Canadian Coupons: Black Diamond Cheese 500g $3.69 With Coupon At Atlantic Superstore

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A few month’s back I did a trade for some $0.75 Black Diamond cheese coupons hoping for a sale so I could use them. This coming week at Atlantic Superstore is just that sale. They have 500g cheese bars on sale for just $4.44 so with the $0.75 coupons I will pay just $3.69. Time to stock up for the summer and maybe longer depending on the dates. The sale runs from July 2nd to the 8th.


  1. Christa

    When I bought 5 blocks in No Frills in May..the expiry dates were until end Sept. Who knew I would go through the blocks already or I would’ve bought more.

  2. AMAC

    Hi, where would I get some of those Black diamond cheese coupons?
    I tied to click on a few things, but its not working. If someone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated…thanks

    • FallenPixels

      This post is from 2010, those coupons would have expired but there are currently tear pad coupons for 75c off Black Diamond that some forum members have mentioned finding in Metro and some other grocery stores


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