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Value Village Canada: 50% off Sale

Canadian Deals & Coupons

The next BIG 50% Off Sale at Savers/Value Village will be Monday, November 13th! The sale will take place at ALL of our Savers, Value Village and Village des Valeurs stores in the US, Canada & Australia. The discount applies to all USED merchandise, so arrive early for the best selection! For a list of store locations and hours, visit our store locator.

Value Village Canada

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  1. Margareta

    Hello!…never got a memo for Your 50% Off sale….I always look forward to going and I never got an email or notification…I had to go on Your site to find out when the next sale was,and sure enough it already passed,I am not too impressed.

    Thank You very much.


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  1. Darlene Brown

    please let me know when ur nexy %50 off sale is is it feb 9th? Can u put me on ur mailing list?

  2. henry morgan

    i have concerns that the 50% off is scheduled a week before Welfare day and long after pensions handed out. it is these individuals that would benefit from these sales. i beleive that their would be an increase in sales if your organization were to follow the community to which it serves. i leave in Prince George, British Colombia.

  3. Linda McNutt

    Would you please email me the updated phone number of your Value Village store in Belleville, Ontario
    I lost my most treasured earring at the store on June 15th

  4. Jerrie Coslow

    I brought a 42 LCD Philips TV from Amazon. It is less than 2 years old and has developed a fault which makes it unwatchable (it keeps switching itself off or freezing with a blank screen and then it won’t turn off). I have reported this to them and politely asked if it would be possible to have the TV looked at/repaired but the reply I keep getting is


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