22 Days till Christmas – Connie Talbot’s Christmas Songs

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Remember Connie Talbot of Britain’s Got Talent’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow“?

She sang one of her favourite songs ” I Will Always Love You.” and someone on youtube added a video of the song in a Christmas context entitled “I will Always Love you Christmas”! Lovely!


Coincidentally, Connie has released a brand new album called “Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album” which has an awesome collection of classic and modern Christmas songs. Here’s “When A Child Is Born” from her new album:


Canadian Freebies: SportChek Canada Free Skate Sharpening

SportChek Canada Free Skate Sharpening

Thanks couponlady for posting this Sport Chek freebie in Canadian Freebies & Samples.

Get free skate sharpening at all SportChek locations across Canada. Coupon expires June 30th, 2009.

Click here to print your free SportChek skate sharpening coupon
Click here for SportChek store locations

FREE $10 Cash Card Coupon for Mark’s Work Wearhouse! ($10 off $10) *HOT*

Mark's Work Wearhouse Canada Cash Card Coupon

Thanks wendymac for posting this awesome freebie on the Canadian Freebies forum

It’s free Money

Use this cash card toward men’s and women’s casual business wear, denim, outwear, footwear, even workwear. It’s a FREE $10 to spend any way you like

Just print it out and use it to pay for anything ay any Mark’s in Canada

Here’s the  coupon for a free $10 cash card off a $10 purchase i.e. you can get $10 worth of items from Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada stores for FREE! All you need to do is print the coupon, take it with you to any Mark’s store and buy $10 worth of items for free 😀

Now that’s a smart company that knows how to market and attract people to visit knowing that a lot of people will end up spending much more than just $10 and that it’ll create a buzz around their brand name!

Coupon expires Dec 24th, 2008.

Click here to print the coupon from Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada website
Click here to print the coupon from a PDF copy
Click here for Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada store locations

The dissapearance of Country Crock

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Today i’d like to talk about Country Crock and the overnight dissapearance of this marvelous spread.

Years ago I’d buy this odd margarine for a change of pace, it always tasted different then other spreads and was nice for a change.

One cold morning years ago after walking through 10 feet of snow to my local grocery,(OK Im exaggerating a little )  I was shocked.  Country Crock was no longer on the shelves! It had completely dissapeared.

How could this be?

A few years ago I contacted Country Crock asking why this product was no longer available in Canada. Was there something in the oils that is now prohibited from Canada?

The response was as follows:

Hello and thanks you for taking the time to contact Country Crock. This product has never been available in Canada, please ask your local grocerer to carry our products.  Thank you.

 Obviously, that got me nowhere. I’m not crazy, well for the most part i’m not. I know this product was once sold here, then suddenly dissapeared.

Perhaps the company changed hands, it wasn’t profitable enough in Canada, or one of the ingredients is prohibited.

Can anyone out there shed some light on Shedd’s Country Crock and its dissapearance?

Inquiring minds want to know.

McDonald’s Mondays: McLearnin’ 1972

Ever wonder if you had what it took to work in a McDonald’s in the early 70’s? Neither have I, but employee training films floating around the net are always good for a laugh, and getting a glimpse into an early 70’s McDonald’s is too cool for words to a McManiac such as myself.

Walmart Canada: Free $10 Gift Card with $25 Purchase of Scotts, Cottonelle, Kleenex, etc.

Walmart Canada Gift Card

Thanks ginger150 for posting this Walmart Canada promo on the forum 😀

Receive a $10 Wal-mart Canada gift card when you purchase just $25 of participating brands between December 1st and December 31st, 2008.

Multiple receipts are accepted so you don’t need to spend all the $25 at once :D

Participating products include:

  • Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes
  • Scott Towels
  • Kleenex Facial Tissue

To receive your $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card by mail, print and fill out this rebate form and send in your cash register receipt(s) dated between December 1 to December 31, 2008 with the participating products circled accumulating $25 (before taxes).

Click here to print the Walmart Canada form to claim your free $20 Gift Card
Click here for a discussion of this Walmart Canada free gift card

Threadless $3 coupon code, restock

Remember that Threadless Annual Holiday Sale with the $5 t-shirts we posted about last week?

Well it’s still going on, and there’s four fantastic bits of good news for those of you still looking for more shirts;

  1. They’ve restocked all their sizes
  2. They’ve dropped the prices on more shirts
  3. We have a coupon code that’ll save you $3 – holiday08
  4. They’re now giving discounts to large orders — $5 off 50, $10 off $75, $15 off $100

I just placed an order on some of the restocked shirts this morning, so I can confirm the coupon code works.  The cheapest shipping offers 1-3 weeks delivery, so there’s still time for Christmas!  Thanks to our readers for letting us know about the coupon code.

Visit the Threadless $5 Holiday Sale here.

It’s December 1st – Welcome to 24 hour Wal-Mart!

Other / Canada

Just in time for the holiday shopping crunch time, December 1st marks the first day of 24 hour Wal-Mart shopping at many of the stores in our country.  While many stores will be choosing to keep these late hours it’s not an every store thing.  Make sure you call your local Wal-Mart before making that 4am trek.

Am I crazy, or is it kind of nice to be able to get some holiday shopping done in the off hours when you’re not fighting your way through the crowds?

Quiznos Canada Coupon: Free Chips & Drink with Sandwich Purchase

Quiznos Canada Coupon

Here’s a new coupon from Quiznos Canada. Get a free bag of chips and 20 oz. fountain drink with the purchase of any regular or large Signature or Premium sandwich.

Coupon expires December 15th, 2008.

Click here to print this Quiznos Canada coupon

Canadian Coupons: Nicorette Canada $2 & $5 Discount Coupons

Nicorette Canada Coupons
nicorette mint lozenges coupons canada

Nicorette Canada currently has 2 coupons:

  • Save $2.00 on any Nicorette product. Coupon expires Apr 30, 2009.
  • Save $5.00 on any Nicorette Mint Lozenges. Coupon expires Dec 31, 2008.

Click here to print the $2.00 off any Nicorette produc coupon.
Click here to print the $5.00 off any Nicorette Mint Lozenge coupon.

Costco Canada Flyer / Coupons: Dec 1-7, 2008 & Costco.ca Coupons

Costco Canada

Costco Canada posts its in-store coupons online. You can view the coupons at GetMoreOfWhatYouLove.ca.

This week the coupon consists of mainly Panasonic products and Costco.ca coupons. Click here to view the Costco Canada coupons.

23 Days till Christmas – Going-Out-of-Business Sales Not Such a Bargain

Tips & Tricks

I’m sorry I missed the past 2 days of Christmas countdowns because I had loads of school work to finish during the weekend. Today’s post is not very Christmasy but since many stores are having liquidation sales this holiday season I thought it would be a good heads up.

Apparently what liquidators do is raise the prices above regular prices and then discount the items. You can end up paying more than regular prices at “liquidation sales”! Here’s an ABC news video about this (it also applies to Canada):


GLOBO Shoes Canada Friends & Family Sale Invitation Coupon (up to 50% off)

GLOBO Shoes Canada Friends & Family Sale

GLOBO Shoes Canada is currently having its Friends & Family Sale. Using this invitation you get:

  • 25% off all regular priced merchandise
  • 50% off the original price of all merchandise on sale

The sale is taking place at the following GLOBO shoes locations:

  • Pine Crest Shopping Centre, Nepean
  • South Keys Shopping Centre, Ottawa
  • Piazza Del Sole, Vaughan
  • Devonshire Mall, Windsor
  • Eglinton Town Centre, Mississauga
  • Harmony Shopping Centre, Oshawa
  • First Pro London North, London
  • Dartmouth Crossing, Nova Scotia

Event ends on Dec 2nd, 2008.

Click here to print your GLOBO Shoes invitation coupon

Home Hardware Canada: Up To $335 in Mail-In Rebates

Home Hardware Canada has mail-in cash backs and free product offers totaling over $335. Many of the products on their lists are products you could be buying anyways, like the Brita Filters, so you might as well buy it from Home Hardware and get the additional $10 cash back. Some products may end up being free after the cash back if you buy them during a sale. If you come across hot deals on this list please let us know!

The Home Hardware mail in rebates cover loads of popular brand names such as T-Fal, Cusinart, Starfrit, Henckels, Brita, Energizer, Baker’s Secret, Honeywell, Dirt Devil, Rubbermaid, Conair, DeWalt, Vileda and Sylvania, etc.  Here’s the full list:

Home Harware Canada Mail in Rebates and Cash Back

Promo ends January 31st, 2008.

Click here for more details on this Home Hardware Mail in rebate promo
Click here to print your Home Hardware rebate form

Canadian Coupons: Rexall Drugstore $10 off $50

Rexall Drugstore Canada

This coupon entitles you to save $10 off your purchase of $50 of more at Western Canadian Rexall drugstores. Valid in Manitobe, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia stores.

Coupon expires December 5th, 2008.

Click here to print this Western Canada Rexall coupon

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