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Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Oct 22)


Old Navy offers awesome coupons up for grabs on their Old Navy Weekly webpage. Coupons are up every Thursday night, no one knows when they will be posted, you just gotta check it throughout the evening. The high value coupons are $75 off $100, $50 off $100, and 25% off. This promotion has been ongoing for some time now, and has been very successful.

These coupons are good in Canada. And are valid for a week starting Thursday. They can be used on regular, sale and clearance items in store. They are available in limited quantities, the $75 off is gone within seconds of the site updating.

Here are the coupon locations this week, coupons are valid from Thursday Oct 22 – Wednesday October 28.
$75 off $100 – None available this week!
$50 off $100 – Put the bracelets on Michelle’s wrist (girl in black plaid shirt).
20% off – Catch the bird when it lands on blond girl’s head
15% off – Click on grey/white plaid shirt (top right)
$10 off $50 – Put orange scarf on green wrap sweater
$25 off $100 – Click on Michelle’s boots one at a time.
10% off when you buy plaid – Put the red scarf and put on girl wearing red plaid shirt.
$5 off – located in “mad for plaid” pdf file

I wasn’t around this week to look for these, I was out buying a car! Sorry for the late reply. Apparently the site was messing up this week, people were saying certain coupons were gone, some were still able to get them. The big ones were gone immediately and no one knew where the elusive $75 off coupon was. Maintenance screens were popping up. It sounds like I missed a lot of fun..not.

Look for your coupons by clicking here!

New Reviews in the Canadian Reviews Blog

Lululemon Canada Coupons: Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada

FINALLY Lululemon Canada  online is offering free shipping 😀


lululemon athletica wants everyone to sweat without thinking about the shipping cost! We are thrilled to be bringing complimentary shipping to our guests, from small towns to big cities.

The shipping offer is valid from October 15, 2009 to November 15, 2009 on orders shipped within North America (excluding Saskatchewan) and $30 flat rate for international orders.

Please note our guests in Saskatchewan are welcome to contact the Saskatoon store to place a phone order directly with them at 306-651-8858.

Click here to shop at Lululemon Canada

Coupons to use with this week’s flyers (Oct 9-15)

Couponlady posts an awesome list every week in the SC forum, detailing what stores have deals and which coupons to use with them. Combined with flipping through flyers, this is a great way to plan your shopping trips before heading to the store.

The coupons mentioned here were/are available in-stores, coupon flyers like Smartsource, Shop’n save, website, website, printable coupons mentioned in the database here, coupons printed on cereal box or other items, etc. It takes some time to collect these coupons. Best and easy place to find the coupons would be in-store or When you see a coupon in-store, pick it up and when that product goes on sale, you can use the coupon and save more.

Here is this week’s offering.

Nestle Real Dairy ice cream $3.97 – use $1 off coupon
Green works cleaners $2.50 – use $0.50 off coupon
Folgers coffee $5.97 – use $1/$2 off coupon
Hunt’s pasta sauce $1 – use $0.40 off coupon
Lipton sidekicks $1 – use $0.25/buy 2 knorr save $1 coupons
Cascades actionpacs 44’s or 54s $9.77 – use $1.50 off coupon
Stayfree $2.47 – use $1 off coupon
Arm&Hammer toothpaste 2 for $3 – use $0.75 off coupon
Degree deodorant $2 – use $0.50 off coupon
Nice’n easy $6 – use $1.50 off coupon

Real Canadian Superstore
Dr.Pepper,Crush 6X710ml $2(Oct 9,10 and 11 only) – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Arctic gardens veggies 2 for $5 – use $1 off coupon
Pringles 2 for $3 – use $0.50/buy 2 get 1 free coupon
Carnation evaporated limk 4 for $5 – use $0.35/buy 3 save $1 coupon
Hagen dazs $5 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Jell-O jelly powder 2 for $1 – use buy 2 save $0.50 coupon
Robin hood flour 10kg $9 – use $1/$2 off coupon
Country harvest bread $2 – use $1 off coupon
Johnsonville sausages $3 – use $1 off coupon
Astro biobest smoothie $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Astro biobest Maximmunite $4.49 – use $1 off coupon
Gain laundry 24-40s $6 – use $1 off coupon
Christie crackers $2 – use buy 3 save $2 coupon
Arctic gardens steammm veggies $3 – use $1 off coupon
Danone Activia 8s or Silhoutte 12s $4 – use $0.50/$0.75 off coupon
Pringles Select $2 – use $0.50 off coupon
Lean cuisine spa or panini $3 – use Buy 2 save $1.50 for Panini/buy 2 save $1 for Spa
Hunt’s pasta sauce 4 for $5 – use $0.40 off coupon
Cascade action pacs 20-25s,gel or powder $6 – use $1.50 off for Actionpacs/$0.50 off coupon
Febreze noticeables kit $6 – use $3 coupon
Febreze candles $6 – use $2 off coupon
Febreze fabric refresher 800ml $6 – use $1 off coupon
Purina Maxx scoop 7lt $6 – use $1 off coupon
Kashi almond flax cereals $4 – use $1 off coupon
Delissio pizza $5 – use buy 3 save $3 coupon
Stonyfiled yogurt $5 – use $1 off coupon
Nestea iced tea 12s $5 – use $1 off for Vitao
Lipton iced tea 12s $5 – use buy 2 save $1.50 coupon
Lysol cleaners 2 for $7 – use buy 3 save $3/buy 2 dif save $2 coupon
Purina dog chow 7.28kg $14 – use $2 off coupon
Baby mum mum 2 for $5 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Pampers club wipes $12 – use $1 off coupon
Pull ups club size $26 – use buy Pull ups get Huggies wipes free coupon
Colgate total toothpaste 130ml 4 for $7 – use $1 off coupon
Listerine 1l $5 – use $1 off coupon
Gillette fusion or venus breeze razor $7 – use $4 off coupon
Oral-B crossAction twin pack toothbrush $6 – use $2 off coupon
Old Spice bodywash $4 – use $1/buy 2 save $3 coupon
Degree deodorant 2 for $5 – use $0.50 off coupon
Dove deodorant 2 for $5 – use buy 2 dif save $1.50/$1 off for Go fresh
Gillette series or satin care shave gel $2 – use Buy 3 save $5/$1 off coupon

Giant Tiger
Dawn dish liquid $1.37 – use $0.50 off coupon
Glad freezer bags $1.77 – use $0.75 off coupon
Always pads $2.47 – use $0.75 off coupon
Uncle Bens bistro express entrees 2 for $5 – use $1 off coupon

Royale bathroom tissue 12 double $4.99(Oct 10 and 11) – use $1 off coupon
Wonder + bread $1.77 – use $0.40 off coupon
Excel or juicy fruit 4pk gum $2.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Cheeries 400g 43.99 – use $1 off for Multigrain kind
Coke 6 mini can pack 2 for $5 – use buy 2 get Christie thinstations Free coupon
Kraft dinner cups $0.99 – use buy 2 save $0.30 coupon
Jell-O jelly powder $0.99 – use buy 2 save $0.50 coupon(may be price match RCSS deal)
Royale 24 roll bath tissue $5.99 – use $1 off coupon
Royale 6 roll papertowels $5.99 – use $0.70 off coupon
Quantum dishwasher tabs 15+15 $7.99 – use $3.50/$1.25 off coupon
Pantene nature fusion hair care $4.99 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Secret antiperspirant $3.59 – use buy 2 save $2 for the Nature-inspired kind
Garnier styling products $5.99 – use $2 off coupon
Schick Intuition razor or refill $8.49 – use $2 off coupon
Jergen naturals lotion $6.29 – use $2/$1.50 off coupon
Listerine mouthwash 1l $5.99 – use $1 off coupon
Myoflex value pack 2X100g $10.97 – use $4/$2 off coupon
Aspirin 180s $14.87 – use $2 off coupon
Dr.Pepper,Crush,Schweppes 12 can pack 3 for $9.99 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Arm & hammer laundry 2.96l $6.99 – use $1 off coupon
Pampers mega diapers $14.99 – use $2 off coupon
Glade candles or tins,scented oil candle refills $2.79 – use $1/$2/buy 1 get 1 free coupon

Toys’R Us
Pampers boxed diapers $29.87 – use $2 off coupon

Ben & jerry ice cream 3 for $10 – use $1 off coupon
Red Rose tea 72s $3.49 – use $0.50 off coupon
Europe’s best frozen fruit $3.99 – use $1/$2 off coupon
Highliner signature $9.99 – use $1 off coupon
Stouffers Crustini 2 for $5 – use $1 off coupon
Eggo waffles $1.99 – use $1 off coupon
Yoplait source or yoptimal 16s or 12s yogurt $4.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Oatmeal crisp cereal $3.99 – use $1 off coupon for vanilla almond kind
Kelloggs Raisin bran or all bran cereals $3.99 – use $1/$2/buy 2 save $2 coupon
Kellogg’s rice krispies or splitstix 2 for $5 – use buy 2 save $1/$2 off for Rice krispies
Smuckers jam 500ml $3.49 – use $0.50 off coupon
Uncle ben’s bistro express entrees $2.29 – use $1 off coupon
Campbell’s creations soup $1.99 – use buy 1 get 1 free coupon
Campbell’s healthy request soup $1.99 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Clover leaf white tuna $1.99 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Minute maid,Nestea,five alive 10X200ml $2.69 – use $0.50 off coupon
Downy 52-60 uses or 100-120 sheets $6.99 – use $1 off coupon
Glad cling wrap 60m $2.49 – use $0.75 off coupon
Arm & hammer laundry 1.62 or 2.03l $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Tide stain release $6.99 – use $1 off coupon
Vim cleaners 2 for $6 – use buy 2 get 2pk Spongetowels free coupon
Green works cleaners 2 for $6 – use $0.50 off coupon
Lysol cleaners 2 for $7 – use buy 2 dif save $2/buy 3 dif save $3 coupon
Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaners 2 for $7 – use buy 1 get 1 free coupon
Febreze luminaire kit $14.99 – use $8/$3 off coupon
Always pads or liners 3 for $9 – use $0.75 off coupon
Pampers club pack wipes $12.99 – use $1 off coupon
Baby Mum mum 2 for $6 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Colgate total 130ml $1.99 – use $1 off coupon
Gillette series or satin care shave gel 2 for $5 – use Buy 3 save $5/$1 off coupon

Thank you couponlady for posting this list for us! Coupon Codes Canada

New Coupon Codes for October 2009 🙂

ClearlyContacts Coupon 1

  • Clearly Contacts Coupon Code: SMARTCANUCKS15OFF
  • Discount: 15% Off Any Order no minimum (new members)

ClearlyContacts Coupon 2

  • ClearlyContacts Coupon Code: SMARTCANUCKSHALLOWEEN
  • Discount: 12% Off Orders Over $55 (anyone)

Clcik here to shop at ClearlyContacts Canada

Medieval Times Canada discount 4 pack is back for $120 and other discounts!


Medieval Times Toronto Ontario Canada for a limited time is offering a 4 pack of tickets for only $120 dollars! Thats only $30 a ticket!

  • Coupon Code: 4PW9
  • Discount: 4 pack only $120, (royalty pack)$140
  • Expires: November 1 2009
  • Generally adult tickets are $63 a piece so its a nice offer! Click here to take advantage of this deal and for more details

    Also they are offering this deal as well

  • Coupon Code: 1510W
  • Discount: $15 off adults ticket, $10 off childs ticket
  • Expires: November 2nd 2009
  • Click here for this offer and further details

    Clearly Contacts Canada coupon offer discount code 20% off!


    Today I was browsing around and I noticed quite a few different sites are offering coupon codes for 10 or 15% off orders.

    Well ladies and gents I got one for 20% for glasses the code is “TELLAFRIEND” and its good on Cleary Contacts and Coastal Contacts first order (or new email.) Coastal is in USD but I highly suggest you check out both sites because sometimes the price difference is not just a few dollars and saves you more on one site even with the exchange. Also Coastal ships from Canada( for Canadian orders.)

    Happy shopping.

    Pallucci Restaraunt (Toronto, ON) – 50% Off Night – Oct. 20/09 only!

    pallucci20review202 is happy to announce another exclusive 50% Off Night, this time, at Pallucci. For one evening only, enjoy Pallucci’s regular menu at an astonishing 50% off! You can choose one of two seatings on Tuesday, October 20, 2009. One at 6:30pm and one at 8:30pm.

    Simply fill in your reservation information below and the people at Pallucci will contact you to confirm. If, due to overwhelming response, you do not hear from them, please feel free to contact them on your own to confirm.

    Please note that 50% off applies only to a la carte food items and not beverages (alcoholic or otherwise). Also, the 50% off does not apply to gratuity and taxes.

    Please note that confirms with the establishment that all menu items are offered at 50% off. However, is not responsible for the actions of the establishment and cannot make any guarantees to our valued users. We suggest you call the restaurant ahead of time to confirm any questions you may have.

    Bookings for this event can only be done through the following form.

    Click here for bookings!

    Thanks damnedifiknow!

    Lots of coupons in the Real Canadian Superstore (ON) flyer!


    More great coupons/deals/freebies from Real Canadian Superstore (ON)!

    I thought I would put these into one post so that I don’t have a bunch of tiny little posts hehe. Pick up a flyer (or get one in your mailbox if you’re lucky!) at Real Canadian Superstore (ON) and there are lots of great coupons/deals/freebies to be had!

    – Save $5 on Monsters VS Aliens DVD with the purchase of any one Orville Redenbacher’s, Pogo, Snack Pack or Chef Boyardee Products (expires October 1st, 2009)
    – FREE One Image Calendar ($19.99 value) with the purchase of a deluxe studio package (no expiry listed)
    – FREE Camera Case with the purchase of a Kodak C1013 digital camera at $99.99 (expires October 1st, 2009)
    – FREE XBOX 360 value game with the purchase of any XBOX Elite console (expires October 1st, 2009)
    – $10 off the purchase of any regular prices JOE FRESH STYLE adult outerwear coat or jacket tat is $59 or more (expires October 1st, 2009)
    – $5 off the purchase of any regular priced JOE FRESH STYLE children’s outerwear coat, snowsuit or set that is $29 or more (expires October 1st, 2009)

    Real Canadian Superstore – Free DVD Player with purchase!


    Posted in the latest Real Canadian Superstore flyer there is a coupon to get a FREE Citizen HDMI DVD Player when you spend $250 or more!

    You can pick up a flyer in store and use the coupon from there or print the one in this post. Click here to print the coupon!

    I love that RCSS keeps giving away bonuses every week! Free gift cards, turkeys and now DVD players. Wow! They must really want you to spend money on their stores hehe.

    I wish I had a store closer to me and I would go check out their patio furniture which I heard is on deep discount! Oh well. Next time I’m in the area I’m sure they will have another great promotion on, hehehe.

    Click here to view the Ontario flyer!

    The Bargain Shop Canada – $5 off purchase of $30 or more!


    i just saw in the bargain shop flyer that they have an awesome coupon to save $5.00 off your purchase of $30 or more! im pretty sure you can just get the flyer in the store if you dont get one in your mailbox.

    this flyer (so I’m assuming the coupon as well) is valid from september 24th, 2009 until october 2nd, 2009.

    Click here to view The Bargain Shop’s online flyer!

    Canada Coupon – $5 off Similac Go & Grow Formula


    Here is a great new printable coupon for you moms and dads that use formula to feed your baby!

    $5 printable coupon for Similac Go & Grow Step 2 formula.

    Click here to print your coupon!

    Thanks vkiho!

    Canadian Freebies: Gillette Foamy Shave Cream with Brandsaver Coupon Canada

    Shaving Foam Canada

    Ashling just messaged me asking if I “need shaving cream? I was like “Suuuure” and turns out she was being serious  and you can get it for FREE 😀

    She posted it in the Canadian Shopping Deals section:

    I was just at The Bargain! Shop (Ontario) and saw that they have the Gillette Foamy FULL SIZE products on for $1.99 each or 3 for $5. It is not in their flyer.

    If you received the “Buy any 3 save $5” Gillette Brandsaver coupons in the newspaper or ordered them online, use them up!

    I think the tag said valid until October 12th so there is still time to order the coupons and stock up

    Click here to order your Foamy Shave Coupon

    Free Printable Shopping Templates from SmartCanucks :)

    Canada shopping Logo

    Thanks to Andit for coming up with this awesome idea! Andit created a contact card for us 😀

    Inspired by her idea, I created a whole bunch of shopping related templates such as a Shopping List, Price book, member card and many more! I hope you like them!

    Maroon Version

    Less Ink-intense Version

    If you’d like me to design other templates please let me know what template you’d like and I’ll work on it  😀

    Note: These templates may only be printed and distributed for personal use and cannot be used to represent in an official way.

    Banana Republic Factory Store – up to 60% off for MEN!


    Up to 60% Off Everything for Him at Banana Republic Factory Store! This offer is good until September 24th, 2009!

    My husband has purchased clothing from Banana Republic before and he said the quality is fantastic and it really feels nice on.

    Maybe time to stock up on some Christmas or birthday presents for your man (or for you, if you are a man!)!

    Closest stores would be
    Seattle Premium Outlets for Vancouver
    Waterloo Premium Outlets for Toronto

    Thanks junos!

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