Ben and Jerry’s Canada Free Cone Day 2009

Thanks cinny for posting about Ben and Jerry’s Canada Free Cone Day 2009 in Canadian Freebies & Samples.

Ben and Jerrys Canada Free Cone Day 2009

Just a reminder that every year, Ben & Jerry’s has free cone day. This year Ben and Jerry’s Canada Free Cone Day is on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.

Ben & Jerry first scooped up free ice cream all day to thank the community for supporting them in their first year. Now it’s an annual tradition at many of our scoop shops around the world. It’s your chance to try any of our flavors for free!

Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 8:00pm

ALL Ben and Jerry’s Canada stores! 😀

This is a list of all the Scoop Shops in Canada. They are listed by province:


Canadian Freebies: Free Samples of True Lemon Canada

True Lemon Canada

Thanks shapeshift for posting this freebie in the Food & Drink Freebies.

Get free samples of True Lemon Canada. This freebie’s a bit tricky since some people on the forum have gotten nothing while other got as many as 32 free samples! If you simply register you’ll get 1 or 2 free samples.

Click here to order your free True Lemon samples

However if you mention True Lemon somewhere else like on a blog, forum, facebook, twitter or anywhere online you’ll get as many as 10 free samples 😀

If you mention our free True Lemon samples offer in a chat room, on a message board or in a blog, email us a copy of your posting, and we’ll send you 10 complimentary packets – your choice of flavors! If you include the link to our free sample page in your posting, we’ll add 5 more packets!

Email [email protected]

So what you could do is leave a comment below about them and then email them with the link to your comment. Please note that I will not email them on your behalf so you need to send the email yourself. The link to this post is:

Free Pizza Pizza Slice when you Recycle Old Cell Phone

Pizza Pizza Free Slice when Recycle Old Cell Phone

It’s back again! Get a free slice of Pizza from Pizza Pizza when you recylce your old cell phone.

With spring cleaning upon us and earth month fast approaching, Pizza Pizza, the company that introduced telephone pizza ordering in Canada, continues to have a firm connection with phones. This time it’s the company’s commitment to recycle old cell phones from customers. Throughout April, Pizza Pizza will be trading cheese or pepperoni slices in exchange for unused cell phones, with proceeds from the recycling process going to support local food banks across the country. The initiative, Cells for Slices, has collected close to 3,000 phones since it started five years ago. The company is accepting cell phones at traditional restaurants, approximately 360 across the country, and through its corporate offices in Toronto.

Click here for more details on this Pizza Pizza promo

Rockport Canada Footwear Coupons: $10 off

Rockport Canada Coupons

Thanks DrWhoChick for posting this Rockport Canada coupon in Canadian Coupons.

Rockport Canada currently has a $10 off coupon at most of  its stores in Canada. To get the coupon you need to visit the Rockport website and choose your city and you’ll get a custom $10 off coupon for your local Rockport store. The coupon entitles you to save $10 off Rockport Footwear when you purchase any pair of regular priced Rockport Footwear.

To download a $10 OFF Coupon you must find a participating Rockport Retailer near you by using the below map. Simply click on the province you live in. Here you will find a list of cities that have participating Retailers, some cities have more than one store. By clicking on the store name, the location information will appear along with a link to the $10 OFF COUPON. Print the coupon & happy shopping!

Click here to get your Rockport Canada coupon

RW & Co. Canada Coupons & Deals: $15 off $75

RW&Co Canada Coupons and Deals

Thanks couponlady for posting this RW & Co. Canada Spring deal in Canadian Shopping Deals and Flyers

Get $15 off a minimum $75 purchase before taxes at all RW&Co. stores across Canada. RW&Co. Canada coupon expires on April 13th, 2009.

Click here to print this RW & Co. Canada coupon
Click here for RW & Co. Canada store locations

Shoppers Drug Mart Issuing Empty Subway Canada Gift Cards

Subway Canada Gift Card

Apparently some of Subway Canada’s gift cards that Shoppers Drug Mart stores are giving out during their promotions are turning out to be empty. I’ve gotten several complaints about this. This is probably unintentional from Shoppers Drug Mart and Subway Canada but the way they treat their customers once the empty gift card is reported in unacceptable. Also, how hard could it be to check these gift cards have the correct amount before handing them out?

Here’s a complaint from Carolyn D, one of the people who had this problem:

(copy of letter to Subway corp) & (copy to Shopper’s Drug Mart)

Recently, after purchasing over $50 of product at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I received a Subway cash card worth $10.  As I am diabetic and on a small fixed income, I usually do not buy any type of fast food or eat in restaurants.  However, since the card expired today, I decided to use it.  I purchased a 1/2 sub and a vegetable only salad. Total $9.12.  I was embarrassed to find that the card showed no balance.  Fortunately I had $10. so was able to pay for the purchase which I did not want anyway.  I drove back to the Shopper’s who issued the card.  They denied any responsibility and told me to call the number on the back.  It was apparent that this has happened before.  Calling that number gave me a lot of voice mail but no resolution.  I called another Subway who told me that they have had quite a lot of them that are no good.  I am so very angry.  I want my $10.00 refunded.  I do NOT have money to waste on take-out food.  This was my first and l ikely my last visit to a Subway store.  What’s more I will likely limit my purchases at Shopper’s Drug Mart as well.  How do large companies like yours succeed when you treat the public with such disdain?  I will write to my local TV station ombudsman and my local newspaper if necessary.  I find this despicable.   Your stores should have been told to honor the cards and then you reimburse them instead of having customers spend what is now 1 1/2 hours and more than 2 liters of gas trying to take advantage of this so-called FREE offer. This is worse than FREE offer of a card usuable at restaurants that don’t exist in Chilliwack! Carol

Carolyn D

Smart Canucks Contest Forum

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Have you visited the  SmartCanucks contest section lately?

If you haven’t, you are missing out on many opportunities to win something big, or small. SC is proud of our  happy and daily winners. Check out our  winner’s circle and view our winners .

Let me guess, you are new at this and don’t know where to start. Well, we have a newly created thread discussing contesting tips and because of many members tips and contributions, we have new winners. We are adding new contests on a daily basis, and invite you to enter.

Visit SmartCanucks contest section Canada Coupons – Full List of Grocery Coupons

I like posting the updated list of coupons every now and then because it has some awesome coupons worth hundreds of dollars in savings. Thanks cookoo for updating the list 🙂

  2. (CHEER Laundry Detergent – save $1)
  3. (CAMPBELL’S CHUNKY Soups and Chili – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE)
  5. (PLEDGE MultiSurface Cleaner – Free)
  8. (PILLSBURY Original Crescents – save $1, BABY MUM MUM Teething Biscuits – buy 2 save $1, SCHNEIDERS Prepackaged Deli Sliced Meats – save $2, KOZY SHACK Ready Grains – save $1, GAIN Fabric Softener – save $1, CAMPBELL’S CHUNKY Soups and Chili – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE, RUBBERMAID Easy Find Lids Set – save $2.50, CAVENDISH FARMS Potato Wedges or Strips – save 50¢, Herbal Essences Hair Care – save 50¢, BlueWater Seafood – save 75¢)
  9. (GAIN Fabric Softener – save $1, GAIN Laundry Detergent – save $1, SECRET Deodorants or Anti-perspirants – save 50¢)
  10. (CETAPHIL Acne Principles – save $5, CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser – save $2)
  11. (EUKANUBA Dry Dog Food – save $5)
  12. (Purina PRO PLAN Selects – save $7.50, Purina Busy Bone – save $3, Pro Plan Wet Cat Food – one FREE 85g Tin)
  13. (East Coast Creamery Ice Cream – save $2)
  14. (Febreze Odor Eliminator – save $1, Buy 2 Save $3)
  15. (GARNIER FRUCTIS Styling Products – save $2, GARNIER NUTRITIONISTE Ultra-Lift Pro – save $5, GARNIER NUTRITIONISTE Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage – save $2, GARNIER Haircolour – save $2)
  16. (Gerber)
  18. (Gillette 2 in 1 Body Wash – save $1)
  19. (HANES Underwear for Women and Men – save $1)
  20. (Herbal Essences Hair Care – Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
  21. (Iams Dog Food – save $2, Iams Cat Food – save $2, Iams PUPPY Food – save $5, Iams KITTEN Food – save $5)
  22. (Kraft LiveActive Cheddar Cheese with Probiotic Cultures – save $2)
  23. (Advanced Revitalift Cleanser – save $3, Advanced Revitalift Moisturizer – save $5)
  24. (MINERAL POWER from MAYBELLINE New York – Buy any 2 & save $5)
  25. (Natural Instincts Hair Colour – save $1.50)
  26. (Crest Any Pro-Health toothpaste – save 50¢, Oral-B Manual Toothbrush – save $1.50, Crest Any Pro-Health Rinse – save $1, Oral-B Rechargeable Toothbrush – save $5)
  27. (Pampers Diapers – Jumbo or Larger – save $1, Pampers Wipes Tub/Refill (70 ct or larger) – save $1)
  28. (Pampers Swaddlers – save $2, Pampers Cruisers – save $2, Pampers Easy Ups – save $3, Pampers Splashers – save $2, Pampers Sensitive Wipes – save $1, Pampers Swipers Wipes – save $1, Pampers Clean ’n Go Wipes – save $1, Pampers Kandoo Wipes – save 75¢)
  31. (Purina PRO PLAN Selects – save $7.50, Purina Busy Bone – save $3, Pro Plan Wet Cat Food – One FREE 85g Tin)
  32. (Quaker Large Rice Cakes – save 75¢)
  33. (Quaker Snacks – save 75¢)
  34. (Ristorante Pizza – save $1.50 on 2, Casa di Mama Pizza – save 75¢)
  36. (Quaker Snacks – buy 4 save $4)
  37. (Swiffer Dust & Shine – save $1, Swiffer Sweeper/Duster – save $1.50, Swiffer Refills – save $2, Swiffer Wet Jet/Sweep+Vac – save $3)
  39. (Tide Laundry Detergent – save $1)
  40. (Vaseline Clinical Therapy Hand & Body Lotion – save $2)
  41. (Vicks Cold Remedy – Buy 2 Save $1.50, Puffs Tissue with Lotion – save 50¢)

P&G Canada BrandSaver Coupons: Save on Tide, Crest, Pampers, Febreze, Folgers, Venus, Gillette, Olay, Downy, …

P&G Canada Brandsaver Coupons

I love these P&G Canada BranDSaver coupons because they provide savings on daily items that I would’ve bought with or without coupons like Tide, Gillette Fusion, Crest and many more. These coupons are back and won’t last for too long so make sure you order your coupons as soon as possible 😉

Click here to order your P&G Canada BrandSaver Coupons

Here’s a detailed list of all available coupons:

  • CREST AND ORAL-B – Pro Health Dental Care – SAVE $5.00
  • SWIFFER – Sweeper Starter Kit – SAVE $2.50
  • SWIFFER – Refill – SAVE $1.50
  • PAMPERS – Easy Ups – SAVE $3.00
  • SWIFFER – Dusters Kit – SAVE $1.00
  • SATIN CARE – Shave Gel – SAVE $1.00
  • PAMPERS – Wipes, 60 count or larger – SAVE $1.00
  • PAMPERS – UnderJams – SAVE $3.00
  • PAMPERS – Splashers – SAVE $1.00
  • TIDE – Laundry Detergent – SAVE $1.00
  • TIDE TO GO – Instant Stain Remover – SAVE 50¢
  • TIDE TOTALCARE – Laundry Detergent – SAVE $2.00
  • FEBREZE – Fabric Refresher – SAVE $1.00
  • FEBREZE – NOTICEables – SAVE $3.00
  • FOLGERS – Coffee – SAVE 50¢
  • FOLGERS – Gourmet Selections – SAVE $1.00
  • VENUS – Disposable Razor – SAVE $2.50
  • VENUS EMBRACE – Razor – SAVE $4.00
  • VENUS BREEZE – Razor – SAVE $4.00
  • VENUS BREEZE – Disposable Razor – SAVE $2.50
  • PAMPERS – Baby Dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers – SAVE $2.00
  • GILLETTE FUSION – Razor – SAVE $5.00
  • GILLETTE FUSION – Pre/Post Shave – SAVE $1.00
  • GILLETTE SERIES – Shave Gel or Foam – SAVE $1.00
  • IAMS – dry Cat Food – SAVE $2.00
  • IAMS – dry Dog Food – SAVE $2.00
  • MACH3 – Disposable Razor – SAVE $1.50
  • MR. CLEAN – Cleaning Products – SAVE $2.00
  • NICE’ N EASY – Hair Colour – SAVE $1.50
  • OLAY – Facial Moisturizer + Body Product – SAVE $6.00
  • OLAY – Body Wash – SAVE 75¢
  • OLAY – Facial Moisturizer + Facial Cleanser – SAVE $6.00
  • FEBREZE – Candles – SAVE $2.00
  • FEBREZE – Allergen Reducer – SAVE $1.00
  • DAWN – Dishwashing Liquid – SAVE 50¢
  • CREST PRO HEALTH – Rinse – SAVE $1.00
  • ALWAYS – Pad or Liner – SAVE $1.00
  • CASCADE – Dishwasher Detergent – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
  • CASCADE – Dishwasher Detergent – SAVE 50¢
  • BOUNCE – Dryer Sheets – SAVE 50¢
  • DOWNY – Fabric Softener – SAVE $1.00
  • CREST PRO HEALTH – Toothpaste – SAVE 75¢
  • DURACELL – Coppertop Batteries – SAVE 60¢
  • DURACELL – Coppertop Batteries – SAVE $2.00
  • FEBREZE – Air Effects – SAVE $1.00
  • ORAL-B PRO-HEALTH – Manual Toothbrush – SAVE $2.00

Click here to order your P&G Canada BrandSaver Coupons

SportChek Canada Coupon: $20 off $100

Sport Chek Canada Coupon

I desperately need new pair of Nike jogging shoes so this SportChek coupon couldn’t have come at a better time for me. My old pair of jogging shoes are in terrible condition and on Boxing Day I invested in a lovely pair of indoor court shoes that couldn’t be used for outdoor activities. SportChek Canada has a new coupon that saves you  $20 on purchases of $100 or more.

This SportChek coupon expires on June 30th, 2009.

Click here to print your SportChek Canada coupon

Canadian Flyers: This Week’s Best Deals (Apr 3 – 9)

Grocery Shopping Canada

Thanks couponlady, Arch_Dandy & courtreporter for as usual posting this week’s flyer deals in the Canadian Shopping Deals Section

Reminder of useful links:

And here are this week’s flyer deals (March 27 – April 3, 2009):

The wonderful Smart Canucks forum members have been posting hot deals too:

You can also visit the Canadian Hot Shopping & Grocery Deals Forum to keep track of other good deals.

Canadian Coupons to use with Foodland, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Zellers Flyers this Week (April 4 – 10)

Coupons Canada

Thanks Arch Dandy for posting a list of grocery coupons that can be used with flyer shopping deals this week.


  • Kelloggs cereals 345-555g $3.97 (use your buy two save $2 found in stores)
  • Special k bars 2/$3 (use your buy two save $1 found in stores)
  • Philadelphia cream cheese or dips $2 (use your $1 off new philly dips found in stores)
  • Tylenol rapid release or tylenol ultra bonus pack 80+10=90 $10.97 (use your printable $2 off coupons)
  • Pantene pro v shampoo or conditioner $6 (use your $2 off from

Walmart Supercentre

  • Philadelphia cream cheese or dips $2 (use your $1 off new philly dips found in stores)
  • Motts clamato or ocean spray cranberry juice $2.97 (use your $1 off ocean spray printable)
  • Kelloggs eggo waffles $2.97 16s (use your $1 off coupons from boxes)


  • Tide liquid 2.21L or powder 60 uses detergent $8.99 (use your $1 off from
  • Vachon cakes 2 for $4 (use your $0.50 off cash for kids coupon )
  • V8 vegetable cocktails 6 pack $2.47 (use your $0.75 off coupons found in stores)
  • Yoplait source or creamy yogurt tubs 2 for $4 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)
  • Kelloggs all bran medley or all bran flakes $2.97 (use your buy two save $2 found in stores or $1.50 off from


  • Kraft philadelphia cream cheese or dips $1.99 (use your $1 off new philly dips found in stores)
  • Ocean spray cranberry sauce $1.99 (use your printable $1 off)
  • Duncan hines cake or brownie mix or frosting 2 for $3 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)
  • Carnation evaporated milk $1.79 (use your $0.25 off coupon found in stores)
  • Smuckers jam 500ml $3.49 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)
  • Kelloggs pop tarts $2.49 (use your buy two save $1 found in stores)
  • Astro yogurt tubs $2.99 (use your $1 off found in stores)
  • Kelloggs all bran bars or bites $2.99 (use your buy two save $1 found in stores)

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • Tide 1.18-1.47L, gain 1.47L liquid laundry detergent $4.99 (use your $1 off for both found in paper inserts)
  • Kelloggs corn pops, froot loops pr frosted flakes $2.77 (use your buy two save $2 found in stores)
  • Splenda brown sugar, sweetener packs 100s or granular 2 for $10 (use your $1 off coupons found in stores)
  • Gillette fusion or venus breeze razor $9.99 (use your $4 and $5 coupons from brandsaver)
  • Always maxipads 14-24 or pantiliners 36s $3.99 (use your $1 off pads from
  • Herbal essences shampoo or conditioner $2.99 (use your $0.50 off or B2G1 free from
  • Pantene hair care products $4.99 (use your $2 off from brandsaver)
  • Dove body wash $4.99 (use your $1 off or buy two get $2.50 off from
  • Schick intuition plus razor $10.99 (use your $2 off found in stores)

No Frills

  • Always pads 12-24, Tampax tampons 16-20 $2.99 (use your $1 off coupons from brandsaver for both)
  • Chapmans original ice cream 2L $1.88 (use your $0.50 off cash for kids coupon)
  • Ocean spray cocktail 3.78L $4.99 (use your printable $1 off coupons)
  • Gay lea sour cream $1.33 (use your $0.50 off coupons)


  • Johnsonville breakfast sausage $2.99 (use your $1 off coupons found in stores)
  • D’italiano bread or buns 2/$4 (use your $0.50 cash for kids coupon)
  • Pillsbury crescents 3/$4 (use your printable $1 off coupons)
  • Knorr ready to serve soups $1.99 (use your buy two save $1 found in stores)
  • Yoplait creamy or source yogurt $2.49 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)
  • Hamburger helper $1.99 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)

Canadian Coupons: Jergens Canada $3 off

Jergens Canada Coupons

Thanks ker310 for posting this Jergens Canada couopon in Canadian Shopping Deals and Flyers.

Save $3 with the purchase of any Jergens natural GLOW Moisturizer. This offer applies to all Jergens natural GLOW Moisturizers including NEW Jergens natural GLOW Foaming Daily Moisurizer.

Tip: Jergens natural GLOW moisurizers cost around $7. Wait till they go on sale in a flyer or in-store special and then use the $3 discount coupon to get them for a couple of bucks 😉

Click here to print your Jergens Canada Coupon

Canadian Freebies: Free Red Dress Pin & 28.3g Sample of Craisins Sweetened Dried Cranberries

Ocean Spray Free Pin Canada

Thanks for posting this Ocean Spray freebie in Canadian Freebies & Samples

Request a Free Red Dress Pin to show your support for the Heart & Stroke Foundation “The Heart Truth” and you’ll also enjpy a free 28.3g sample of Craisins sweetened dried cranberries.

Wear the Red Dress Pin to help Share the Truth and help save women’s lives.

No purchase necessary. While quantities last. Limit 1 pin per household. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Offer valid only in Canada.

Click here to order your free pin and samples

Download Corbin Bleu’s new single FREE


I don’t know what a Corbin Bleu is. Wikipedia tells me he’s one of the stars of High School Musical, and I have no reason to doubt it.

Based on that, I’ll assume that any of you reading this with a girl in her tweens at home could probably become the hero parent of the day by clicking on this one little link. It will let you download “Rock 2 It,” the latest single from Corbin’s new album Speed Of Light.

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