Walmart Canada: Jamieson Vitamin C $0.39, Vita Vim Vitamins $2.77 and more! *HOT*HOT*

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Jameison Canada

I just bought a huge bunch of Vitamins from Walmart yesterday since they were on sale for 60% off! They’ll all have to go back so I can make use of these hot Jamieson coupons and save even more!

This week Walmart has 60% off all Jamieson products. On top of that Jamieson has $2 and $3 off printable coupons! After combining the Walmart flyer 60% sale with the coupons (yes Walmart does accept printable coupons) you’ll end up getting Vitamin C chewable for $0.39, Vita Vim Vitamins for $2.77 and other products like Omega 3 and more for very very cheap prices.


  1. screamy

    Thanks! This is awesome!!

    But I get an error message when I try to open the last (“other”) link. :(

  2. Ricki911

    Your my hero LOL I pop vitamens like its candy. Ill have to stock up. To bad they dont put my prescriptions at 60% off I would be in heaven.

  3. cheapskate101

    im getting the same message about the site being down, do you know what the other coupons were?

  4. anisa

    these same coupons have been available on their site for well over a year.
    i thought everyone was using them for the sale!

  5. jeremy

    totally got denied at the walmart in guelph ont, the M.O.D told me that her manager said not to except these because they were printed of the computer. I will go back tonight and try a different cashier

  6. JSAM_s Mom

    No problems at the Ancaster WM, even though some of the coupons got me the items for free, plus an amount owing back! (2 of the vitamins rang through at $1.49 each)

  7. Annie

    It doesn’t matter which cashier I go to in Midland Wallmart, none of them will accept coupons printed off of the computer. How can this be corrected?

  8. Alex


    Between 1998-2003 the National Labor Relations Board issued 94 complaints and found that Wal-Mart illegally fired workers for union activity, forced workers to attend anti-union meetings and video screenings, spied on workers who supported unionization, and claimed workers would lose pay raises and benefits or the store would shut down if the employees voted for a union.

    Not one Wal-Mart store is unionized in the U.S. When Quebec workers voted for representation by the United Food and Commercial Workers in 2005, the company closed the store

  9. couponkristin

    Guelph just won’t take printed coupons. I’m not having an all out brawl with management over free vitamins.

  10. Raphi

    Actually, the 100s were only $1.99 so I got them for free!!! Just be prepared to stand your ground because they will attempt to BS you and not accept the coupons.


    PS: I just spent $700 on textbooks, so this is awesome!

  11. Raphi

    *120s, my bad, I meant it only works on the smaller containers like for tangy orange and not the bigger containers.

  12. Kipper

    Wal Mart didn’t accept my printable internet coupon for $2 off natrel milk. they said they don’t accept internet coupons, although I believe it depends on the cashier.

  13. Ricki911

    I know WM rejected my printable. I rarely shop at WM – really poor customer service – I dont waste my time or money there. I took the flyer and PM to Zellers. This way I use my SPC & HBC.

  14. terrarankin

    where are the $3 coupons? when I click on the last link, it just gets me to register. I did, and could not find any coupons?

  15. Nelly

    Thanks for the heads up!
    I was able to find some Vitamin C bottles that were on sale for $1.99 at my Walmart, so with the coupon they were free (except for $0.20 GST) :D Yay!

  16. Corbinx

    I have been using printable coupons at Wal-Mart thus far with no problems. Going to use up a bunch of things tomorrow and came across this, hope they have some!

  17. I Miss Eatons!

    I went to WM last night and the girl in front of me got into a fight with the manager regarding this coupon and other printables coupons. She even had printed the rules ans regulations of the coupon and the manager didn’t accepted any of them. Can someone clarify the exact policy on the printable coupons.

    On the other hand, I used almost all of my PG Brandsaver coupons on top of the WM anniversary sale deals… It was worth it!! The cashier was exhausted by the amount of coupons she had to process!

  18. Alex

    Wal-Mart Canada wants you to get emotional. This month, the Mississauga, Ont.–based company, whose parent is the world’s largest retailer, headquartered in Bentonville, Ark., will unveil a TV campaign designed to appeal to Canadians’ increasingly tight pocketbooks and their hearts. Created by the Toronto office of New York–based advertising agency JWT, the 30-second commercials begin with the question, What will you do with your Wal-Mart savings? They then show touching examples, such as a father building a doghouse for his family’s new puppy, and end with the company’s new friendlier-looking logo and its revamped tag line, “Save money. Live better


    “There’s a perception that Wal-Mart’s prices are cheaper than everywhere else, but that’s not correct,” says Richard Talbot, a retail consultant in Markham, Ont. “Wal-Mart takes products that people are likely to remember the prices of, whether it’s toothpaste, shampoo or razor blades, and makes sure those items are priced lower than in surrounding stores.”


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