Canadian Deals: Casio Exilim Pro Digital Camera

Costco Casio Digital CameraWow! Costco are selling this Casio Exilim Pro EX-P505 5.0 MP Digital Camera for $229.99! It has a 5x optical zoom, 2 inch LCD monitor as well as load of other features (you can read full specifications here). $229.99 for a camera with all these features and options is very appealing. If I just hadn’t bought my Sony DSC60 a couple of months ago!
You can find this awesome Costco deal right here.

Best Buy’s 7 Days of Canadian Deals – Day 3

 Best Buy Deals Day 3

Today is Day 3 and Best Buy has the Logitech Z-5300E 5.1 PC Speakers on sale. They are on sale for $149.99 down from $299.99. That’s a 50% discount! At $299.99 these speakers were definitely overpriced but now for $149.99 this is one hot deal. If you play a lot of PC games or watch movies on your computer, these speakers will provide you with the ultimate breathtaking 5.1 surround sound experience. You can find this offer here. More information about the 5.1 speakers:

Feel the game on your PC or console with breathtaking 5.1 surround sound from the Logitech Z-5300E speaker system. Demanding gamers prefer its high power and THX performance. Its patented dual chamber subwoofer pounds out twice the bass of conventional designs, delivering deep, loud and powerful bass.

Free Dell 19″ LCD Monitor with Telus Offer

TELUS Internet OfferSwitch to TELUS High Speed Internet, sign up for a 3-year contract and enjoy TELUS High Speed only $30.95 per month. Plus you’ll get:
– Free Dell 19″ LCD flat panel monitor
– 1 month of free Internet service
Free modem rental

That’s a pretty hot deal in my opinion. $30.95/month for high speed Internet is reasonable and the free Dell monitor makes this deal irresistible.

You can get this TELUS High Speed Internet koala deal here. This offer expires on June 30th, 2006. 

Best Buy’s 7 Days of Canadian Deals – Day 2

Best Buy Deal

Today is Day 2 of Best Buy’s 7 days of deals. Today’s deal is a 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor for $299.99. You can find this deal here.
Although this is a good price for a 19 inch screen, I would strongly recommend that you wait for DELL to have a sale on their LCD monitors. DELLs are way better and 19”  DELL monitors can sometimes go on sale for as low as $269!
Best Buy once again offered a warm deal. Hopefully they’ll have a better deal tomorrow.

Canadian Deals: Manager’s Chair at Staples

StaplesGlobal Mid-Back Manager’s Chair is on sale for $69.98 at Staples. If you’re look for a good comfy computer chair, I strongly recommend this chair. For this price, this Manager’s Chair is a hot deal. You can buy it online here

Canadian Deal: Coke & Sprite for $0.88

ShoppersDrugMarts2 litre Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite are on sale for 88cents at Shoppers Drug Mart this week . This is usually one of the lowest prices you can get for these drinks. Limit is 4 per person.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s flyer has some pretty hot deals this week.

Canadian Deal: 50% off [email protected] Furniture

All Superstore and Loblaws stores, Canada wide, are having a Life @ Home Furniture Clearance. Loads of items such as tables, chairs, bookcases, etc. are reduced by 50%.

Bentley Coupon

Save $5.00 OFF your purchase of $24 or more. Just print the coupon and use it at any Bentley store in Canada.

Here is the the Bentley coupon.

Free Canadian Sample: Lacoste Perfume

You can order a free sample of:
Lacoste touch of pink perfume

Update: this Freebie is still available for many countries but not Canada anymore.

Best Buy’s 7 Days of Canadian Deals – Day 1

Beginning March 31st, Best Buy will offer one deal everyday. I’ll post Best Buy’s deals daily (for the next 7 days) and I’ll express my opinion on their offer.

Best Buy Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Best Buy’s Deals:  Day 1
Microsoft Wireless Optical Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Warm deal. I prefer Microsoft’s newer keyboard and mouse models.

Canadian Deals: Garmin Geko 201 GPS

Garmin Geko 201 GPS
Garmin’s Geko 201 GPS is on clearance at The Source for $79.99 (original price $229.99). If it’s not sold out at your local The Source, this is beyond doubt a hot deal. You can check the number of remaining gekos at your local The Source.
It’s sold out where I live 🙁

Gekos are the smallest and lightest waterproof GPS units on the market. Besides regular GPS features, the Geko 201 also includes four (Geko Smak, Memory Race, Nibbons & Virtua Maze) fun, interactive games that transform the great outdoors into a virtual board game.

Long Distance Deal: $3.95/month Unlimited Calls

Thanks David for being the first person to use the “Suggest a Deal” form, you truly are a Smart Canuck 🙂
Here’s the deal David recommended: is offering long distance calls for a fixed monthly price of $3.95. It’s “0c a minute sponsored unlimited calling” since you’re required to hear a short 5 second sponsor-greeting before each call (not a biggie for me). Unfortunately though, you’ll have to pay a $10 Setup fee.

If you place many long distance calls within Canada’s deal is definitely hot. is now 100% Free

Free Rate My Professors 

You won’t really appreciate the value of this unless you’re a college/university student. Yes! The famous and website is now offering full free membership. You can read all comments on professors for free!

An interesting short video about RateMyProfessors
Join RateMyProfessors for free

Here are some of the funniest comments on professors from their website:

20  You can’t cheat in her class because no one knows the answers.
19  His class was like milk, it was good for 2 weeks.
18  Houston, we have a problem. Space cadet of a teacher, isn’t quite attached to earth.
17  I would have been better off using the tuition money to heat my apartment last winter.
16  Three of my friends got A’s in his class and my friends are dumb.
15  Emotional scarring may fade away, but that big fat F on your transcript won’t.
14  Evil computer science teaching robot who crushes humans for pleasure.
13  Miserable professor – I wish I could sum him up without foul language.
12  Instant amnesia walking into this class. I swear he breathes sleeping gas.
11  BORING! But I learned there are 137 tiles on the ceiling.
10  Not only is the book a better teacher, it also has a better personality.
9  Teaches well, invites questions and then insults you for 20 minutes.
8  This teacher was a firecracker in a pond of slithery tadpoles.
7  I learned how to hate a language I already know.
6  Very good course, because I only went to one class.
5  He will destroy you like an academic ninja. 
4  Bring a pillow.
3  Your pillow will need a pillow.
2  If I was tested on her family, I would have gotten an A.
1  She hates you already.

Suggest or Request a Deal now has a new form in its right Sidebar that allows you to suggest any good deals or request a specific deal. You can also use this form to send us any comments or suggestions that you might have.

Please feel free to use the form in any way you wish. We’d love to hear from you and we’d definitely appreciate your help in locating hot Canadian deals 🙂

Free National and International Phone Calls

I felt suspicious at first too, but after trying Voip Stunt I was stunned! They are actually free although as you probably expected, there is a teeny weenie catch.

The catch:
Free calls last for 1 minute unless you have credit in your VoipStunt account. You have to purchase a minimum of 10 Euros (~$14) every 120 days to keep your account active.

In a nutshell:
For $3.5/month you can make free PC-to-Phone calls to the following countries:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela

I personally think that this is one hot phone deal, especially if you make a lot of international calls. Give VoipStunt a try, without buying any credit (and without using your credit card at all), and decide whether it suits your needs.

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