie hand delivered by an HP representative. This offer is contingent upon whether or not you’d like to sit down with a representative to discuss HP Digital Print Technology services, so if you really want a free cookie, you may have to sit through some pitch to get it.

Click here to fill out a form for a free bag of premium coffee.


Pampers Rewards Canada15 Pampers Points Pampers Canada Rewards Program: Two New Bonus Rewards Available, Total of 15 Extra Points

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Pampers Rewards Program Canada is constantly doling out extra bonus points, either through exclusive Facebook offers, e-mail newsletters, or, like the one currently available, by simply circulating them through the internet. In this current offer, you can redeem up to 15 extra Rewards points, simply by entering the following pins:

  • for 5 points, enter: TWITCME78799915
  • for 10 points, enter: FBWEWLCLLWCMM15

Normally you can find these pins on the backs of any Pampers products you buy, but occasionally the folks at Pampers Rewards like to be a little extra generous to us collectors and will give out free points without a purchase being necessary. There is no listed expiry on these points, but I suggest you add them quickly in case they do decide to discontinue the pins.

Click here to enter your Pampers Rewards points.


Walmart CanadaT-Fal 8-Piece Set and Starfrit Pans Walmart Canada Online Deals: T-Fal 8-Piece Start Up Kit, In Grey, Now Just $59.97 (Was $69.99) Plus Starfrit Pans For Just $10.97

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Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.14.11 AM

Walmart Canada is serving up some hot deals on kitchen cookware pieces and sets, the better of the three deals available being on the T-Fal 8-Piece Start Up set. This set is made with the classic non-stick surface that T-Fal has come to be known for, along with the thermo-spot technology that provides you with a precision cooking experience. The set, which is normally sold for $69.99,  is currently on sale for just $59.97 and it will include: a 20cm and 26cm frying pan, a 16cm and 20cm sauce pan, and a 24cm Dutch Oven plus 3 lids.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.14.21 AM

The other two deals from Walmart are on Starfrit pans, that also feature the same great selling feature of having non-stick surfaces. The Starfrit non-stick multi-pan (25cm) is the perfect design for making flawless pancakes, omelettes and crepes as its thick base will provide even heat distribution and the non-stick surface will allow for your golden creations to easily slide off the pan. This multi-pan was originally being sold for $14.97, but is now on sale for just $10.97.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.14.03 AM

The Starfrit breakfast pan (23cm) is also being sold for just $10.97 (was $14.97), and it differs from the multi pan by having lower edges that will enable you to cook your morning eggs much quicker, but also easily slide them off the pan without breaking the yolk (arguably the worst offence for the dedicated sunny side up lover).

Walmart Canada offers free-shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required.



Sears CanadaBed and Bath and Kitchen Essentials Sears Canada One-Day Sale: Save 70% Off on Pacific Coast Feather White Down Duvet, Plus 30% Off on Everyday Kitchen Essentials

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Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.48.48 AM

The one-day sale at Sears Canada features one of the most comfortable feather duvets, the Pacific Coast Feather White Duck Down Duvet, on sale that I can personally attest to its ability of keeping even the coldest people (myself included) warm at night. The duvet normally sells for $399.99 in the queen size, but right now (for today only) is on sale for just $119.99. There are also a number of other great deals to be found within the bed and bath sale, but this offer on the Pacific Coast duvet is by far the best one you will find; especially for those of you seeking warmth in these bitterly cold minus 20 conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.59.37 AM

Some other hot deals that are circulating around the Sears one-day sale include the package of 4 face towels for just $5.19, which is usually $12.99. Or if the Feather Duvet isn’t quite doing the trick of keeping you warm, then you could add-on a Sunbeam SelectTouch Premium Royal Mink Heated Blanket for just an extra $129.99 (normally double this price at $259.99).

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.55.12 AM

In addition to the bed and bath sale going on at Sears today, you can also save up to 30% off on everyday kitchen essentials. For instance, I was able to find this incredible price on the Crock-Pot 6 quart Programmable Travel Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel. Originally, this model was being sold for $74.99, but right now can be bought at Sears for just $55.99. By comparison, the same model is also on sale on Amazon.ca, but they are still just selling it for $67.98.

Sears Canada offers free-shipping on all orders that exceed $99.


e.l.f. Cosmetics CanadaTop-Rated Sale e.l.f. Cosmetics Canada Promo Code Sale: Save 50% Off On Top Rated Favourites Until March 2nd

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Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.46.53 PM

e.l.f. Cosmetics Canada has an awesome promo code deal on right now that will be available for the weekend, or rather until March 2nd at 11:59pm EST, and will score you all of e.l.f.’s top-rated beauty essentials for 50% off the listed price!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.48.39 PM

To receive this 50% off discount, you will first have to spend a minimum of $30 on the top-rated beauty products, after which all you will have to do is enter in the promo code, TOPRATED, at the checkout. Once you do this, you’re 50% discount will be applied.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.49.22 PM

There are a number of makeup and beauty essentials included in this offer from e.l.f. Cosmetics, but what’s really nice about it is how they include all of the products that come top reviewed by customers like you and I; meaning the makeup selection is really going to be the crème de la crème, as it has essentially be curated by you!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.50.30 PM

e.l.f. Cosmetics does not offer free-shipping for Canadian shoppers, unfortunately, so do not be deceived when they initially say that shipping is free when you spend over $35; it is not. Since e.l.f. Cosmetics uses UPS, the Canadian shipping fees will be $14.95 if you are below the $35 limit, and if you are above it then they will subtract $4.95 from your shipping fees (which means you will still have to pay $10.95).

Click here to begin shopping the top-rated collection at e.l.f. Cosmetics Canada online.


The Source CanadaXbox One Console and Bundle Sale The Source Canada Weekend Sale: Save $50 Off on All Xbox One Consoles and Bundles, Starting as Low as $349.99

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This weekend at The Source Canada, you can save $50 off on all of their Xbox One consoles and Xbox One bundles. Plus they will also be offering special prices on Xbox One games and accessories. You will only have until March 1st to shop these deals, which, in some cases, are some of the lowest prices available for Xbox One consoles!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.24.23 AM

While the Microsoft Store is also selling the Xbox One 500GB Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle (regularly $399.99) for just $349, The Source is also selling an Xbox Live 3-month gold subscription plus a physical copy of the game Evolve for Xbox One for the special price of $84.98. If you were to pick up the bundle plus the subscription from the Source, not only would you receive free-shipping, but you would also save yourself $60 as Evolve for Xbox One retails for $69.99 and a 3-month subscription would normally cost you $24.99.

The Source offers free-shipping on all orders that exceed $25.

Click here to begin shopping the Xbox One console and bundle sale.


Websaver.ca CanadaBarilla Gluten Free Pasta and Egg Farmers of Canada Eggs Websaver.ca Canada Coupons: Save $1 Off on 2 Dozen Eggs From Egg Farmers of Canada, $1 Off on Any Tenderflake Product and More

Canadian Daily Deals, Canadian Deals & Coupons, Canadian Discount Coupons Canada, Hot Canada Deals

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.10.27 AM

Websaver.ca has a whole bunch of new coupons added weekly, that if you haven’t checked in on recently, then you’re in for a treat today as we reveal some of their top coupons that they have going on right now. The first one is a $1 off coupon for the purchase of 2 dozen eggs from Egg Farmers of Canada. What’s really nice about the Websaver.ca coupons is that you have the option to either print them off at home, or have them mailed to you – as I know some of us have difficulties actually finding a working printer in our homes (those things seem to always go belly up!)

Some more coupons available at Websaver.ca right now are:

  • save $0.50 on Barilla gluten-free pasta or Plus pasta (340g)
  • save $1 off on any Tenderflake product
  • save $3 off on any size of Advil nighttime
  • save $3 off on Advil Cold & Sinus or liquid-fast Cold & Sinus Liquid gels

Click here for the full list of coupons available with Websaver.ca.


SmartSource CanadaLysol Printable Coupons Canadian Coupons: New Lysol Coupons Available Through SmartSource *Printable Coupons*

Canadian Deals & Coupons


The SmartCanucks SmartSource printable coupon portal has a couple of new coupons for you this morning. There are two new coupons for Lysol products that can now be printed and these coupons are as follows:

  • Save 75 cents on the purchase of any Lysol Click Gel product
  • Save $1.50 when you purchase one Lysol Click Gel, and one Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 710 or 946ml

The Lysol Click Gel is a newer product that is pretty much the same thing as the Scrubbing Bubbles Gel, which you can usually find higher value coupons for. However, maybe you prefer the Lysol line of products.

You will be permitted to print two of each coupon per computer, and SmartSource coupons generally have an expiry of thirty days from the time of printing. Some have a much longer expiry, but the minimum number of days that the coupon is valid should be around thirty.

Click here to get your Lysol coupons through the SmartCanucks SmartSource printable coupon portal.


Amazon CanadaDeals Of The Day Amazon Canada Deals Of The Day: Save 13% On Philips Pasta Maker, today For $259.99, 91% On Swiss Precimax Men’s Watch & More Today

Canadian Daily Deals

amazon 1

Amazon Canada has new offers today that include:

Product Features:

  • High power motor to facilitate fully automatic mixing, kneading and extrusion
  • Just add water, flour and egg and the appliance will automatically knead the dough to extrude the pasta
  • Includes 4 shaping mouths: penne, lasagna, fettuccine, and spaghetti
  • Easy to clean – includes flat scraping/cleaning tool, flour cup and water cup
  • Produces 500g of pasta in 15 minutes
Amazon 3

Also, Amazon has more good offers valid today that include:

Get Swiss Precimax Men’s SP13080 Squadron Pro Black Dial with Two-Tone Stainless-Steel Band Watch, today for $89.99, list price $952.00, save $862.01 – 91% off + FREE shipping.

The Amazon Canada offers are valid today, Friday, February 27, 2015.

Click here to get all Amazon Canada deals of the day.