Canadian Coupons: Maple Leaf Bacon $1.47 With Coupon At Food Basics

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baconThis weeks coming Food Basics has Maple Leaf bacon 375-500g on sale for $2.47. So with the $1 off coupons that are out there you can get it for just $1.47. I love Maple Leaf bacon and it is the only one I will buy for our family. Unfortunately there is no Food Basics close to me. The regular price is around $5 and I am lucky if I find it for $3.49. So I am stuck with no bacon!! The flyer runs for April 9th to the 15th.

Click here to view the whole flyer.

Thanks to pateyface for posting the flyer.


  1. ccmp1974

    I got mine in trades.I think they were found in store.It is good on a number of different Maple Leaf products.

  2. Sally

    We bought the Schnieders thats on for 1.99 at Zehrs, its ok bacon. TO be honest my first choice is the thick sliced presidents choice bacon :)


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