Yves Rocher Canada: Coupons for Freebies with Purchase

Yves Rocher Canada: Coupons for Freebies with Purchase

1 Free Relaxing Surprise Gift with any pruchase (more than $20 in value). Expires April 5, 2008.

Click here to get this surprise gift coupon

Free Handwash Gel Basil & Tomato with any purchase of $10. Expires April 30, 2008

Click here to get this Handwash  coupon

GAP, Old Navy & Mexx Canada 40% Spring Sale

GAP, Old Navy & Mexx Canada 40% Spring Sale

The first indications that spring is here are the 40% spring sales at GAP Canada and Old Navy Canada on a huge selection of items. Mexx Canada has a 40% sale on select items only.

DELL Canada: Sega Superstars Tennis $39.99

DELL Canada: Sega Superstars Tennis $39.99

Get Sega Superstars Tennis for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii for $39.99 $49.99, and for Nintendo DS for $24.99 $29.99. Not the best game available but not bad if you were going to buy it anyway. This offer is available at DELL Canada.

Click here to order Sega Superstars Tennis from Dell Canada

Bullfrog Power: “Taxing our Guilt”

mrG left a a very interesting comment on the Nelly Furtado Earth Hour concert which is sponsored by Bullfrog Power. I think he raises a very important point and we shouldn’t be blindedly falling for everything that claims to be “Green”.

This is so … wrong. It just is and I can illustrate a sliver of the wrongness of it with a numerical example:

The sponsors are Bullfrog, who admirably bill themselves as “green, carbon-free power” which they are, and I think that is great, but read the fine print! What they say they do for us is this: “don’t need any special equipment or wiring and there is no change in the reliability of your service. We inject green power onto the Ontario grid to match the amount of power your home uses. You have the comfort of knowing that your electricity dollars are supporting clean, renewable power instead of polluting and carbon-intensive sources like coal. It’s that simple.”

But is it that simple? You see, what they describe is absurd. They are not going to measure my meter and go “Oh, hey better turn up the windmill another notch, some guy in Sauble Beach is using a bit more power today!” No, they have their generators, all very green, and the law of Ontario says Ontario Power must pay ‘market rates’ for any energy added to the grid. So Bullfrog hooks up their windmills, and the money flows in.

But dig the line “Bullfrog Power does cost a little more than regular electricity” … ah, you see? Ontario Power will pay them X dollars per kilowatt-hour but you and I can get suckered into paying them X dollars plus a bit for those same kilowatt-hours, duped by our own noble good nature in wanting to help. They already have the windmills and generators, they had investors and boards of directors and business plans and it all made sense because they had the guarantee of market rates for their green power. But they figured out a way to get a government-subsidy … by taxing our guilt.

Clever lads. But is it ethical? I mean, I’d love to dump nuclear power and would do it in a minute if I believed their story, but dig, they’ve already lied to me and I’m not even a customer yet!


Bell Canada Forcing all Canadian DSL ISPs to Throttle Bit-torrent Traffic

Source: arstechnica

Line-sharing is what allows small ISPs like Wireless Nomad to thrive in Canada and offer innovative services. But line-sharing has its drawbacks; chief among them, of course, is that without control of the line, an ISP is not ultimately in control of the service it is selling. Canadian DSL resellers learned that lesson the hard way this week as ISPs learned that Bell Canada now runs traffic-shaping hardware even on the lines it resells.

Readers at Broadband Reports noted the issue earlier this week as owners of small ISPs suddenly found that their customers were having traffic throttled, even though the ISPs were vehemently anti-throttling. The problem was compounded by the fact Bell Canada did not apparently tell the ISPs that it was about to make the change. The company has subsequently confirmed the throttling and says it should be fully in place by April 7.

Continue reading about how Bell sucks

Free $15 Travelodge Canada Gift Card

Free $15 Travelodge Canada Gift Card

With each new Guest Rewards member sign up via the web site, members will receive a FREE $15 Travelodge /Thriftlodge gift card (valid in Canada only) in the mail,  along with their Blue Guest Rewards member card.

Click here to sign up and get your free $15 Travelodge Canada Gift Card

Free Screening of “[email protected]

Free Screening of “Young@Heart”

Free screenings at Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver although most of Toronto’s are sold out.

Click here to RSVP [email protected]

Canadian Coupons: Motrin IB $4 off or Sample

Canadian Coupons: Mark’s Work Wearhouse $30 off $70

Canadian Coupons: Mark’s Work Wearhouse $30 off $70

When you spend $70 on any apparel purchase at Mark’s Work Warehouse you save $30.

Valid until June 30th, 2008 at any Mark’s Work Wearhouse in Canada.

Click here to print your Mark’s Work Wearhouse coupon

Free Screening of Movie “Street Kings”

Free Screening of Movie “Street Kings”

No Canadian dates yet, but should be announced soon.

Last time Jim posted about a free screening, most tickets had already been RSVP’d, so what I’ll do from now on is post the next free screening as soon as it’s out even if no Canadian dates have been announced yet. This way we can all keep an eye on the website and leave a comment as soon as Canadian dates become available 🙂

Click here to RSVP or check current free screening cities

Petro-Canada Mobility – 15 Mins of Free airtime

Petro-Canada Mobility Customers Get 15 mins of Free airtime

Offer valid to Petro-Canada Mobility customers only. Complete a short survey, and Petro-Canada will credit your Mobility account with up to 15 minutes of free airtime.

Click here to complete the survey and get free air time

DELL Canada Entertainment Days of Deals – Day 2

DELL Canada Entertainment Days of Deals - Day 1

Check DELL’s website after 7am EST for today’s deals.

Note that the good deals like yesterday’s Wii Mario Kart run out in one or two ours.

Click here for DELL Canada’s Day 2 of Entertainment deals

Amazon.ca: Halo 3 Limited Edition $39.99 or less

Amazon.ca: Halo 3 Limited Edition $39.99 or less

Halo 3 Limited Edition is on sale at Amazon.ca for $39.99 $79.99.

You can also use the $10 off Amazon.ca Visa Perks coupon to get it for $29.99.

Click here to order your Halo 3 from Amazon.ca

Canadian Freebies: Salba Life Fibre Products

Canadian Freebies: Salba Life Fibre Products

Thanks Ann for letting me know about this freebie 🙂

Salba is an ancient grain that’s high in fibre and omega fatty acids. The free sample is three days’s worth. It was discussed at Weight Watchers for its ability to keep you feeling full. There is also research on its beneficial properties that was conducted at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Click here to order your free sample of Salba

Eiffel Tower’s New Observation Deck

Eiffel Tower’s New Observation Deck

This isn’t Canadian news, but it’s related to one of the most prominent landmarks on earth, the Eiffel Tower of Paris. To celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower, a new Observation Deck will go up next year. This gives the Eiffel Tower a totally different feel and look. It resembles these ugly structures we see in futuristic movies rather than the romantic tower that it used to be. Thank goodness this change will only be “temporary”.

Click here for more pics of Eiffel Tower’s New Observation Deck

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