1. David

    Has anyone noticed this announcer on these commericals has some fake European accent that just drives you up the wall? Vi-LEEEEEEEEDA!

  2. JeLLo

    Hey everyone, in regards to this post:

    In the SmartSource Magazine (coupon flyer) that you get in your newspaper, on page 4, there is 2 coupons and one is for a Free Trial of One Glass Ceramic Scrunge single pack and the other is for $1.00 off.

    Just thought you’d like to know….


  3. don etmanski

    Hi Vileda Canada : I cut out the coupons from SmartSource Magazine
    but they haven’t done me any good . I have yet to find a store that carries these products .Could you send me a list of St. Catharines stores that have them in current stock .. Thankyou..Don

  4. consumatrix

    I clipped the free glass ceramic scrunge coupon too but couldn’t find the product anywhere.

    Finally, I just grabbed one of the other Vileda scrunges (at Walmart) and they let me use the coupon for it.

  5. betty

    i agree with don and consumatrix couldn’t find this product anywhere then when my free coupon for the glass ceramic scrunge expired all of a sudden i found one at walmart

  6. Shirley

    I have found the Vileda Glass Ceramic Scrunge at both Sobeys and the Superstore. I love it. It really cleans the glass top stoves with very little effort.

  7. Louise Payer

    Je suis à la recherche, dans mon quartier, d’éponge jaune qui va sur le baton pour laver la vaisselle.
    Je suis allé chez IGA et Jean Coutu sur rue de Salaberry et aussi au Metro à Laval boul. de l’Avenir, il n’y en a pas nul part il y a seulement les éponges vertes avec abrasif.
    Merci à l’avance


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