Bulk Barn Canada Free Reusable Bag When You Spend $10

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Bulk Barn is offering a free reusable bag when you spend $10 or more before taxes.  The bag is pretty cute imo.  This offer runs until September 30th. One per customer.

I *think* you may also be able to use the $3 coupon IF your total is still over $10 before taxes and receive the free bag :) It’s worth a try! 

Thanks HOWWON for posting this on the forum!


  1. sandra

    My purchase was about $12 and then the cashier took the $3 off for the coupon. She even gave me a free bag even though my total came to less than $10 after the coupon was redeemed. She said that each store is given a limited number of bags so once the supply is depleted, you won’t get a bag if you shop later during the sale because there won’t be any left.

  2. Catherine L

    I was there Friday, spent $13 plus. It was an impromptu trip so did not have the coupon with me to use. I still didn’t get the bag:(

  3. robbie8618

    ah so that’s why i got one, first time i glanced at it i was like wth he charged me $1 and i didn’t even say i wanted one, but then i saw that the $ was later deducted. only mistake i mad i bough to much, i originally planned to make 4 trips with the $3 cupon

  4. Robin

    We did get the free bag and use the coupon in Ottawa. However, be warned even their sale prices are pretty expensive sometimes. Just bought walnut pieces on sale and the sale price was 22.30 kg which seems very expensive for walnut fragments! The sliced almonds on sale were 16.96 a kg by contrast.

  5. canadian_girl

    I also received a bag for my $10 purchase. She handed me the bag before I was even asked to pay. So when I handed her the coupon, she took it off without a hitch.

    FYI — Bulk Barn cashiers often have flyers under their checkout stations. If you forget your coupon, just ask to see a current flyer, and they’ll hand you a new flyer (with the $3 coupon on front — wuuhuu!). I’ve done this a couple times and used the coupon no problem.

  6. Julie

    Was at Bulk Barn in Newmarket (ON) today and got the free bag. I’d never been to Bulk Barn before…but I sure will again! Nice stuff!

  7. mommasaver

    My purchase came to over $10, and the cashier gave me the bag eventhough she then took off the $3 coupon. It was great!


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