1. Leia

    I won too.
    The site will give you a no-purchase UPC to use.
    It’s weird that a contest that opened so long ago and closes tomorrow would seemingly be giving out a prize for every entry. There’s only supposed to be 1054 pair of mittens given away. I hope it isn’t a glitch.

  2. megan

    AWWW SHIZ! I won mitts and typed in the wrong answer to the math equation :( now I don’t get it :(

  3. 2jk19

    I didn’t win either – but WOW congrats to all those who did! I hope it wasn’t a glitch!

  4. Natalka

    I’ve been trying in this contest since the beginning of it, almost every day, and no luck. Same with son and husband.
    Last day today, and no win.
    Congrats to those who did!

  5. Ron

    Never won anything in any of these contests. I believe they are fixed just to obtain our name ,address and phone number.

    • FallenPixels

      Lots of people have won nice prizes from contests, but for regular people – no match for the people who enter contests for a living and spend hours a day doing so


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