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RedPlum Coupon Insert: April 5th Edition Sneak Peek

Thank you to forum members Venuila and PattySmyth for this info regarding the contents of the April 5th edition of the RedPlum coupon insert. This insert typically appears in your local paper or your flyer bundle so keep an eye out. I haven’t received a RedPlum insert in either my paper or flyers for several …Read More

RedPlum March 7 Coupon Insert Sneak Peek

My flyer guy is taking off for a long weekend so dropped off my flyers early including a RedPlum insert.  Here are the coupons found in the GTA edition (they sometimes differ across the country).  It is a fairly small insert Cleaning $3 Vileda Bee Mop – 30004724 – May 30 $3 Vileda Fibro Contact …Read More

Redplum Coupon Insert: February 1st Edition Sneak Peek

There is a new edition of the Redplum coupon insert due out this weekend, and forum member coupongirl99 has posted a list of the coupons that this new edition will contain. Watch your local newspaper or flyers this weekend for the insert containing the following coupons: $2 off any Natures Bounty Product – Aug. 31/14 …Read More

SmartSource and RedPlum 2014 Coupon Insert Schedule

Thanks to Venuila and Nancy for sending us a copy of the coupon insert schedule for 2014.  Brandsaver are a little more secretive with their dates but we can look forward to a SmartSource coupon insert this weekend to start refilling our coupon binders/holders followed by a RedPlum next weekend!  It is great to see …Read More

Canadian Coupons: Red Plum Oct 5 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the Red Plum coupon insert due out this weekend health & Beauty $10 on the purchase of a Phillips Sonicare Airfloss, November 30, 2013, 36704952 $5 on the purchase of any Sonicare Brush Refill, November 30, 2013, 36704965 $15 on the purchase of a Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush, November 30, …Read More

RedPlum Coupon Insert July 6 Sneak Peek

There is a RedPlum scheduled for next week and Nancy sent us an early sneak peek Beauty/Bathroom $2.00  on any Degree Clinical $1.00  on any Degree excluding clinical $2.00  any 2 Dove Bar Soap packs $2.00  any 2 Dove body washes $2.00  any 2 Dove antiperspirants $2.00  any 2 Dove hair products $3.00 off any …Read More

RedPlum Coupon Insert Sneak Peek March 9th

Huge thanks to PurpleBunny89 who posted a preview of the coupons in the RedPlum coupon insert due out this weekend.  As always, coupons may vary across the country. $3 Vileda Bee Mop – May 30 $3 Fibro Contact Mop – May 30 $2 Super Twist Mop – May 30 $2 Oskar Broom – May 30 …Read More

2013 Dates for Smart Source and RedPlum Inserts

A huge thank you to YOU AND ME for getting the 2013 release dates for SmartSource and RedPlum coupon inserts.  These inserts can be found in most national newspapers and some local papers/flyer deliveries.  You may get the insert a few days either side of the release date depending on the newspaper. Smart Source release …Read More

Red Plum Canada Coupon Insert October 6th Sneak Peek

Here is the list of coupons from this weekend’s Redplum coupon insert.  As always, they may differ between regions. Thanks ColleenMGorecki. $2 Whiskas Dry Food for Cats, Mar 31, 13 BOGO Pedigree Care & Treats, Mar 31, 13 $1 Vileda Scrub & Go or Scrunge product, Dec 31, 12 $3 WUB2 Vileda Scrub & Go …Read More

Redplum Canada Insert September 8th Coupon List

Thanks to thatdarncat for an early list of the Redplum coupons for this weekend: $1.00 Any Vim product (excl. 250ml) UPC: 89288560 exp: 31 Dec 2012 $1.00 Any Lever 2000 Bar (4pk) or Body wash UPC: 89288556 exp: 31 Dec 2012 $1.00 Any St. Ives Body Wash UPC: 89288558 exp: 31 Dec 2012 Get a …Read More

Canadian Coupons: Red Plum Coupon Insert This Weekend

Here is a preview of this weekend’s Red Plum coupon insert. Some areas receive them earlier than others so check your newspapers. I typically find Red Plum yawn-worthy but this one’s got some goodies! $3.00 off Vileda Bee Mop $3.00 off Vileda Fibro Contact Mop $2.00 off Vileda Super Twist Mop $2.00 off Vileda Oskar …Read More

Redplum Canada: Discount Coupon List

Heres the latest Redplum coupons: $1.00 WUB2 on any Arm & Hammer laundry products Dec/31/11 $1.00 OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder Dec/31/11 $1.00 Oxiclean MaxForce Spray or Multi-purpose Spray Dec/31/11 $1.00 Oxiclean MaxForce Liquil-Gel or MaxForce Power Paks Dec/31/11 $2.00 PediaSure Complete 4 x 235ml pack June/30/12 $3.00 WUB2 Glade Jar Candles Nov/30/11 $5.00 WUB2 …Read More

Canadian Coupons RedPlum Flyer Coupon List for June 4, 2011

Yeah,  more coupons in the newspaper this weekend.  Here is the list of RedPlum coupons coming to your doorstep! Save $5 on any size Multibionta …Exp. Dec 31. 2011 Save $1.50 off any Kid’s Spinbrush ..Exp. May 30,2012 Save $1.00 on adult Spinbrush pro clean, pro whitening, sonic or select..Exp. May 30,2012 Save .50 off …Read More

Redplum Canada: Newspaper Coupon Insert May 7th 2011

Here are the Redplum coupons that will be in the newspaper insert May 7th 2011. $2.00 off any 1 Axe 113g Bodyspray, 76g Anti-perspirant, or 85g Deodorant – Exp. 12/31/11 $1.50 off any Spinbrush Globrush Toothbrush – Exp. 04/30/12 $1.00 off any Spinbrush Kids Toothbrush – Exp. 04/30/12 $1.50 off any Spinbrush Adult Toothbrush- Pro …Read More

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