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Domino’s Pizza Canada: Anything Goes Deal

Dominos Canada

This deal is very variable from location to location. In some cities it’s a steal and in others it’s a rip-off. You’re basically allowed to choose any large (or in some cities medium) pizza with any crust and any number of toppings for a fixed price. In the Greater Toronto Area it’s $9.99 for a medium. In other cities it varies from $9.99 to $19.99 for a large or medium.

Click here to find out how much this deal costs at your local Domino’s Pizza

Join Quiznos Canada Mailing List for Offers and Coupons

Today I got a coupon in my email for a free 6″ Sandwich with the purchase of any sandwich, chips and drink. Unfortunately, Quiznos write the person’s name on the coupon so it can’t be used by anyone else. Your best bet is to join the Quiznos mailing list so that you get future offers and coupons.

Click here to join Quiznos mailing list $10 off $100 when you use Sears Card

Sears Canada

Thanks Gromit for this deal.

Get $10 off purchases of $100 or more when using your Sears card online at Valid until Feb. 4th 2007.

Use coupon code 941612145 

Où est la Zune?

Other / Canada

Anyone who followed my former blog flotsam/jetsam probably knows that I had proudly jumped on the Zune bandwagon. I’d never really been all that into the iPod, and Microsoft’s answer to the bells-and-whistles seemed to offer everything I could ever want. But then the darnedest thing happened – the November release date came and went and we Canadians were left out in the cold! For anyone following Microsoft’s recent wheelings and dealings with the entertainment industry this should come as no shock — after all, the reason 360 owners can’t download movies and TV shows outside of the US is because the big M is all about taking baby steps when it comes to securing distribution rights. A similar situation when it comes to music distribution (through Microsoft’s own Zune Marketplace) was almost an inevitability. It’s a shame, too. We may not be as big of a market as the US, but we certainly are quick to adapt new technology (we were all on broadband when most Americans didn’t even know what that meant.)

So why do I bring this up? A lot of us were expecting a Canadian release date to pop up during CES and it just didn’t happen. As I was hunting the internet for anything Zune-related today, I stumbled across an interesting little tidbit that’s both very Canadian and very Zune related. As regular readers of this blog must know, both Boo and I are proud owners of the Wii. When it’s name was first announced, everyone had a bit of a chuckle. Well it turns out that if you’re French Canadian, you can have a very similar chuckle about the Zune. From Gizmo Cafe Blog;

“Microsoft did a lot of market research before naming Zune including throughout French Canada. “Zoune” is a little used slang expression of the Quebecois kiddie vernacular used to describe the organ through which one urinates, either male or female. The pronunciation is almost identical. Apparently the word is inoffensive to the French as it is the equivalent to using the word pee-pee in English. Apparently Microsoft market research uncovered the transgression in advance but decided to say piss on it and use Zune anyway. You’ll have to excuse the snickering coming from the eastern province when Zune is finally released in the land that rules hockey.”

Swiss Chalet Canada: 2 Free Appetizers with order

Swiss Chalet Canada

Swiss Chalet has a new online ordering interface with a very fun demo. After you watch the cool demo you’ll get a coupon code that entitles you to 2 free appetizers with your next purchase of 4 or more entrees using the online ordering system.

More details on this Swiss Chalet offer here

iPod + cell phone = Apple iPhone

iPhone Canada

It’s out! Apple announced the eagerly anticipated iPhone today and just looking at its photos makes me drool. iPhone will be released in June. The 8GB version will cost $599 US so expect it to cost $699 here. The 4GB version will cost $499 US and it will probably cost $599 here. These prices include a 2 year contract with cingular (US). I’m not sure who will be Canada’s provider? Rogers? Telus? Any ideas?

More photos of the iPhone here

An Overview of Fashion Trends in 2006

Skinny Jeans tucked into Boots

One visit to Queen’s U will convince you that skinny jeans tucked into boots are the latest fashion craze. Expect this trend to last for a couple of more years.

Skinny Jeans

Crocs shoes

or should I call them sandals? Sure they look ugly, but they were one of 2006’s hottest trends.



Unfortunately they’re back.. invasion of the zebras


Mini-skirt with leggings

Lately people have been wearing nylons or leggings under their skirts. The nylons/leggings don’t reach their feet but just below the knee. This is one of last year’s winners and I expect this trend to carry on for a couple of more years.

Skirt with Leggings

Jogging pants with one leg rolled up and the other one down

… so you only see one sock. Looks so freaking ugly but some guys think it’s cool.

Pant-leg rolled up

‘Popped’ collars

This can look very attractive if worn correctly. The collar doesn’t have to go all the way to the top and you can settle with a less dramatic “pop”. This is suitable for both females and males and looks best with a Lacoste Polo shirt.


Like to Recycle? Try Freecycle.

Have something old you were thinking of yard saling but you don’t want to wait until spring? Want something new, or at least new to you that somebody else no longer needs? Check out Freecycle, the world’s largest organization for the gift giving of second hand items. Although it is an international project, Freecycle exists primarily on a regional level. Each region has it’s own group online where people can post items that they’d like to get rid of or like to get their hands on, and once you’ve contacted the person and agreed on the exchange it’s as simple as meeting them somewhere to get your items! Pretty neat, huh?

The things being offered really cover every topic imaginable. Electronics, books, baby clothes – you name it. My sister-in-law lives in England (she’s who turned me on to this site) and actually got her hands on a car.  I’m sure finds like that are few and far between, but still. It’s a great place to make sure your once-treasured items don’t end up in a landfill, and if someone has something you’re looking for, all the better. Do yourself a favour – get yourself decluttered this week and throw whatever you were going to get rid of up on Freecycle instead of out in the trash.

One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever

[youtube]sqk1-q8gXcY[/youtube] in 2007



Hello everybody

I’ve been very busy during the holidays with my family and friends, and wasn’t posting as usual, so I thought I’d update you on my plans for as we start a new year 🙂

I have a couple of exciting ideas lined up for which I’m currently working on, including new stuff for the blog, a new section (working on it with my friend) which I’ll keep a secret until it’s ready 😉 and some contests and rewards.

As for the forum, I feel guilty for my slow maintenance and updates. I spend most of my forum time cleaning up automated spam! a total waste of time! So I’ve decided to install a completely new and better forum which has way more features and better spam protection. I have some ultra-fun ideas for the forum and a huge surprise 🙂 It should be ready within a week – or two if I procrastinate 🙂

I’m also helping JimmyCanuck develop his own pop culture blog. He already chose and bought the domain name but I’ll let him reveal the name once it’s ready 🙂 Many of the enjoyable posts on are written by JimmyCanuck. His blog should be ready by March.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or complaints please let me know! I’m always looking for new ways of improving My email is [email protected]

Thank you everyone for being part of either by contributing to the forum, writing comments or even just visiting. Thank you 🙂

Loblaws Canada Flyer: 99¢ Specials this week

Loblaws Canada

Loblaws has several 99¢ specials this week (Jan 6-12, 2007):

– Stouffer’s Pastaria Entrees, 255g
– Pork Loin Centre Chop
– 2 x Campbell’s Soup, 284mL
– 3 x Astro Yogurt, 175g
– 2 x Heinz Beans or Pasta, 398mL (per pair)
– Quaker Cereal, 250-325g
– Vim Cream Cleanser, 250mL
– Bag Red Grapefruit, 3lb
– Primo Soup, 525-540mL
– Neilson Chocolate Milk, 1L
– Red Rose Tea, 36-pack

Read the Loblaws flyer here

Don’t Buy a Wiimote yet…. get it for Free with Wii Play

Wii Play + Bonus free Wii mote

Nintendo is offering Wii play for $59.99 and it comes with a free Wiimote!! You can think of this offer in two ways: Wiimote costs $49.99 so you’re getting Wii Play for only $10! or you can assume that Wii Play costs $59.99 which means that you’re getting a Wiimote for free! This Nintendo Wii offer is simply irresistible 🙂

Wii Play (with free Wiimote) won’t be out until February 12th, 2007 so you’ll have to be a bit patient.
Wii play consists of 9 mini games:

Table Tennis
Laser Hockey
Find Mii
Pose Mii

More details about Wii Play on wikipedia

More details about the Wii Play – Wiimote deal here

Costco Canada: Winter Savings Coupon Book

Costco Canada

Thanks to gregv of RFD for these Costco coupons 🙂

Rec’d coupon book in mail today.
Over $7500 in vendor-sponsered rebates.
Don’t have access to a scanner right now so will just post the first couple now.

January 4-21
– Nautilus SelectTech Dumbbells with stand $110 off (also,item 106273)
– Webber Naturals Glucosamine + chondroitin 900mg 240 caps $6 off (reg $25.99, also .ca, item 680088)
– Master Home products, Montego Massage table $40 off (item 108681)
– Bowflex Xceed home gym $220 off (item 126973)
– Samsung 56″ HD DLP with stand $300 off (item 116662)
– Samsung 5-dvd wireless home theatre system $100 off (item 878979)

January 8-21 only
– Lifefitness Parabody home gym CM3 $350 off (reg $1799.99, item 116066)
– Lifefitness Parabody home gym GS4 $350 off (reg $1899.99, item 116067)
– Ironman legacy treadmill with 7″ lcd tv $250 off (reg $1799.99, item 108057)
– Ironman acheiver elliptical $250 off (reg $1899.99, item 111286)
– Dell dimension 9200 desktop $500 off (item 842379/847389)
– Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook $200 off (item 848439/848449)
– Dell dimension e520 desktop $200 off (item 847399/847409)

Lego Shop Canada: Sales & Deals

Lego Canada

Lego has a huge collection of items on sale.

Here are the logo items on sale.

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