Sears Canada: Lowest Prices of the Year

Sears Canada

Sears online is currently running a “Sears Days” promo and Sears website claims that some items are at their lowest prices of the year.

Just for your info, you can order from Sears online and pick up from store to avoid paying shipping fees. When you request picking up from a Sears store it just feels like ordering from Sears Catalogue.. nice and simple 🙂

Shop at Sears “Lowest Prices of the Year” here

Foot Locker Canada: Family & Friends Event

Foot Locker CANADA

Now that’s interesting, Foot Locker is having a family and friends event at the same dates as Foot Locker. They both have simillar discounts. Only difference is that Foot Locker calls it a “Family & Friends” event while Champs Sports calls it a “Friends & Family” event.

I think you’ll need an SPC card to make use of this event

Print your Foot Locker Family and Friends coupon here

Champs Sports Friends and Family Event

Champs Friends and Family

This coupon says it’s for US and US territories only and at the same time it says Quebec residents excluded from online purchases! so I guess it’s valid for Canada too (unfortunately excluding Quebec).

Print your Champs coupon here

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Canadian Freebies: Lise Watier Lift & Firm Sample

Lise Watier

Get a free one-week supply of Lise Watier LIFT & FIRM at the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart 🙂

Click here to enter and print your coupon for free one-week supply

Expires December 1st, 2006

Linens ‘n Things Canada

Linens n Things

Linens ‘n Things seem to have a large collection of items on sale.

More details at the Linens ‘n Things website

The 15 Richest Fictional Characters

Other / Canada

Forbes released its annual listing of fiction’s very wealthiest. I’m shocked to find out that Charles Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons) is richer than Scrooge McDuck! For some reason, I always imagined uncle Scrooge as the cartoon world’s “Bill Gates”. I still think uncle Scrooge is classier than that annoying Mr. Burns.

The biggest surprise is that Santa Claus has been unseated from the number-one spot! In fact, he’s been completely removed from the list and Forbes’ reason for Santa’s disappearance is hillarious:

We still estimate Claus’ net worth as infinite, but we excluded him from this year’s rankings after being bombarded by letters from outraged children insisting that Claus is “real.” We don’t claim to have settled the ongoing controversy concerning Claus’ existence, but after taking into account the physical evidence – toys delivered, milk and cookies devoured – we felt it was safer to remove him from consideration.

Here are this year’s 15 richest fictional characters:

Rich #1 Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks

Net Worth: $36.2 billion
Source: Defense Industries
Age: 52
Marital Status: Divorced, one child
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Education: S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, B.S.
More on Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks>
#2 Charles Montgomery Burns

Net Worth: $16.8 billion
Source: Energy
Age: 104
Marital Status: Single, one bastard child
Hometown: Springfield, U.S.A.
Education: Yale University, B.S.
More on Charles Montgomery Burns>
Rich #3 Scrooge McDuck

Net worth: $10.9 billion
Sources: Mining, Treasure Hunting
Age: 80
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Duckburg, U.S.A.
Education: Cluck U., dropout
More on Scrooge McDuck>
Rich #4 Richie Rich

Net Worth: $10.7 billion
Source: Inheritance, Conglomerates
Age: 10
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Richville, U.S.A.
Education: Richville Elementary
More on Richie Rich>
Rich #5 Jed Clampett

Net Worth: $7.7 billion
Source: Oil & Gas, Banking
Age: 51
Marital Status: Widowed, one child
Hometown: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Education: Ozark Elementary, dropout
More on Jed Clampett>
Rich #6 Mr. Monopoly

Net Worth: $7.1 billion
Source: Real Estate
Age: 71
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Atlantic City, N.J.
Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.A.
More on Mr. Monopoly>

Rich #7 Bruce Wayne

Net Worth: $6.8 billion
Source: Inheritance, Defense
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Gotham City, U.S.A.
More on Bruce Wayne>

Rich #8 Anthony Stark

Net Worth: $3 billion
Source: Defense
Age: 35
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Education: MIT, B.S.
More on Anthony Stark>

Rich #9 Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria

Net Worth: $2.8 billion
Source: Inheritance
Age: 37
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Education: Yaba College of Technology, B.S.
More on Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria>
Rich #10 Thurston Howell,III

Net Worth: $2.7 billion
Source: Howell Industries
Age: 60
Marital Status: Married, no children
Hometown: Private Island, South Pacific
Education: Harvard University, B.A.
More on Thurston Howell,III>
Rich #11 Willy Wonka

Net Worth: $2 billion
Source: Candy, Aerospace
Age: 57
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Kent, England
Education: Academie d’Art Culinaire, Paris
More on Willy Wonka>

Rich #12 Lucius Malfoy

Net Worth: $1.3 billion
Source: Inheritance
Age: 51
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: Wiltshire, England
Education: Hogwarts
More on Lucius Malfoy>

Rich #13 Tony Montana

Net Worth: $1 billion
Source: Cocaine
Age: 42
Marital Status: Separated, no children
Hometown: Miami, Fla.
Education: Pinar del Rio High School, dropout
More on Tony Montana>

Rich #14 Lara Croft

Net Worth: $1 billion
Source: Inheritance, Antiques
Age: 37
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Wimbledon, England
Education: Cambridge University
More on Lara Croft>
Rich #15 Mario

Net Worth: $1 billion
Source: Commodities
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Education: Brooklyn Technical High School
More on Mario>

[via msn/Forbes]

Best Buy Canada: Beat the Holiday Rush Online Event

Best Buy Canada

Visit Best Buy’s website from 1am – 10am EST here

Manufacturer’s Warehouse Sale on Brand Name Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances

Got this email from Janis regarding their Consumer electronics warehouse sale:

Hi “Boo”

We are hosting our 1st Annual Manufacturer’s Warehouse Sale on Brand Name Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances and hoped you could share the details with your readers. I’ve attached our flyer for your review.

Our brand names include Citizen, Electrohome, Koss and Magnasonic to mention a few.

Great deals on: Televisions, Flat Panel TVs, DVD Players, Boom Boxes, Clock Radios, Karaoke Systems and Software, CD Players, Cordless Phones, Flash Memory Cards, Wine Coolers, Water Dispensers, Compact Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens

The sale is being held on December 2 & 3rd; Dec 9 & 10th; and Dec 16 & 17th

Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Location: 6185 McLaughlin Road, Mississauga, ON L5R 3W7 (corner of Cantay and McLaughlin)

Methods of Payment: Interac, Visa and Mastercard

We have some exceptionally great offers, selling wholesale on these A1 products.

There are no refurbished items in this sale! If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Best regards


Read their flyer here

Nexxtech Steam Brush With Lint Brush

I’m not a fan of Nexxtech’s products but this device seems unique and for $19.99 $10.00 this Nexxtech Steam Brush With Lint Brush might be worth a try.


Powerful steam removes wrinkles and dirt from fabric. Includes lint brush, measuring cup, cleaning brush, and soft bristle brush, plus it’s wall mountable so you can keep it close by, yet out of the way. Transparent water tank has a capacity of 100cc. With ready light indicator.

More details on the Nexxtech Steam Brush With Lint Brush here

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Nintendo Wii fun ‘tips n tricks’

Other / Canada

Came across these tips and tricks on a Wii forum & IGN. This is a must read for all Nintendo Wii owners.

1. Press the home button on the main menu. Next click on the controller image. You can adjust the wii-mote volume and rumble functions

2. Hold a and b down and you can move the windows on the main menu around.

3. In order to add someone to your friend’s list you BOTH have to enter eachother’s Number ID and Console Nickname to be able to send messages and Mii’s

4. Want your plain-looking Wii to have some style? Add a blue light around you CD drive anytime the console is on by doing the following:

Go to your email from the home menu, and add your personal computer email address to your address book. Wait ~1 hour for the email (mine took at least this long) Reply to the email from your computer. In a few minutes, you will have an email waiting for you on your Wii. Don’t read it! As long as it remains new, you have a pretty blue light!

5. In wii sports bowling, you can release on the back swing and throw the ball backwards. It scares all the miis behind you.

6. Email A Wii: You can email any Wii that you know the Friend code for. The Email address will be w(Wii Number here) For Example: [email protected]

7. Get rid of Generic Teammates/Spectators: The Wii will automatically use the other Miis in your Plaza as teammates and spectators in certain Wii sports games. Create friends and family, and you can get rid of the generic Miis.

8. Register and Extend Warranty: Register your Console on, get a free 90 day extension to your warranty.

9. Get Free Nintendo Power: Register 3 Nintendo products on, and get 3 months of Nintendo Power free.

10. Extra Parts: There are two parts to the Wii in your box that you may either not find, or never know what they are. The first is a Clear Disc piece. This piece fits under your Wii stand to Stabalize it’s balance. The second is a Small(1″ – 1.5″) plastic Piece. This piece is the stand for the Sensor bar. It puts some disntance between your TV and the bar. In theory, that should give you a better angle reception.

11. Get Miis in your parade: Setting your Miis to Mingle, and having your friends do the same thing will soon have Miis walking around in your parade. Your friends’ Miis will wonder over to your console and parade around, so long as they are set to Mingle. You can then grab them and send them to your Plaza so you have a copy.

12. In Zelda, the direction Link spins when doing a spin attack depends on which way you spin your nunchuck

13. In Wii Sports Bowling, when you press up on the Directional Pad, it will zoom in on the lane. The zoom in sound is the exact same sound from Super Mario 64 anytime you moved the camera.

14. If you go to the Channel section in your menu you can choose to save VC games on a SD card….

15. In LOZ:TP if you keep it at the start screen for an extended period of time, it plays an extremely extended trailer that they didn’t show to the general public which is pretty cool.

16. On hole 3 of Wii Sports Golf, there is a small section of fairway at about a 45 degree angle to the left from the tee box. It is a small patch surrounded by Out Of Bound-ness. If you can land your ball on there, you can easily make it on the green in 2, to to Eagle the course.

17. Wii Video 9 – Wii Video Converter

Wii Video 9 is a free video conversion application developed by Red Kawa. It allows you to convert your computer video files (like avi, divx, mpeg, etc.) into the specific video formats that are playable on the Wii.

Wii Video 9 can also be combined with Videora, another software application, and together they can let you automatically download and convert video for your Wii using BitTorrent and RSS technology.

18. In the Wii menus, turn your wrist and the hand cursor will also turn.

19. from Varelse: I just found and confirmed a little easter egg. I’m not sure if it’s already known, but while your Wii is powered down you can press any button on your Wiimote and lights will flash. The number of lights flashing is the amount of charge left in your battery (1 is least charge, 4 is most charge)

20. In Wii Bowling, if you aim right to any lane near you, you can throw your ball there, but you won’t hit any pins unless you aim right.

21. Zelda. You can skip cutscenes in Zelda by hitting the – button

22. Black Ninja Wii Bowling easter egg YouTube – Wii Sports Bowling Easter Egg

23. When you purchase a virtual console title and Mario runs across the screen, if you happen to get fire flower Mario, you can shoot fireballs with the A button.

24. Omie When looking at your messages press a+b and you can move the messages around. If you have A LOT of messages like me then you can arrange them in this manner or you can just delete them

Future Shop Future Photo 15¢ 4×6 Digital Prints

Future Shop Photos

More details at the Future Photo website

Sears Free Airline Tickets for 2 with Appliance or Furniture Purchase

Sears Canada

You have to spend at least $2,700 so the tickets aren’t exactly free but it’s still an awesome deal if you were about to buy appliances or furniture anyway. If you’re getting married soon this could be a great way of getting your honeymoon tickets for free.

How do you get your 2 free tickets?
Purchase $2,700 or more before taxes, during Sears Days (Nov 24 – Dec 10), from our major appliance, home furnishing, and sleep set departments, using your Sears Card or Sears MasterCard, and you will receive a voucher for 2 free round-trip airline tickets to your choice of participating destinations.

Where can you go?
You can choose from over 55 select destinations in 7 regions worldwide, including the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Europe!

What else should you know?
Flights are booked with major airline carriers. All hotels are 4- and 5-star properties, and your voucher is fully transferable!

More details on this Sears promo here

New Coupon

A new coupon has been added on Buy 1 OLAY Daily Facials and get 1 free

Read my full list here

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