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All You Need To Know For The Solar Eclipse

Today, Monday at around 2:30pm EST, the afternoon sky will darken in a rare moment where the moon moves between the earth and the sun, known as a solar eclipse. The moon’s long shadow will cast across most parts of the U.S., though you will be able to catch some of the effects of the solar eclipse in Canada as well. People residing in Victoria will have the best chance of seeing the full solar eclipse, while people in Iqaluit will have the most reduced chances of seeing it.

As you’ve probably heard from the warnings, solar eclipses can cause blindness in some instances if you look directly at the sun without proper eyewear protection. Some schools and daycares will actually be letting the kids off early so they can be with their parents to watch the eclipse.

The next solar eclipse is not going to be until 2024, but that one will be less visible to us North Americans so I suggest you take an hour or two off tomorrow afternoon to grab a sneak peek of this rare astrological occurrence.

CTV News has put together this helpful graphic, which you can use to track where and when you should be for optimal viewing of the solar eclipse tomorrow.

Click here to learn more about the solar eclipse.

Your Essential Back-To-School Supplies List For High School and Middle School

Back-to-school shopping can be stressful no matter how many times you’ve done it. The school will often send out a list of mandatory supplies for elementary school students to help parents and their kids figure out what they need before the school year starts. But as kids get older there seems to be less guidance about what your child needs for the impending school year, even though they’ll often arrive on the first day of middle school or high school and have teacher’s asking why they didn’t pick up X item or get X brand of a specific scientific calculator.

We’ve decided to at least try and diffuse some of that back-to-school shopping anxiety by curating lists for both middle school and high school kids. These lists are obviously not exhaustive, nor are the items included on the list mandatory, but will probably serve best as a guide for what you should budget for.

Middle School back-to-school list:

  • backpack/sidebag and gym bag (especially if your child is involved in sports)
  • USB drive and backup drive (trust me, once you’ve had one of your projects magically erased, you’ll always backup your work)
  • lock for locker
  • agenda/calendar (unless supplied by the school)
  • pencils/mechanical pencils (if getting mechanical, be sure to get refills of led)
  • pens and highlighters for studying/notes
  • binder (either one big one for all subjects, or multiple smaller ones)
  • looseleaf
  • pencil case and lunch box
  • Notebooks (e.g. Hilroy 80 page Notebooks for studying/taking notes)
  • eraser
  • whiteout
  • folders for holding handouts

High School back-to-school list:

  • laptop (unless you have a desktop/shared laptop at home)
  • scientific calculator or graphing calculator* (your child may only need this if they are taking more advanced math/physics classes)
  • backpack/sidebag and gym bag
  • USB drive and backup drive
  • lock for locker
  • pencils/mechanical pencils (if getting mechanical, be sure to get refills of led)
  • pens and highlighters for studying/notes
  • binder (either one big one for all subjects, or multiple smaller ones)
  • looseleaf
  • pencil case and lunch box
  • locker organizer
  • Notebooks (e.g. Hilroy 80 page Notebooks for studying/taking notes)
  • eraser
  • whiteout
  • folders for holding handouts
  • project/essay/report laminated folders (e.g. Staples Clear Front Report Folder)

This should cover most of the basics that you’d need for your back-to-school supplies shopping. Most other items that you would need a teacher would specify ahead of time so that you could have time to go out and pick it up before classes begin.

As for back-to-school shopping, as kids get older they may like to exercise more agency in what they get for the new school year, especially if they’re in high school and have a part-time job that allows them to buy more, if not all, of their own clothes. This list is again more of a loose idea of what you can pick up to be prepared for the year ahead, but I’d suggest that before you go out shopping with your kids you do a purge of their closet where you lay all of their clothes out and sort them into three piles: things they still wear, things they’ve grown out of, and things they no longer wear anymore.

This will give you a clear idea of what their wardrobes are lacking in and what they’ve got too much of, which should also allow you to customize this suggested back-to-school shopping list to your child’s specific needs.

Back-to-school clothing checklist:

  • pants 2-5 (jeans, cords, khakis, etc.)
  • workout clothing/sports wear 2-3 (e.g. sweatpants, running shorts, leggings, etc.)
  • dress pants/skirts, at least one for either boys or girls
  • casual dresses/skirts (if your daughter likes them)
  • hoodies/sweaters, for the cooler days 2-5
  • casual tees and blouses (4-5) and long-sleeve tees/button ups (3)
  • 1 pair of casual sneakers, 1 pair of formal shoes, and (if needed) 1 pair of sneakers for sports
  • rainboots and winter boots (plus fleece liner, if needed)
  • winter coat (if coat from last year doesn’t fit)
  • fall coat/fleece (if coat from last year doesn’t fit)
  • winter accessories (e.g. mittens, hat, scarf, gloves)
  • socks and underwear (between 10-14)
  • hair accessories (e.g. headband for sports, barrettes, hair elastics, etc.)
  • nail polish (if wanted)
  • face wash
  • deodorant/anti-perperant
  • hand sanitizer
  • gum (if wanted)

Happy back-to-school shopping!

Lowe’s Canada Summer Clearance Event: Save 20%-75% Off on Select Patio Furniture, Outdoor Decor and More

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin prepping for summer 2018. Right now at Lowe’s Canada they are having a massive outdoor decor and patio furniture sale where you can save between 20% to 75% off from the regular price.

There really are some incredible offers to be found in this sale. For instance, this allen + roth Thorncliffe 3-Piece Patio Bar Set is being sold for just $200, which is a savings of $249 from the original price of $449.

Other great finds from this sale included:

  • Garden Treasures Sandyfield 3-Piece Wicker Patio Bistro Dining Set, now $299 (was $399)
  • allen + roth Thorncliffe 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set, now $798 (was $1,149)
  • allen + roth Claremont 4-Piece Conversation Set, now $679 (was $999)
  • allen + roth Brookdale 7-Piece Counter Height Dining Set, now $1,139-$1,298
  • allen + roth Ellisview 5-Piece Conversation Set, now $1,517 (was $1,999)

Lowe’s offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $49 or more.

Click here to begin shopping the patio and outdoor decor sale at Lowe’s Canada.

Indigo Chapters Canada Sale: Save Up to 49% Off on Design Your Own Seedling Toys

One of my favourite things growing up was craft time. Whether that meant tying hemp hair wraps in my sisters’ hair, or sewing clothes for my Barbie dolls out of scraps from around the house, I loved it all. The company Seedling sees the value in encouraging kids to craft and create toys of their own, as it both helps stimulate their imagination and will also make them take more pride in something that they have had a hand in making. Indigo Chapters Canada is currently selling Seedling design your own toys for up to 49% off their original price, making it an excellent time to pick one of these kits up for your child!

Some of the customizable and creative items that you can create with Seedling toys include:

  • Design Out Loud! Cardboard Speakers, now $15 (was $29.95)
  • Disney Alice in Wonderland, Design Your Own Tea Party Set, now $29.95 (was $44.95)
  • Seedling – Colour the Earth, now $24.95
  • Seedling – Lost Your Marbles?, now $7 (was $9.95)
  • Birthday Ribbon Badge (boy), now $4.50 (was $7.95)
  • Seedling Make Your Own Mermaid Doll, now $19.95
  • Children’s Cotton Garden Gloves, now $5 (was $9.95)

Indigo Chapters offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $25 or more.

Click here to begin shopping Seedling toys at Indigo Chapters Canada.

Wicker Emporium Canada End of Season Sale: Save 60%-70% Off on Summer Clearance

Wicker Emporium Canada is clearing out their summer clearance stock to make room for the fall collections. And seeing as furniture trends don’t really shift that much from season to season, this sale – where items are being sold for between 60%-70% off – would be a great opportunity for you to refurnish your home for a fraction of the price.

Within this furniture sale, you’ll be able to find great deals on sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, bedside tables and so much more. Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing prices that you can expect to find in this sale:

  • SOPHIE 3-SEATER SOFA, now $799.99 (was $2,199.99)
  • WAREHOUSE BEDSIDE CABINET, now $249.99 (was $699.99)
  • MODA CLUB CHAIR, now $299.99 ($999.99)
  • WYATT COFFEE TABLE, now $199.99 (was $499.99)
  • PENN LOUNGE CHAIR, now $249.99 (was $649.99)
  • INDUSTRIAL WIRE TABLE LAMP, now $39.99 (was $119.99)

Wicker Emporium will charge your shipping cost based on the size, weight, and destination of your order.

Click here to begin shopping at Wicker Emporium Canada.

Sport Chek Canada Offers: Back to School Sale and FREE Shipping

It’s back-to-school season at almost every turn, and Sport Chek Canada is not one to miss out on opportunity to offer a killer sale. For this week, you can check out their weekly deal section which is overflowing with amazing deals on all of your back-to-school essentials, both for the kids and mom and dad. There are door crashers to be found on boys and girls footwear, men’s and women’s footwear, plus a bunch of great deals on gear and equipment that your kids may need for their various fall sports teams.

The weekly deals for back-to-school at Sport Chek Canada include:

  • save up to 50% off on men’s doorcrashers
  • save up to 45% off on women’s doorcrashers
  • save up to 40% off on kids’ doorcrashers
  • save up to 50% off on equipment doorcrashers
  • save up to $90 off on shoe doorcrashers
  • save up to 25% off on shoes
  • save up to 25% off on men’s and women’s sandals
  • save up to 25% off on men’s and women’s hoodies
  • save up to 25% off on men’s and women’s t-shirts
  • save up to 25% off on kids’ clothing and shoes
  • backpacks and duffels, buy one, get one 50% off
  • kids’ jeans, buy one, get one 50% off
  • socks, buy one, get one 50% off
  • up to 50% off winter jacket and pants clearance
  • up to 40% off NBA and NHL clothing and headwear clearance
  • 40% off on all Reebok NHL jerseys
  • and much more!

Sport Chek offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $50 or more.

Click here to begin shopping the back to school sale at Sport Chek Canada.

Pro Hockey Life Canada Puck Drop Event Sale: Up to 50% Off Sitewide

Hockey season will be in full swing before you know it, and while gear for the season can oftentimes set you back a pretty penny or two, this drop the puck event from one of Canada’s finest hockey gear retailers, Pro Hockey Life Canada, may actually help you stock up for next year’s season. Pro Hockey Life is hosting an event until August 24th where you can save up to 50% off on products throughout the site, with some deals saving you as much as $350 from the regular price!

For instance, if you’re looking for a new pair of skates for the 2017-2018 season, then you may want to check out these CCM Jetspeed Sr Hockey Skates, which are now just $449.99 (reg. $799.99).

Another hot find from this back to hockey puck drop event was the sale on this CCM Super Tacks Int Hockey Stick which is being sold for 45% off its regular price. Usually, this stick would cost $309.99, but right now it’s just $169.99.

Pro Hockey Life offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $99.99 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Pro Hockey Life Canada.

Rockport Canada Sale: Save $25 Off on Purchase of $125 + FREE Shipping Sitewide

Rockport Canada has a promo code offer going on that will take an expensive purchase and shave it down to be a much more digestible and pocket friendly price. From today through till Sunday, August 20th at 11:59pm PST, you can use the promo code, CAXX2, to save $25 off on your purchase of $125 or more.

With fall being just around the corner, you may be on the hunt for the perfect pair of combat boots, in which case Rockport has more than got you covered. These Cobb Hill Bethany boots are being sold for $190, but when you use the promo code they will be reduced to costing just $165.

For men, you may be wanting a nice pair of comfortable dress shoes to wear that would be practical enough for wearing to work everyday without developing sore feet. These Essential Details II Bike Toe Oxford shoes are being sold for just $125, which means that when you apply the $25 off promo code they will only end up costing $100.

Rockport is also offering FREE shipping on all orders right now with no minimum purchase required.

Click here to begin shopping at Rockport Canada.

Bentley Canada Deals: Save an Extra 20% Off All Adidas Bags + Reebok Starting at $8

A new season is a great time to get a recharge and reset on your workout routine, and what better way to inspire you to reach your fitness goals than grabbing a brand new sports bag or backpacks from top workout brands like Adidas or Reebok. Right now, at Bentley Canada, you can take an extra 20% off on all Adidas bags or you can shop Reebok bags and cases starting for as little as $8.

To receive the extra 20% off on Adidas bags, you’ll have to use the promo code, ADIDAS20, at checkout. While this is a fabulous deal to be offering, particularly for those of us doing back-to-school shopping, Bentley will only be offering it until the end of today. This means that you only have a few more hours, until 11:59pm EST, to take advantage of this promo code.

There is no promo code needed to shop the Reebok sale, as all of the discounts have already been applied to the products, so the price you see advertised online will be the final price. For instance, this 5-piece lunch bag is on sale for 62% off the regular price and is now just $15 (reg. $39.99).

Bentley offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $75 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Bentley Canada.

Hudson’s Bay Canada Deal of the Day: Select Iffy Silver and Semi-Precious Rings $199.99 Each + Up to 55% Off Fine Jewellery

This deal from the Hudson’s Bay Canada will surely add some sparkle to start your week off. For today only, the Hudson’s Bay is offering select Effy brand silver and semi-precious rings for just $199.99, and they are also offering up to 55% off on fine jewellery.

This sale, seeing as it is a daily deal offer, will only be available until 11:59pm EST tonight.

The Effy rings that you will get to choose from in this daily deal are being offered in three eye-catching colours; purple amethyst, green amethyst, and sky blue topaz. Each ring is being sold for just $199.99, which is an incredible price seeing as they’d normally cost $500 each (that’s a total savings of $300.01!)

Throughout the rest of the fine jewellery sale, you can save upwards of 55% off on select necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, charms and rings. For instance, a great find from this sale included these FINE JEWELLERY 14K Yellow Gold 7mm Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings which are being sold for just $96.75 (was $215).

The Hudson’s Bay offers FREE shipping on orders that are $45+ (or $29+ on beauty purchases) when you pay with your Hudson’s Bay credit card, or $99+ (or $49+ on beauty purchases) when you pay with any other form of tender.

Click here to begin shopping at the Hudson’s Bay Canada.

Toms Shoes Canada Sale: Save Up to 58% Off on Bags, Shoes and Accessories

Toms Shoes Canada is having a sale right now where you can save anywhere between 20%-58% off on shoes, handbags, totes, accessories and more.

The best deals in the sale are going to be on handbags and kids’ shoes, which have some of the biggest discounts. For instance, this blue splatter day tote is on sale for just $39.99, though originally it was being sold for $95.

Or another great find from this sale are these Toffee Washed Canvas Blanket Stitch shoes, which are now just $52.99 (reg. $75), or these Navy Floral Youth Classics, which are just $38.99 (reg. $50).

Toms offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $70 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Toms Shoes Canada.

Sears Canada Clearance Sale: Extra 40% Off Already Reduced Items + Extra 25% Off Already Discounted Prices on Swarovski Crystals

Sears Canada has a shiny, new offer going on that is certainly going to catch your eye. Sears is currently offering a deal where you can save an additional 40% off already reduced items, plus an extra 25% off on already reduced Swarovski crystals.

The extra 40% off sale on already reduced clothing, footwear and accessories is an excellent deal to be found. Plus, the discount is already applied so there is no need to add a promo code or coupon code at checkout. Simply the price you see is the price you get. So for instance, this Women’s Canada 150 2-Piece Bikini Set is now on sale for just $11.96, though normally it would cost $29.97.

The Swarovski sale works the same way as the extra 40% off sale, in that the discounts have already been applied, so the price that is advertised will be the final sale price.

There are pendants and earrings that you can pick up in this sale for under $60, and in some cases even less than $20. Like these Heart Earrings Featuring Swarovski Crystals are only $18.73, though normally they’d cost $45. Or this Chalten Pendant Necklace With Swarovski Crystals is just $52.48, though originally it cost $93.

Sears offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $50 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Sears Canada.

Walmart Canada Clearance Sale: Save Up to 60% Off on Toys, Patio Furniture, Tools, Appliances and More

Walmart Canada is constantly updating their clearance section, and it’s one of the places that I like to check in on every now and then to see if there are any hot deals that have been added. When I checked this morning, I was not disappointed as they are selling patio furniture, toys, appliances, tools, electronics and so much more for up to 60% off the original price!

While I can’t list every single deal that is being offered in the clearance section, I have decided to highlight a couple of deals from each section that, I believe, capture the fabulousness of this sale:

Walmart offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $50 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Walmart Canada.

Aldo Shoes Canada Sale: Save 50% Off Clearance + Free $25 Style Reward With Any Purchase

Head over to Aldo Shoes Canada right now if you find yourself in want of a fresh pair of shoes for the fall, as right now they are offering a deal where you can take 50% off from the original price on all clearance shoes for women and men.

There are no promo codes required for this discount, as when you shop online Aldo has already done the work of applying the discount. For shoppers heading into the physical retail stores, the discount will be reflected at the cash register.

But for those of you doing your shopping online, you’ll quickly be able to see the slashing of prices that has occurred. For instance, these Asteille Beige Women’s Zip Boots are being sold for just $69.98, though normally they’d cost $140. And these Aligowen Cognac Women’s booties are just $55 (reg. $110).

Aldo will be offering this sale for a limited time only. Aldo also offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $70 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Aldo Shoes.

Well.ca Back-To-School Sale: Save 40% Off on Backpacks, Lunch Packs, Water Bottles and More

Back-to-school at Well.ca Canada has never been so cost efficient. Right now, when you head over to Well.ca’s back-to-school section, you’ll see that they have discounted all of your school essentials – backpacks, water bottles, lunch sacks, canteens, and more – by up to 40% off the regular price.

Some of the best deals that would work for kids, young and old, are these adorable bento boxes that are being sold in the back to school sale. Some of them, like this Russbe Oval Perfect Seal Bento Bone White, would even work for adult lunches. Plus, it’s only being sold for the price of $6.72 (reg. $8.97).

Well.ca offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $35 or more.

Click here to begin shopping the back-to-school sale at Well.ca.

Click here to get all Well.ca sales of the week.

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