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I received a set of ten personalized coupons for Shoppers Drug Mart by mail yesterday.  These are similar to the ones I receive by email each Friday but different than the ones I previously received where I got six offers, one to be used each week with a bonus if I use three or more.   These coupons have an expiry date of October 7th and the last 4 digits of my Optimum card number on them.

The coupons I received are:

  • 20x Optimum points when you spend $50+ (points added immediately)
  • 200 Optimum points on Friskies canned wet food
  • 1000 Optimum points when you spend $5+ on toilet paper and/or paper towel
  • 4000 Optimum points when you spend $20 on food & snacks
  • 3000 Optimum points on l’Oreal Voluminous Mascara
  • 3000 Optimum points on Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
  • 3000 Optimum points on Nice & Easy Root Touch Up
  • 800 Optimum points on any Dawn, Ivory or Palmolive dish soap
  • $1 off any Tresemme shampoo or conditioner
  • Pay $2.49 for Lindt Excellence chocolate bars

Did you receive these? What coupons did you get?  If you do not get emails with personalized coupons each week, you can sign up by clicking here (make sure you have checked the box to receive offers, emails usually arrive about two weeks after an update)


  1. torontogal12

    I got some of the same ones you did, also $3 off Janes chicken, $1 off Europe’s Best, $7 off Aerius or Claritin, 1500 points WUB Sensodyne, 1,500 points WUB Tropicana and BOGO Lady Speed Stick.

    I have never bought Sensodyne or Lady Speed Stick before.

  2. atyoung

    I got mine…..

    1000 Optimum points = any Pantene shampoo
    $1.50 off = any Dawn, Ivory or Palmolive dish soap
    BOGO = any Dad’s Assorted Cookies
    $1.00 off = any Lay’s Chips
    $4.00 off = any Red Bull Energy Drinks
    BOGO = any Lindt bars 100g

    I’d probably purchase all except for the Red Bull. :-)


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