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Can you picture yourself walking along the beach in sunny Cancun?  I know I can especially after waking up to the snow falling outside this morning.

Enter for your chance to win a trip for two to Iberostar Cancun with Air Canada Vacations!  Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations before entering the contest.


  1. Mom of Two

    I agree with Marta, it’s completely safe as long as you’re not behaving like an idiot. I’ve taken my two kids down along with my husband and I and no issues. Don’t go looking for trouble people.

  2. amanda

    We’re taking our kids in 1 week, and it is perfectly safe! It’s like mom of two said, don’t go looking for trouble and trouble won’t find you.

  3. Theresa

    The drug cartels down there kill people for the fun of it. They don’t discriminate between “idiot” and “non-idiot”. When the Canadian government has to give travel advisories recommending that Canadians travelling to mexico “exercise high degree of caution”, then it is not safe enough.

  4. Bytown

    Yikes another shooting in Toronto,I’m not going to Canada.

    Cancun is far from the drug cartel activities.

    But hey, more chances for me to win this trip.

  5. Maple

    Cancun is considered the safest part of Mexico, but when we were there for our all-inclusive vacation, we ran into scammers everytime we stepped out of the hotel- they’re everywhere, in the souvenir stores, on the public bus (- gave bus driver a 200-peso bill as we didn’t have enough coins, he short changed and insisted we only gave him a 100-peso bill), etc. No one looks for trouble when on vacation, but in Mexico, trouble does look for you.

  6. Kristin

    I agree with Theresa – no thanks. When we were in cancun walking back from a restaurant, my brother and stepbrother were ahead. Police pulled over and searched them for absolutely no reason. My aunt and uncle live by the Mexican border and it is way too dangerous. I wouldn’t go to Mexico if someone paid me.

  7. boyzmom33

    We’ve been to Mexico 3 times and have never had any issues. There’s problems everywhere, just use caution and common-sense……


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