WalMart Canada Photo Lab 50 FREE 4×6 Prints for New Accounts

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Walmart Canada is offering 50 free 4×6 prints when you sign up a new account with them online!  Like a lot of you out there, I have a ton of photos on my computer that I haven’t gotten around to printing yet and if I can get 50 of them printed for free I’m going to jump at the chance.  I tried this out with my husband’s email address (I already have an account) and it worked great.

Click here to open a new account with WalMart Photo.

Thanks to divaonadime for finding this awesome freebie for us.


  1. Momto2Ks

    Walmart has a coupon instore that if you print 140 prints, you mail your receipt away for a movie ticket to either Cineplex or Empire (your choice). The number of tickets you get goes up with prints. I think 4 tickets was 300 prints or something close.

  2. Rumbaby

    Thanks for the post about the free prints – my DS is turning one this weekend and I have tons of pictures yet to get done – 50 are on their way at least LOL.

  3. Gsxrboy

    Thanks but no thanks! I just read their privacy policy and it is freaking me out that they can and will use your information for their use or for third party use. (with your consent, but depending on what the information will be used for, without your consent)

  4. honeydoo

    people read privacy policies?! ;-)
    kiddin’..i’m sure it’s good to do but so much legal jargon makes everything sound suspicious.

  5. Anonymous

    i just emailed Walmart Customer Support and this is what they had to say:

    Unfortunately, the 50 free prints offer has expired as this was a limited time promotion. Please continue to check back for any future promotions we may be offering.

  6. Anonymous

    Offer expired! Which sucks, cuz i missed out on it too! But Luckily Kodak Gallerys 50 free prints offer is until Aug 1st!


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